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Recognizing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Here's the basic truth- Jesus Christ is BOTH Lord and Savior, it is inseparable in the Christian life. Of course, this apologetic ministry NOT teaching on the heresy of adding works to simple faith in Christ but rather, the reality that Christ is Lord indeed. So if we say to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to be saved, that's NOT mixing good works to salvation. Why? Well the Bible has instances of the lost sinner pleading "Lord" like the thief on the cross who said, "Lord remember me when thou comest into Thy Kingdom." in Luke 23:42, which is deliberately removed in the modern versions. When Saul got converted, in Acts 9:5, Saul calls Jesus as Lord thereby realizing that Jesus is indeed Lord.

So we have this- it is virtually impossible to separate recognizing Jesus as Lord before one can even trust in Him as Savior. Why? If the Jesus they trust is not Lord (Kurious- supreme in authority) but just somebody else, then they are trusting the wrong Jesus. Notice Lord and not "lord" because, it refers here to Jesus as who He is- King of kings and Lord of lords, the Son of the Most High God. In recognizing Jesus as Lord, the lost sinner sees that Jesus the Lord is offended and must therefore accept Jesus Christ also as Savior to appease the wrath concerning the eternal destiny. Then Jesus becomes the Lord and Savior FOREVER.

Also here's what- in the Christian life- there will be evidences of a saved life even among the backslidden and the babes in Christ because He, Jesus Christ, is the Lord of EVERY Christian. Every Christian is a disciple and is called to serve, not to sin. Faith in Jesus Christ will naturally result to more than just seeing Jesus as Lord but also as obeying Him as Lord- which however is not a requirement for salvation. If He wasn't the Lord of their lives, He would not bother spanking them whenever they screw up.