Monday, April 2, 2012

Facts and Myths About Housewives

It's such a shame to today's "evolved" society thanks to feminism, too much modernization and the so-called "productivity" of society.  We've got mothers who aren't full time mothers.  Some of them are forced to work  for money because of a lazy husband which is NOT a good thing.  However it becomes inconceivable that it has entered into society's mentality the following lies that destroys the family setting thanks to the feminist movement:
  1. There is no such thing as a housewife in the evolved society. Today's society demands that both partners must earn their double income!  T(his is none other than Communism's basic system in action!)
  2. The housewife is just a lazy bum that does nothing at home.  That is what some husbands today complain when they have to provide for their wives so they decide to pick mistresses who they think are "productive" so they don't have to supply them.  
  3. Women and men are equal.  It's inconceivably discriminating against women to consider them the "weaker vessel". 

However looking at the truths, here are the REAL facts about the housewife:

  1. Being a housewife is no walk in the park.  It is her responsibility to take care of the home.  If a woman is at home but doesn't sweep the floor, do the dishes, do the laundry and cook SHE IS NOT A HOUSEWIFE!  The problem is that people these days rely too much on the maids!
  2. The wife is in charge of discipline at the home when the husband is not around. She is responsible for making sure the children grow up the right way.  After all, job rotations do happen!
  3. Without a housewife, nobody can help the budgeting at home!  A wife who does not budget is not a housewife!
  4. The husband is most likely exhausted from work so the wife who has more time to rest takes time to guide the children with their studies.  However this does not mean that the husband can't do tutorials.
  5. It's okay for a woman to get a job but make sure it does not take away time away from the family or that the children are already grown 
  6. If a woman gets widowed, then she is forced to find a job then that's completely understandable but she must NEVER get a job that will force her to do too much.

Here are some of the consequences of belittling the housewife:

  1. Submission to one's husband becomes a laughing matter and is wrongfully considered as spousal abuse because of the removal of the thought of the housewife.  Athaliah is an example of what every woman should not be- she refused to submit to her husband Jehoram who was henpecked for sure!
  2. It leaves the home more vulnerable to disaster.  One has to find out how many domestic helper left at homes are more prone to criminal activities!
  3. Many working mothers who do work that separates them too much from their family are most likely to commit an extramarital affair as much as the average philandering husband.  Talk about OFW mothers who have a quarrel with their husband because either one of them or both of them had an affair!
  4. In the case of not having the housewife, every husband is forced to double their responsibilities.  Sad to say, I knew somebody who died of a stroke because of his wife not being there!
  5. Worse, it teaches the notion that God is a control freak and not a God who sets rules out of love for His creation.