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The Difference Between Faith Results to Good Works vs. Adding Faith to Good Works

There's a huge argument between the Papists and the Reformers about what authentic faith is. The stand isn't just merely between Papists and the Reformers as it goes as far as Papists, anti-Catholic cults and the true born again Christians (Protestant or not) on what James means by faith without works is dead.

Is James saying that in order to get saved or to stay saved that you must add faith to good works?

Perhaps one reason why Martin Luther once thought of the Book of James as an epistle of straw was because it felt like the author added good works to saving faith. I remembered having a dialogue with a third degree cousin of mine who was a Roman Catholic apologist. He knew I was a former Catholic turned Baptist. I had a conversation with him and he told me that I should examine the Book of James to see good works are required for justification.

The Roman Catholic view as well as the anti-Catholic cultist view tends to use James' writing to justify their heresy. Here'…
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Politically Correct People Tend to Think That They Have the Right to Offend Others But Not to be Offended By Others

Politically correct people have this new problem where they tend to think they have the right to offend others while they have the right not to be offended by others. What examples can be pointed out with politically correct people's demands that they can offend others while having the right not to be offended? Here's a few examples that could be enumerated and observed daily with how hypocritical politically people can get:

Feminists get offensive with their so-called "women's rights" but when somebody criticizes them regardless of gender then they tend to go on a full outburst. They get mad when a man hits a woman but think it's okay for a woman to hit a man that is unless if it's the frustrated housewife who slaps her husband for constant infidelity.The LGBT Community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders insist that people should accept their homosexuality as "normal", it's okay for them to post hate comments against Christianity …

Diehard Roman Catholics Need to Understand That God Ordained the Death Penalty to Heal the Land

It's hypocritical how often the Roman Catholic institution has been having activities related to calling for "Stop the killing, start the healing." all the while she's drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus Christ. What innocent blood am I talking about? I would like to talk about the Christians whom they have murdered in God's name while claiming to be the true Church that was founded by Jesus Christ when she isn't. How often is the Inquisition so despicably covered up that that the average Roman Catholic today knows almost nothing about their bloody history? They are only misled by revised history books and they tell others to study their own version of historical textbooks.

Do you know the Bible actually requires some killing before the land can be healed? Although it's not always required but here's the words of God Himself. Please don't even start saying, "Sola Scriptura condones to certain evils." because God Himself spoke th…

What Does the Phrase "Holy, Catholic Church" Mean?

The Reformation is not yet over regardless of denomination. Baptists may be historically not Protestants but there were already groups that opposed the Vatican before it. The true Church is now in its hottest battles in the Laodicean age.

It's time to clarify another statement that was misused quotes by Ignatius of Antioch:
Wherever the bishop appears, there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. It is not lawful to baptize or give communion without the consent of the bishop. On the other hand, whatever has his approval is pleasing to God. Thus, whatever is done will be safe and valid.
Roman Catholics have misused this quote to justify that they are the "true Church" that was supposedly founded last 33 A.D. but is it? Let us examine what the word catholic means. Catholic means universal. Also, to claim that Ignatius of Antioch was a Roman Catholic priest rather than a Christian bishop is pure nonsense. The word bishop means overseer…

Continue the Reformation By Not Replacing Daily Righteousness With Mountaintop Experiences

There are two major anniversaries that may make a Christian feel that the Rapture is closer. One is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Most recently, we have the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The Protestant Reformation came to be as another monument of Christianity's history in the expansion of the Church. There were pre-Reformation Christians who already opposed the Roman Catholic institution then we have the Protestant Christians. The 500th anniversary might as well be considered a mountaintop experience for many Christians who honor the Reformation.

But there's one question: are we getting too focused on the mountaintop experience. Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8 and Luke 9:28–36 talk about the mountaintop experience of the disciples. Jesus was transfigured and along him were both Moses and Elijah. Peter asks Jesus if he should make three tabernacles. One tabernacle was for Jesus, the other for Moses and the other for Elijah. However the other two prophets we…

The Desperate Need For Reformation in the Modern American Churches

Yesterday was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. But should the Reformation end at 500? No, the Reformation should continue. The Reformation was inspired by heroes before it. Just imagine it if the heroes of the Reformation decided to let all the efforts of the pre-Reformation heroes die in vain. Right now, it's time to consider this new truth that the American churches need a new Reformation. Why do American churches badly need a new Reformation?
I listened to a couple of Paul David Washer's sermons that really made my day. I wish I were there in person to shake his hand because I'm getting pissed off with the "Christianity" of the modern world. I remembered how often I thought he taught works salvation until I started listening to what he said. He emphasized true conversion vs. false conversion. He taught the truth of eternal security yet also warned that you might think you're once saved always saved but the evidence says otherwise. This is somethi…

How to Continue the Reformation Until Jesus Christ Comes Again

Happy 500th anniversary of the Reformation! But should the Reformation end at 500 after today ends and next year God-willing the 501st anniversary will be celebrated? Absolutely not. While I do believe that the 500 years of the Reformation is already a sign that Jesus Christ could be coming soon but I could be wrong. Since we do not know when He is coming should it not be the time to be ready all the time?

The Reformation did not happen because the Church supposedly fell into apostasy but because the true Church was at war with the Roman Catholic institution. The Roman Catholic institution claims to be the Church founded last 33 A.D. all the while she is adding her own unbiblical traditions with Scripture when the Biblical formula is all Church traditions must come from Scripture.

So how can the Reformation be continued until the Lord Jesus Christ comes again? It is time to get serious and enumerate how the Reformation can continue for the greater glory of God (and no, the Jesuits ha…