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It can be the truth that this blog will be considered and is being considered by many of our readers to be a hate site. But here's the truth- we LOVE people enough to tell them the truth of their false religion and their doctrines, that they are on their way to Hell and that forgiveness is in Jesus Christ alone. That is why we research on cults, show their false teachings and compare them to the Bible.

The Lord Jesus Christ didn't pull any punches when it came to exposing falsehoods while He always extended the arm of forgiveness to anybody still living. He wasn't getting personal on people even if He refused to compromise with the truth. If you don't like what we're doing then you have EVERY option to leave- we DO NOT force anybody to convert but to simply pray for their salvation before it's too late. Plus may we remind you that we do not DO debates.

We are only here to provide proof of our faith from the accusations of today. Plus, we do not do open responses either as to keep confidentiality and professionalism which is really absent from debates. We have abstained from providing any email or posting comments because we do not want to have a debate. Period.