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This is HOW Hypocritical Those "Liberals" Are

Isaiah 32:5-6 says, "The vile person shall NO MORE be called liberal nor the churl said to be bountiful.  For the vile person will speak VILLAINY and his heart will work INIQUITY, to practice HYPOCRISY, and to utter ERROR against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to FAIL."

I really have my fights against those "liberals" and confronting them with their hypocrisy, villainy, uttering error against God (by saying God's a hippie and so was Jesus, making Biblical preaching something God would hate according to their twisted imaginations).  Just take a look at that picture I found that the liberal says they're so tolerant, if they are why can't they tolerate Christian preaching and they say they don't judge, then they judge Christians as ignorant.  Really, that is really so crooked.  In fact, there's a LOT of vile accusations against Christianity those hypocritical loonies are. 

I am writing this due to people's continuous desire to promote same sex marriage and it's done by those vile "liberals".  Like my experience in the past with an ecumenical pastor from Myanmar who was falsely accusing me of leading a campaign to murder homosexuals, atheists, etc. and he was teaching a liberal doctrine- he was even a member of Buddhist, Taoist, etc. clubs to promote his ecumenism.  I really, really hated dealing with him but I had to.  Even his appearance as a punk rocker preacher with a mocking attitude plus he was a highly chaotic individual proved HOW UNSAVED he really was.  He even told me that homosexuality was a-okay and that my campaign against homosexual behavior was equivalent to me campaigning to kill homosexuals.  What a crooked guy- really he just refuses to understand I am AGAINST homosexuality because it will DAMN homosexuals!

It wasn't a surprise he was a fan of ecumenical preacher Rob Bell either, Rob Bell is going to be Rob Hell soon enough if he doesn't repent and believe the Gospel.  Plus, I appreciate Pastor John Macarthur's die hard preaching especially for exposing the scum that is Rob Hell's false doctrine.  Pro-homosexuals can be so hypocritical they can be against pedophilia between a man and a woman while approving pedophila between the same sex.  Really Rob Hell's heading for Hell that's for sure!  It also bothers me to how atheists can be pro-homosexual YET they condemn all the homosexual pedophile priests who are raping altar boys (even one atheist singer wrote the song "Priest" to make fun of the REAL news).  If they BELIEVE that the strong rule over the weak and homosexuality is oka then they should salute those vile pedophile priests who rape altar boys!

This also brings me to another area ESPECIALLY RELIGION.  I have pretty much of confrontation against ecumenical preachers who call me a terrorist and a bigot, somebody who is a suicide bomber because I uphold John 14:6 which are Jesus' VERY OWN WORDS.  Not ever since the Vatican II Council, the idea that salvation is by works and that Christ isn't necessary for salvation has become the new norm.  Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa were among the late movers of this movement.  To Mother Theresa, she told people she outreached that "just be a good (insert follower of religion) and you will go to Heaven." IGNORING John 14:6.

It can like a Christian preacher being told by a Roman Catholic woman he was preaching to about salvation is through Christ alone that nothing was wrong with Islam NO MATTER how much he told her about how dangerous Islam is.  He even lent her a copy of some of Jack T. Chick's best tracts against Islam like "Allah Had No Son" and "Who Cares?", even showed her some of the worst facts about Muhammad.  I told her that Muhammad's youngest mistress was a NINE YEAR OLD girl.  She said it's just a vile accusation by "bigots" like he is and that he was like Osama bin Ladin.  The preacher even showed her verses from the Quran that approves what the Abu Sayyaf and the Al Qaida are doing are IN HARMONY to what they do.  But what happened next was that she GOT ANGRY with her husband who was later caught in pedophilia with a teenager.  Hmmm... what makes it so hypocritical is that she thinks nothing is wrong with Islam which was founded by Muhammad who was an adulterer and a pedophile YET she got mad with her husband's affair with underaged girls.  If she thinks Islam is okay then she should approve of her husband's infidelities with underaged girls!  It also bothers me to think how Islam and Hinduism can truly walk together when Islam is AGAINST graven images and eating pork and Hinduism is FOR the worship of graven images and against eating beef.  See?  They are very much like oil and water.

This is also why I really have a firm stand AGAINST ecumenism or the idea that all religions lead to the same God because they DO NOT.  To be honest like my example above, Amos 3:3 is right saying, "Can the two walk together except they be agreed?" or in logic, if the two are contradictory then they CANNOT agree like how same poles in a magnet repel each other or how water turns out fire.  In fact, I am even encouraged MANY times by my former masters the Jesuits to join the Evangelical and Catholics Together, that they'll forgive me IF I become an ecumenical preacher like Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe and Pat Robertson.  My answer is no.

Really?  How can I agree with Roman Catholicism AGAIN after I have not only received the knowledge of the truth but ALSO have embraced it?  I am now born again, I'm not the same person anymore.  1 Corinthians 6:11 has changed me from a degenerate sin loving person to a sinner saved by grace who LOVES the LORD.  I can't agree with a religion that's legalistic and idolatrous that is striking out the second commandment and splitting the tenth, requiring people to work for their salvation, a religion that declares a mere man the Pope to be the head of the Church when EVEN the Catholic Bible declares Christ as the Head of the Church (Ephesians 5:23, Colossians 1:17-18), making Mary the road of salvation by exalting her higher than Christ in every way possible and really, I can't agree with anything that does not agree with Bible truth.  In fact, when I got saved I really quickly renounced the Roman Catholic Church as not Christian and when I was afraid to shout it out loud, God called others like me to help me in the faith.  All I can say is, truth is always truth and it cannot change by man's votes- it remains the same like the laws of science REMAIN the same even if all the scientists may decide to rewrite the science books with their imaginative errors like frogs can fly and humans can breathe underwater.

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