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Beware of Being "Politically Correct" Over Being Scripturally Correct

There is the statement that says, "What is legal is not necessarily ethical."  The Bible had MANY instances of that when you read the Bible.  Several times we read these politically correct incidents that were NOT biblically correct.  So let's take shall we?
  • In Exodus 1-12, we read the 400 years slavery of Israel under the Egyptian rule.  It was perfectly legal in Egypt but God was not going to tolerate that!  In fact, the Pharaoh of the Exodus was trying to keep himself "politically correct" but he ended up drowning in the Red Sea for fighting God.
  • In Exodus 32, the golden calf was politically correct but God was so angry He wanted to wipe them all out.  Moses went nuts realizing how much camp cleaning had to be done. 
  • In Numbers 16, despite the numbers that Korah, Dathan and Abiram had, God punished those who rebelled against Him by throwing them into Hell ALIVE.  Korah's sons sided with the side of God because they chose to be biblically correct.
  • In Judges, the theme was "Everyone did what was right in their own eyes."  That is the problem from that day until today!
  • In 1 Samuel 15, Saul's seeking to be "politically correct" caused him his kingdom.
  • In 1 Kings to 2 Kings, if you read about the wicked kings, read 1 Kings 16-21.  Ahab was definitely considered right because the nation fell into idolatry ever since the reign of Jeroboam.  Ahab's political correctness DID NOT change God's mind one bit and left Israel in drought for three years.  Imagine that!  Ahab may have gotten the vineyard of Naboth by his "legal means" but what he did led to the judgment of his household.
  • In 2 Chronicles 18, Jehoshaphat was politically correct when he a believer had his son Jehoram marry the wicked daughter of Ahab namely Athaliah.  Today Athaliah is the very picture of the feminist movement.  
  • In the days of the prophets especially if you read Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel you see how rebellious Israel is.  The days of Jeremiah are here again.  Jeremiah 5:31 shows how the people love their awkward situation of false prophets and corrupt pastors, they love it.  Jeremiah suffered many persecutions because he was not politically correct that is going by the crowd.
  • In Daniel we read of Darius' decree that everybody should not pray to anyone but the king for 30 days.  We also read several times that Daniel and his friends oppose the king's policies like eating of meat that wasn't allowed during their time or for Daniel's three friends to worship the god of Babylon.
  • In Esther, Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman in worship because it was plain idolatrous.
  • Herod's massive abortion campaign by murdering all the male babies two years and below may have been perfectly legal in his terms but that was a terrible crime.  Today Herod the Great's abortion campaign continues in the form of killing unborn babies like the first Pharaoh did to the Hebrew baby boys.
  • Many times in the Book of Acts, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ that began to change lives from sinful living to service to the Lord Jesus, you get the apostles persecuted.  James the lesser was beheaded, Peter the pastor was imprisoned many times, Paul the missionary in his trip had some mockery, etc. because the Gospel is very politically incorrect.  The problem is no different either.

Today, talking against these stuff have become politically incorrect and this is just a few:
  • Speaking against abortion.  If nobody dared to question Herod the Great's abortion campaign, today we also get the same treatment that women want to blast people who oppose abortion.
  • Speaking against homosexuality.  If homosexuality had become politically correct in Sodom and other pagan nations, speaking against homosexuality has become a problem.  I have been labeled as an unfair hater when I tell homosexuals they are lost sinners and that what they do is offensive to God and a great evil.  Homosexuals want their "marriage rights" and call those who oppose it as "fossilized bigots".  They equate going against their actions as a hate crime.
  • Speaking against pornography.  People today want easy money and so pornography becomes very legal.  Children are now posing in their undies and you might want to even think about child pornography pleases pedophiles.  Everything goes from regular nudity then it goes worse going go incest, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia and orgies to name a few.  In fact, I remembered a porn vendor who even tried to sell me bestiality and pedophilia videos as well while I was out there buying some fruits.
  • Speaking against Islam.  Well today is the end of the Ramadan.  For one, it has become politically incorrect to link Islam to 9/11 EVEN if the evidence was otherwise.  Muslim countries in the Middle East REJOICED at the collapse of the World Trade Center.  Today many countries are now having the Camel in the Tent scenario with Islam like President Barack Obama's Islamic rule in America.  It's very important to pray for Obama's salvation as well.
  • Speaking against Freemasonry.  Like it or not, many leaders are Masons- which includes even presidents and Popes.  Pope Pius XII was a Freemason, he and Hitler were lodge mates as revealed in "The Godfathers".  
  • Speaking against the Great Whore.  Many times, it has become politically correct for world leaders to do obeisance to the Pope at Rome.  Many political figures are openly Jesuit coadjutors or confessors, many of them are Jesuit puppets and I don't need to expose them one by one, these clowns expose themselves.  To dare expose the Vatican today is considered politically incorrect and against unity which will lead to the coming One World Church.  Today the world faiths are gathering and it's a very big sign of the times!

Yup this blog is also very politically incorrect.  People tell me I am only writing nonsense and I'm using God's gift in a bad way.  But I prefer to stick to the conviction of the Bible VERSE BY VERSE not just take a few verses and ignore the rest.

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