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The Heresy of Sinless Perfection

One of the greatest heresies that really float around is the sinless perfection.  The heresy can be understood in two ways each explained:
The first version of the heresy is that it is taught that people should attain sinless perfection to enter Heaven.
This is utterly ridiculous.  These are from that awfully problematic, abrasive, self-righteous crowd who demand the impossible, who put the cart before the horse- in short the WORKS SALVATIONIST!  That is, these people believe that one must strive to be perfect and stop sinning in order to enter Heaven.  Many of them believe that when a Christian stumbles into sin, they immediately lose their salvation.  Many of them claim the utterly ridiculous that they've stopped sinning and say stuff like, "I've never sinned for X amount of years."  Again, it's really questionable as many who say they've never done anything wrong are living their lives like devils, they live like as if they have a license to sin because Go…

What's Exactly the Problem of the Works Salvation Crowd?

Here's what- the works salvation crowd are indeed a major nuisance.  Many of them are simply highly chaotic, paranoid individuals who really have the problem of Christians who preach the REAL message that salvation is never earned nor kept by works but it results to works.  In fact, again it goes to to where Ephesians 2:8-10 is clear with the statement "... so NO ONE could boast."  That is, nobody can ever say, "I did all the good works to enter Heaven." or "I'll stay away from sin to enter Heaven."  Rather, it's "I did all the good works because God is the one who works in me." and "I'll stay away from sin by the grace of God".  One takes merits for the good works not meant for him/her while the Christian does good works because God counted them for righteousness.
So here's a big reality- the works salvation crowd counts the doctrine of eternal security to be heretical and a license to sin while sadly MANY of thes…

Easy Prayerism vs. True Evangelism

There is the real issue that people are actually replacing true evangelism with easy prayerism hence the article, "The Sinner's Prayer Controversy".  The reality is so true that people today are actually having some false conversions because they claim that some "crusade" they made a decision for Christ.  Here's a little bit of the truths beneath those "crusades" where people make "decisions for Christ":
Many of them teach WORKS SALVATION.  Sad but true. The charismatics say, "Hey who wants to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts?"  Many times, these perverted crusades stress out DAMNABLE heresies that defend salvation by works.  Try attending one charismatic crusade and you'll hear a lot of garbage of adding works to faith in Jesus Christ.  Paul Washer keeps pounding the methods of charismatic meetings and washing away dirt for such a means of salvation.  Many who say they did pray the sinner's prayer during those mee…

What America's Churches Need is PERSECUTION!

Pastor John F. Macarthur stated from "Persecution: A Price to Pay for Being a Christian?" when he interviewed Pastor Daniel Wong from China, "I am absolutely 100% convinced that the weakness of the church in America, the superficiality of the church, the shallowness of the church, the hypocrisy of the church is directly related to the absence of any cost or any price to be paid to be a Christian. If you don't have to pay a price, heh, just jump on the bandwagon. If persecution came to America, you see a very different kind of Christianity. A whole lot of people who are really good to talk about Jesus wont be talking about Jesus any more. Who profess to know Jesus and to be part of the church, they will stop talking very fast if the price was as high as it is for some people."
Here's what- America's Christians have become so lukewarm that it became inevitable for the following to happen: Taking away the Bibles in 1962-present from the public school system …

Understanding Luke 1:43- Mother of My Lord

One of the greatest logical fallacies in trying to defend the Roman Catholic (and in extension Orthodox) tradition of Mary is in the "mother of my Lord" verse.  At first glance, it seems that Elizabeth was calling her cousin Mary the "mother of God" and giving her the adoration and worship that only God deserves but further analysis should prove it wrong.  They appeal to the Greek of Lord meaning "Kurious" meaning "supreme in authority".  No doubt that Jesus is Lord.  However He also shared the nature of being man aside from being God throughout the whole human ministry.  As God, He doesn't have a mother but as a man, He has a mother. 
Now appealing again to Luke, Luke 8:21 has the Lord Jesus Christ saying that whoever does His will is His family- mother, brother or sister.  Now the logical cycle can go this way: if anybody becomes a believer then that person is a mother of God.  Now that is just plain crazy logic.  Now going back to Elizabet…