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Graduation Day: Benjamin Amar of the Saturation Team of Bible Baptist Church

We all thank God for the gift of life, He had given Bible Baptist Church-Katipunan his saint, Benjamin Amar with whom the saturation team was formed.  During his life, I have known him personally to be a man of God, a member of the saturation team and values formation and how he had struggled so great to get the Gospel spread for the sake of the Gospel.  However he was afflicted by liver cancer not out of vice but it was really God's time to call him home to be with Him.  He was age 52.

Gladly his death was a promotion and sadly, some people to whom he had witnessed to and rejected that message are in the danger of Hellfire right now. "Lord as you never lost Brother Ben in you giving him to Bible Baptist Church, they and I don't lose him either as he returns to be home to be with You.  Lord help all the Christians in this great time of grief to remember that Brother Ben Amar is now in Heaven, free and with you and has joined with all the saints that have gone before us- …

Thomas Heinze's Questions to Poke Fun at Evolutionists

While visiting, I found these rather interesting questions on the Battle Cry Newsletter:

Evolutionists wake up each morning to tiptoe around important problems their worldview won’t let them resolve. Here are three basic examples:
Matter: where did everything come from? 
Evolutionists generally follow the atheists in saying: “From the Big Bang, an explosion.” They convince themselves that a made-up explosion called the Big Bang which exists only in their imagination was different from all explosions that people have actually observed.
They think the Big Bang produced matter! Explosions that we observe don’t produce matter. Real estate people don’t drop bombs on houses to fix leaky roofs. Explosions don’t do anything like what evolutionists claim the Big Bang did.
Life: how did it start and how does it work? 
Evolutionists accept the atheist’s claim that some of the matter produced by the imagined big bang came together and made a living cell which then evolved becoming differe…

Women's Rights vs. Feminism

While feminists say that they are certainly fighting for women's rights, however they really are too blind to see the difference between them just as Athaliah was blinded by her love for power that she killed her own family to secure the throne for herself.  So where is the difference between them?  As said men can never be like women and vice versa like how men are poor multitaskers compared to women yet they usually make better leaders.  So how are we going to differentiate women's rights vs. feminism?  Here are they:
I. Women's Rights
Women's rights believe that wives should submit to their husbands in exchange that husbands must ALSO love their wives (Ephesians 5:22-25, Colossians 3:18-19).  That is, they believe in mutual submission and understanding.  The husband is the head of the household, they believe they must submit to the husband but the husband must also love the wife.  That is there is a degree of respect for authority in here. 
Here's what the late…

The Heresy of Adult Only Baptism

After the grievous error of regenerative infant baptism was born, the opposite heresy of adult-only baptism also came place. The adult-only baptism rule would say that a new convert should be an adult before they even get baptized. Ine does not need to be an adult to be baptized. The Gospel can be be understood and accepted even by a minor like a child or a teenager. 
To think about it, in Acts 2:41 one can read the effect of Peter's first Sunday service as the first pastor- those who BELIEVED were baptized on that day of the first Sunday service in the Book of Acts. One can assume children were also in the crowd that day. In Acts 16:31-33 the jailer was then preached the Gospel, he believed and then so did the whole household- so one can assume that even the underaged children were included to those who became converts as well, like I can assume that in Peter's first Sunday service message. This really makes the rule of that converts who are still minor will have to wait unt…

Common Sense Really Tells Atheistic Evolution is Impossible!

Here's been one HUGE problem behind atheists embracing the pagan theory of evolution.  While Darwin could make sense with his being a Freemason to talk about evolution or pagans do have better sense in their saying that man came from monkeys and has been done by their gods.  However atheists talk about creation without a Creator, which really makes it even more senseless.  Now for some videos...
A scientific approach would REALLY require much common sense.  Now this video really challenges our common sense.  We really need to analyze the "facts" of evolution critically and with much common sense.  For example, if a bear was thrown into the ocean as claimed and it became a seal, however it ended up drowning instead once again challenging common sense.  Then again, the atheist chooses not to believe out out of contempt for God!
Now for a little bit of real science, not the "science" of atheism.  I really appreciate how scientists who are Christians are now stand…

Is it Wrong for Christians to Expose and Oppose Corrupt Authority Figures When Commanded to Do Evil?

This is indeed one of the toughest questions indeed especially for Christians. In Romans 13:1-3 we read that we are required to submit to the government. However one fails to see, "For rulers are not a terror to good works but to evil." That is God supports good government. There is the big problem of corrupt officials because of the evil in the world. As much as God has ordained the church and the state for man to obey, that man is required to respect officials, however if an authority figure orders something that is contrary to laws and morals, then such authority in the government must be put down. Now let us take a look at the Bible for facts: Moses himself was sent to confront Pharaoh for the unjust racism that had continued for 400 years. The Hebrews had every right to protest against the unfair labor practices that were given to them especially to make bricks without straw.In the Book of Judges, one can see God did support revolution WHEN the government was abusive as…

Is it Impossible for Believers of True Eternal Security to Teach Holy Living?

One of the biggest most sinister accusations of those hypocritical conditional security proponents is that by teaching an if saved, always saved doctrine known as eternal security or what John Calvin would call it as "the perseverance of the saints" which preachers like Charles Haddon Spurgeon had spoken through Biblical historic, is that such people cannot teach holy living.  Therefore, according to the arrogant believers of conditional security, the doctrine of eternal security or the PERSEVERANCE of the saints is nothing more than an excuse and a road to Antinomianism and a teaching of Satan.  
However what saith Scripture?  If you are saved, then there is going to be plenty of changes because of these truths: Every Christian has the listening ear as the mark of a true believer.  They never perish.  Now please stop using John 10 to justify conditional security! (John 10:26-30)Every Christian saved by grace and not by works is prepared unto the workmanship of God in Christ…

What is the Difference Between Free Will and Freedom in Theology?

There is the classic argument that John Calvin would believe that people were meant to be mindless automation when he had the battle against the evils of the doctrine of free will which they say directly violates freedom.  However now it's time to answer at the theological point of view and I hope I will clarify things up with this argument.  First, we must define freedom from free will to which is one reason why I am against Arminianism (which also teaches conditional security which is still rooted on works salvation and tells the slanderous like that eternal security is a doctrine of Antinomianism never seeing that eternal security is inseparable from daily sanctification...) as a whole:
The quality or state of being free such as...The absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice of actionLiberation from the power of anotherThe state of quality of being exempt or released from usually something very onerousThe quality of being frank, open or outspokenImproper f…

Apparently This is Where America is Heading

After Ayatollah Barack Hussein D. Obama won a second term for 2012 of America, it looks like what Jack T. Chick had warned in his tract "Allah Had No Son" may now be a reality in America.  I just thought of these pictures as well...
Obama reserved his deepest respect not to the Queen of England, not to any foreign ruler but to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam!  
President Barack Hussein receives medal from King Fahd.
Muslims at the White House- now they have a national day of prayer?!  God forbid!  Allah is NOT God!

The Ayatollah of America joins his fellow Muslims for the day of prayer.

I would like to urge readers not only to expose this deception but to also pray for the salvation of every Muslim INCLUDING Barack Hussein D. Obama.  It just pains me how many people are still not saved because of their love of whatever sins they are petting!

Why Can It Be Difficult for Christians to Forgive the Heathen Offender?

It's a good question to ask, "Why can it be difficult for Christians to forgive a heathen offender?"  Let us try to think of the following truths:
1.) Light and darkness have no fellowship.   Amos 3:3 says that the two cannot walk together except they be agreed and in Ephesians 5:12 says that Christians are not to have fellowship with them.  Forgiving a heathen offender can be mistaken as, "Hey wait a minute!  Don't tell me I'm going to hang out with them in porn shops and discos?!"  Answer is, "Of course not.  You don't."  Forgiveness does not mean hanging out with the lost sinners in sinning with them.  Jesus forgave sinners but He did not sin with sinners.
2.) The hurt is impossible to deny. Think about it- the world is wicked and is especially targeting the Christian.  The Christian is frequently a victim of insults, injuries, persecutions, name callings, etc.  The Christian man may be wrongly accused of being a homosexual by a male cha…

Married Flight Attendants and Marital Infidelities

It's sad truth that as "evolution" takes over society, morals have also diminished and if that's not all, there are flight attendants who despite the fact they have gotten married, have not resigned from their posts to focus on motherhood instead of their high paying career.  I don't care what you say that you're a flight attendant and earning much money per month- money DOES NOT come first even if money is that important!  God had ordained this system for the family- father working, mother staying at home rearing the children but Satan has destroyed society with lies in the name of God.  There are in fact sad stories of flight attendants, marital infidelities and misguided children all because of the stupid mentality that money comes first.  Mothers should be career women AT HOME and not ABROAD.  If and if they should want to get a job, they should make sure the children are already grown up and two, it's not a job that will keep them away from home.  A…

Some Christ Rejecting Jews as Inventors of Evil Things

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am NOT an Anti-Semitic writer when I am writing this. What is my concern here is that to show how sad it is that unbelieving Jews have not only persecuted Christians who are Jews or Gentiles alike but they too are inventors of evil things that have destroyed the world. While the Holy Bible definitely came from mostly Jewish writers (in fact the Old Testament was written by Jews, in the New Testament the only Gentile writer was Luke the Greek physician the rest were Jews), these Jewish writers of God were persecuted by their own people and ethnicity for proclaiming the truth.
The Apostle Paul mentions in Romans 10:2-3 of his desire for the Jewish people to be saved, yet they continue to trust in their own righteousness. Friends, this is a tragedy for just anyone Jew or Gentile to die rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ!
Here are a few Christ-rejecting Jews you could really say are what Jesus would call as, "Ye are of your father the Dev…

Recorded Atheist State Atrocities in North Korea

True as said to Richard Dawkin's famous quote that states that there is no good, no evil and nothing but pitiless indifference as well as the statement that men are just "trousered apes" I really thought of North Korea's atheistic state is really proof that the atheist is a fool to say there is no God in their hearts and how savage people can be.  A document called "The Hidden Gulag: Exposing North Korea's Prison Camps" now shows just how the late atheist dictator Kim Jung Il really showed the evils of atheism being no better than the evils of the Inquisition and Muslim states.  Below are just a few examples... would have John Fox been alive today, he would also record the painful accounts of the persecution of Christians in North Korea:
1.) No crime to small.  North Koreans can receive life sentences for these "small crimes" like singing a forbidden song (ex. South Korean pop songs or worse for them, a Christian song would even be worse), re…

An Arminianistic Misquote Against Charles Spurgeon's Doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints

Conditional security preachers have taken this quote of Charles Spurgeon out of context:
If one dear saint of God had perished, so might all; if one of the covenant ones be lost, so may all be; and then there is no gospel promise true, but the Bible is a lie, and there is nothing in it worth my acceptance. I will be an infidel at once when I can believe that a saint of God can ever fall finally (p. 172).
I would like everyone to pay attention to the portion that was highlighted in yellow.  What Spurgeon really means is that if any dear saint would have perished then the Gospel is a lie and the Bible is a lie, Spurgeon is simply using the IFs that IF a true saint of God would perish and fall away.  Sadly, conditional security preachers are so full of pride that they wish to show the world that "they" not God have kept themselves saved.  For the truth, God's grace and saving faith is what keeps a person saved and good works are there to inevitably validate the presence of…

Some Interesting Stuff from the Reformation

Here are stuff significant to the Reformation which started on October 31, 2012.  Perhaps November should serve as an extension as well.
Martin Luther's translation of the Bible into German.  During the time of Martin Luther, the Bible was a forbidden book because if people read the Scriptures, the Roman Catholic Church will definitely lose its control on the people.  Thanks to the Bible now translated into different languages, the Gospel can be spread across the world thus leading to the end of age (Matthew 24:14). 
The 95 Theses of Martin Luther in its original German language.  Although not the original one nailed on Wittenburg Door but this is written in the original German.

The Christian and CONSTANT Reformation

Remember that Martin Luther did not stop his Reformation on the end of the day of October 31, 1517 when he nailed the 95 Theses on Wittenburg, Germany in fact he spent much of his life as a Reformer like John Calvin, John Bunyan and John Knox.  In the Bible we read in 2 Corinthians 4:16 concerning the inevitable result of the Christian's salvation resulting to DAILY SANCTIFICATION, "For which cause we faint not but though our outward man perish yet the inward man is renewed DAY BY DAY."  That is the Christian life has daily renewal, not every other day renewal, not monthly renewal but DAILY renewal.  I am confident in that fact that true Christians cannot lose their daily sanctification even if they do stumble in the faith, God picks them up, chastises them to the point of repentance and continues to renew them.  Salvation is again God's work and true salvation by faith alone is by a faith that is not alone.  True faith results to work, it is not a dead faith.
That …