Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This Picture Shows All "Sex Change" Does is Change the Appearance But Not the Biological Gender

Meet what could be one of the world's oddest couples. A transgender "man" marries a transgender "woman". But guess who got pregnant? It certainly wasn't the transgender "woman" but it was the transgender "man". No matter how you try and change your biological gender it will never change. It's sick how the world even allows people to identify themselves as the opposite gender when the biological gender has NEVER changed.

Whether you like it or not you can't defy your gender. If it were possible to defy your gender then tell me why are some male homosexuals even getting married and producing families with female homosexuals? No matter how a male homosexual tries to be a woman or a female homosexual tries to be a man but certain traits will always stand out that's more prevalent to their biological gender.

So what makes you even think you can alter your gender when God gave you your biological gender in the first place?

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Calling Christians as Fanatics and Bigots By Politically Correct Standards

Make no mistake that political correctness is a very popular movement and Christianity will be unpopular to a world lost in sin. Just because many accept it doesn't mean that it's right or wrong. Truth will be the truth whether or not many or only few accept it. A lie will always be a lie even if everybody or nobody accepts it. The notion that you must accept what the majority thinks is dangerous. That stupidity alone suggests that if everyone drinks dirty water, eats poison or takes narcotics then you must do it or be "left out". But Jesus warned in Matthew 7:13-14 that there are more people making the wrong choices than people who are making the right choices.

Christians are considered fanatics because the world system today thinks that there are many ways to Heaven. John 14:6 is one of the most politically incorrect things I've ever heard. The world keeps telling Christians that they should be more "accepting" and "loving" of other religions. They think that if you preach that Jesus is the only way you're a close minded fanatic. They compare such zeal to proclaim the exclusivity of Christianity to be equal to Islamic terrorism. They are so blinded that they can't see that born again Christians while they declare exclusivity have never resolved to tactics like the Roman Catholic Inquisition or terrorism. If anybody claims to be a Christian but uses religious extremism then that person's Christianity is best put under question.

It's considered bigotry today to hate the evils that the world condones to. The idea that the housewife is a necessary component of the family is considered oppression towards women. The idea that a man should be faithful to his spouse is considered as an attack on masculinity. To tell homosexuals that their activities are dangerous is considered hatred for homosexuals never mind that Christianity and Islam have radically different approaches against the sin. To go against abortion is considered an act of not respecting a woman's choice to her body. To go against sexually immoral media is considered as a violation of freedom of expression. It's because people want a license to these sins never mind that the consequences will be very harsh.

Their desire for complete tolerance is stupid because it's not achievable based on the truth that good and evil are 100% incompatible towards each other. If they can't even tolerate Christian views then they shouldn't even demand for complete tolerance. If you love evil then you will hate the good. If you hate the good then you will hate the evil. Good and evil can never walk together because they will always be opposing each other as their nature requires them to. God who is threefold holy can't go against His holiness. He must hate sin because He's holy. He must punish sin because He's holy. Satan can't be holy because he's not holy. Satan must hate holiness because he's unholy. You can't have both good and evil because both will always be at odds against each other.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More People Want an Entertainment-Driven Church Over a God-Fearing Church

It's sad and infuriating how the late Aiden W. Tozer once said and it happened that time will come when a generation thinks that they can have the Christian life without forsaking the world. He also warned of the great heresy of his day that many churches today think that they're in the entertainment business. What's even more upsetting is that only a few people want genuine fellowship. Almost everyone wants to go where the crowd is. One of these places is the entertainment driven church where theatrics replace the Word of God.

Any good preacher could go ahead and keep discussing about the theatrics of Roman Catholicism such as the use of incense and magnificent ceremonies. But it would be equally misguided to forget about the entertainment driven church. While Rome indeed is the biggest cult there is but the entertainment driven church is no less a gate of Hell. It's still a gate of Hell and all gates to Hell leads to Hell nonetheless. The entertainment driven church is where it focuses on what man wants and what pleases man and not what God wants and what pleases God.
2 Timothy 4:3-4 
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

What's happening today is that we have people who don't want sound doctrine. They won't endure it but they would rather go after their lusts. One of these places is the entertainment driven church where the worship service is replaced by a a rock concert. Getting bored with the Roman Catholic priest chanting and waving incense? Getting bored of vain repetitive prayers from various religions? The entertainment driven church is another trap to mislead people away from the truth. If there's one thing that Satan really knows is this fact: people do get bored very easily. That's why we have a lot of false religions scattered left and right. Even one false religion can birth to more and more false religions.

Why people want an entertainment driven church is because these churches deviate from the Bible. There's really no way that Sola Scriptura birthed these entertainment driven churches nor do they adhere to that principle. Instead, they ignore the Bible altogether and make whatever stupid doctrine they have that was made to just please sinful men. Instead of a preaching you have a rapping. Instead of singing hymns they're singing worldly songs. What's the use of saying that you go to attend fellowship on Sundays when you're in an entertainment driven church? It's useless because such churches don't stick to the Word of God. They think they're right because of numbers. But did they ever read what the Bible said about being with the majority doesn't mean you're right?
Matthew 7:13-14 
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Worse, such churches may be giving false guarantees of salvation. They may teach that a person can be saved if they "say a prayer". They think that a person is truly saved simply for saying a prayer but you have no sign of true regeneration. If you're truly saved your light ought to be different. But such people reject such teaching. They hate holiness and sanctification while they deny they do believe in it. They think you can get saved and still remain as rotten as ever. They are coddling false converts who have a false sense of security. True converts don't want to keep sinning. Only false converts may think they have a license to sin.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's Sickening at How People Today Are No Different Than People in Noah's Days

The world laughed at Noah for preaching repentance then Christians can expect the same thing to happen to them today. People today just never learn from history and they keep repeating its folly. There's a saying that history repeats itself and that those who fail to learn from it will relive it. After the Flood, our ancestors came out of the Ark and it didn't take long for God's covenant with man not to last long. After Noah it just took three generations to ruin mankind all over again. After Ham's wickedness, there was Cush and from Cush's sons there was Nimrod. The death of Cain's descendants didn't end wickedness. The real problem was that people are wicked even if they were descendants of Seth. We're all descendants of Seth and Noah but more people follow the path of Nimrod and Cain than that of their righteous ancestors.

The name Nimrod means let us rebel. It's said that he began a new brand of corrupt religion. Genesis 11:1-9 shows that kind of person Nimrod was. He built Babylon against God's command so God had to disperse the people. We have many languages today not because of atheistic evolution but because God scrambled the languages. What was unfortunate was that everyone brought with them a piece of Babylon Religion. What's even worse the story changed from region to region resulting to utter confusion. There would be many gods and goddesses born. In time, Babylon Religion had become a highly disorganized system full of conflicting stories. Just get some literature on pagan mythology and you'll see various conflicting accounts of several gods and goddesses - even in just one country!

The situation is not any different today. Try to take a look at the news. More people think that as long as you're with the majority then you're right. If you don't join the majority then you're just a fool who doesn't want to join the popular crowd. But Jesus warned in Matthew 7:13-14 that many enter the broad way of destruction and only few enter the narrow way to life. To be loved by the world means to be hated by God. To be God's friend is to be an enemy of the world. John 15:18-19 and James 4:4 have warned that there's no way a person can be a friend of the world and God at the same time. Either you're a friend of this sinful world or you're a friend of God.

Most people today just repeat what happened in the Days of Noah. Be a Christian and you're going to be ostracized by society. Noah spent 120 years warning people about the Great Flood that was coming to the world but people laughed. When Methuselah died that was it. The world was soon going to be hurled into judgment. Today, we have people who are no better. They think that the Bible is a book of fairy tales but express so much hatred about it. They even say God was unfair to drown a world of wicked sinners. If there are no absolutes why even condemn God as unjust? He wasn't unjust. He gave the world 120 years to repent in Noah's day. God gave ample time for everyone to repent but you must repent now. Get right with God before it's too late!

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Christians are Called to Lovingly Confront Evildoers

One of the biggest mistakes today is teaching that love doesn't rebuke. If they think love doesn't rebuke then it's time to say love does rebuke. 1 Corinthians 13:6 says that love in action doesn't rejoice in falsehood but in the truth. While you can rebuke without loving but you can never love without rebuking. The Christian ministry was called to lovingly confront evildoers not to have a false kind of love and tolerance toward them. Ephesians 5:11 says that Christians must have nothing to do with the works of darkness. Instead, they are called to rebuke the workers of darkness. You can't be a Christian and still love darkness. If you're a Christian you were called out of sin not called into sin. Nobody can claim to be a Christian and claim to have a license to sinfulness. Such people are fake converts who need to be exposed for their own good.

The idea of "love" and tolerance is not biblical love but a false kind of love. It is an evil kind of love like the love for money and power. Worse it is the kind of love that loves sin. It is an evil kind of love that does harm instead of good. The Bible does not call for tolerance of sin but an intolerance for it yet it invites people to repent of their sins. If you say that Christians hate people they don't. They took the risk to warn people about their sin out of love. Christians telling homosexuals that their homosexuality is wrong is out of love for these lost people. It is an act of hate to unfairly and indiscriminately beat sinners. But it is also an act of hate not to lovingly confront sinners about their lost state. To do so is not an act of love but an indirect act of hate towards lost sinners.

Jesus confronted evildoers for their sake. The Pharisees were confronted about their hypocrisy to show to them they're lost. Lost sinners were told of their sin so they will see their need of a Savior from sin. The prophets confronted the people out of love desiring to see them repent and be saved. The apostles continued the same mission. Unfortunately, Satan and his minions continue to blind people from the truth. Worse, such people enjoy their lost state and getting saved from their sinfulness and self-righteousness is such a dread. Such people may think their personal righteousness is enough even if some of them live very wicked lives. The battle of the Christian is that they must love people enough to tell them the truth.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Chastisement Brings Both Sorrow and Safety

The Christian life isn't an easy life. Acts 14:22 describes the Christian life to be that of much tribulation before the journey is over. The Christian will have the problem of sin. Romans 7:14-25 has Paul describing the very struggle against sin. Even if Christians aren't living like the rest of the world but they're not sinless even if they sin less.

Reading through John 15:1-8 describes Christian growth. Jesus used the word "pruning" to describe what His Father does to the believer. While the worthless branches are certainly false converts but the true branches are the believers. He prunes them because He knows that it's a true branch not a false branch. False branches are thrown aside to the fire while true branches remain. The pruning process is meant to make sure that Christians will be fruitful in their Christian lives. Any good gardener knows the true branches need some pruning every now and then.

Hebrews 12:5-7 is clear that if you're a child of God then expect chastisement. Chastisement is done out of love for the person. It's true that all the pruning and spanking brings great sorrow. Psalm 51 and Ecclesiastes have the sorrow of David and Solomon expressed for their sins. David's sin was with Bathsheba. Solomon's sin was with misusing the wisdom God gave to him. Chastisement happens because a parent loves the child. If you love your children then chastise them when they are wrong. You can't love without chastising while you can chastise without loving.

Sometimes, we need some sorrow to keep us safe. The problem of the flesh is that all good times and no bad times makes it lazy. The flesh just wants to please itself. If Christians are allowed to have only joy without sorrow then they're going to be complacent. Having too many good times makes a person's brain numb. Gold can't be purified without the use of extreme heat. That's why this sorrow must be there to remove the dross of the Christian. God allows bad times to make Christians more and more aware of who's in charge and more fruitful.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Whose Rights Are Politically Correct Organizations Defending Anyway?

Organizations like Amnesty International, the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the European Union, Global Thinkers, the Roman Catholic institution or just any politically correct organization aren't making the world a better place as they claim. The question is whose rights are these politically correct organizations defending anyway? Are they defending the rights of victims as they claim or are they defending the rights of people who love to do wrong? It's time to ask the question of whose rights are these politically organizations defending anyway.

It's time to take a look at how politically correct organizations are very stupid and hypocritical. They demand complete tolerance but can't tolerate views different than theirs. In truth complete tolerance is absolutely impossible for this reason: if you love the good then you will hate the evil. If you love the evil then you will hate the good. Good and evil are always opposing forces to which you can't reconcile. If these organizations say they demand complete tolerance it's complete tolerance for their stupid causes. Let's try and take a look at how hypocritical these politically correct organizations really are. Just be warned that this post is going to be very politically incorrect because it seeks to be Biblically correct.

Defending prominent but immoral people whenever it's convenient for them

This trend of giving awards to immoral people isn't anything new. Another woman who tends to be celebrated as a heroine is the late Margaret Sanger. Feminists may look up to Sanger as a heroine for women's rights. In reality, she was a dirty racist, she's responsible for abortion clinics running left and right. Another is Ellen Degeneres a lesbian activist who got called a heroine all because she refused a Christian in her talk show. Former U.S. president Barack Hussein D. Obama even gave her a medal of valor. That fact alone should be disgusting why a lesbian who fights for the right to do homosexual acts gets a medal of valor instead of women who truly deserve it. Neither of these women ever deserve any recognition as heroines. Giving an award to Leila De Lima by a politically correct organization should be no surprise either. They don't really care if the person is so immoral as long as the person agrees with their immoral mindset.

It's easy to see how an immoral woman like De Lima is hailed as a heroine, a martyr for democracy and a political prisoner by politically correct organizations when she's not. She deserved her award from Global Thinkers for this reason that it's a politically correct organization. She was awarded for political correctness and she deserved it. She spoke up against so-called murders which she herself may have cooked up to unseat President Rodrigo R. Duterte. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines or CBCP backs her up a lot saying that it's wrong to lock her up for her crimes. CBCP's current president Archbishop Socrates Villegas called for a Walk For Life for drug dealers that were shot but never called for one for innocent people. He also hypocritically said that we're not to judge pork barrel scammers while he continues to judge other people. The mere fact that the CBCP keeps backing her up may be a hint to prove her guilty of the things she's accused of. After all, a lot of big time donors to the CBCP are highly immoral people. The CBCP also has covered up a lot of scandals of its priests is no surprise. The Vatican has been covering up its scandals throughout the centuries and they still continue to deny it or pretend to apologize for it.