Friday, December 2, 2016

Women Should Feel Safer Not Going to Target!

Target's giving in to political correctness has violated women's rights to privacy. It should be very stupid if a company decides to compromise on safety for the sake of complying with being politically correct. Any woman with the right mind should not go to Target for shopping for teir own personal safety. Allowing men in women's comfort rooms except for the reason that the men's comfort room is out of order may soon invite perverts. A male homosexual may actually enjoy perverted pursuits with both genders as a bisexual. It may also invite other non-homosexual perverts the chance to molest women when they least expect it. 

It's crazy how politically correctness only leads to confusion. It supports the idiocy of the feminist movement but fails to see women's rights as it should be seen. Women have the right to be protected from any form of abuse. Women have the right to say no to sexual advances when it's from someone not their husband or to say no when the husband abuses that right. The same goes that women have every right not to allow men in their restrooms as much as men have every right not to allow women in their restrooms. The only time that a man or a woman may enter the opposite restroom is if the other restroom is out of order but there's no right to peep at them in the toilet.

So much for saying political correctness cares about women. It doesn't protect women who want to be trim and proper. It only protects women who want to be ungodly walking towards their own destruction. 

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Christmas Season, Remember Christ Was Born to Die For Your Sins!

Every Christmas, it's very easy to think of the worldly aspects of it. It's no wonder why some Christians even don't want to celebrate it. I can't blame the Puritans for actually condemning it. Charles H. Spurgeon was among the many Baptist preachers to condemn Christmas. But there are other Christians who still celebrate Christmas. While Halloween can never play a part with Christianity because it celebrates the occult but Christmas was meant to celebrate the Incarnation of Christ. But again, remember that Jesus wasn't born on December 25.

Matthew 1:21 says that Jesus was born to save His people from their sins. The only way He could do it was to die on the cross as the perfect sacrifice. He would be beaten to the point of becoming a bloody pulp. He was stripped off everything and was in the worst shape possible so imputed righteousness and power against sin can be given to whoever believes. It's very easy to remember Christ's birth during the Christmas but not His death. The ugly truth about the reason why Christ was born is that God is good and you aren't.

Some children are lied to by their parents that if they're good Santa Claus (who doesn't exist) would give them presents. The jingle goes, "He's making a list and checking it twice/He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice." The problem is nobody is ever qualified to be in God's nice list because we've all sinned. James 2:10-11 says that you just break one of God's rules you're already damned to Hell. Romans 3:10-19 shows that everyone is unrighteous and guilty before God. No matter how children who are deceitfully lied to by their parents that Santa Claus supposedly left them the gifts think they're good enough for Heaven, the Bible says the exact opposite. Santa Claus theology doesn't fit with Christianity and never will be. Christmas should be the time to think that Jesus' birth was that so He can inevitably die for the sins of mankind to pay for the full penalty of sin.

Besides, the idea that the non-existent Santa Claus only gave presents to those who have done their best then it's not a present to begin with. A gift is something you don't work for and it's not even deserved. Ephesians 2:8-9 describes that salvation is a gift from God and not of works so no man could boast about it. Nobody can say they're good enough for Heaven because everyone's in God's naughty list. That's why Jesus was born. By becoming human He could keep the whole Law and provide the payment for sin that would appease the Father's wrath. As Isaiah 53:10 says that the LORD was pleased to bruise His Son who lovingly cooperated with His Father's plan. This is the turning point to why Jesus had to be born of a virgin and why He had to grow up like everyone. It's all part of the plan that leads from His birth to His death and to His resurrection.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Reminder: True Faith in Christ Continues!

Any new believer may believe that they may lose their salvation by simply becoming an unbeliever. I used to have that fear that I may lose the faith or believe that people could voluntarily choose to become unbelievers. It wasn't long until I studied the Bible more and found out in Philippians 1:8-9 that Jesus will finish the work in the Christian. 1 John 2:19 says that those in Christ will never depart. If teaching that a believer can become an unbeliever or ex-believer is a heresy then there's also another distortion of eternal security.

This distortion of eternal security says that you can become an ex-Christian, believe once and you're still saved even if you show no real fruit of genuine conversion. That kind of teaching has also damned a lot of people. Many today supposedly said a prayer but they never had any real change in their lives. Some people got truly converted through a sinner's prayer evangelism in spite of it because they weren't given a watered down message that would attract the carnal. But the problem of saying you can get saved and become an  ex-believer is a dangerous heresy.

Did you know that salvation inevitably results in sanctification? It's a sad fact but many say that insisting that salvation results to sanctification is works salvation. They even teach the dangerous heresy that good works are not the evidence of salvation even if Matthew 7:16-20 has Jesus warning that true and false converts are to be known by their fruits. 1 Corinthians 6:11 declares a new life for people who are already saved. Only false converts teach that people can still live the same as before. True converts don't want to keep sinning and hurting God.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

For the Love of Using the Strawman Argument!

The picture above this paragraph shows you what a strawman argument is. It's a common cowardly tactic used to play dirty, to make yourself look like you've supposedly won when in fact nothing has been refuted. It's a very common tactic to actually misrepresent the opponent (this is also known as poisoning the well) and claim you've actually refuted somebody's arguments when you haven't, This is the use of false accusations in order to win an easy victory. Most people today just don't want to listen to the truth so they'll do anything to discredit the messenger even if it means making a strawman.

What examples of strawmen are there used against the Christian apologist? It may be accompanied by Ad Hominem arguments (attacking the person instead of the argument) and poisoning the well with false accusations to properly set up their man of straw. Some apologists of false religion actually love to use this argument that they've actually "refuted" the argument. Atheist scholars also claim that once you're a creationist then you're automatically against science. Some Roman Catholic apologists will immediately claim that if you're a Protestant you immediately hate Mary the earthly mother of Jesus. Pro-homosexual crowds will immediately claim when you don't approve of what' you're doing then you're in favor of murdering homosexuals. Some anti-Catholic Antinomians would go as far as to say that when a person's a Calvinist then that person must be a Jesuit even if the term "Calvinist Jesuit" is an oxymoron. That's just among a few arguments that really are meant to knock down a straw representation of the person rather than the actual person.

The irritating fact about straw man users is that even when the evidence is clear as day that they've lost or their claims are false. It's very easy to say that one has refuted the book "Truth Encounter" by the late Anthony Pezzotta when in reality all they've done is make more nonsense arguments. Atheists can go ahead and say they've won their position simply because they're atheists. They brag about their hollow "victory" which only makes it more irritating (or amusing) to watch. It's probably very irritating to watch when one thinks that the person is really on his or her way to Hell.

Should the Christian be concerned about the use of strawman arguments against them? The answer is no. The Bible even says they should rejoice. Matthew 5:11-12 says that being falsely accused and persecuted for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be a call for rejoicing. It's a clear sign that they're doing their work for the LORD.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Hypocrisy of the Complete Tolerance Movement

It's best to be Scripturally correct than to be politically "correct". Political "correctness" is not correct according to the Word of God. Too many people in authority today may not be exerting authority as they should be. Instead, you see them bending to the will of the people all in the name of tolerance and popularity. The problem didn't die away with the golden calf but it continued because of man's sin. The prophets of God were always attacked by the politically correct crowd. The prophets preached repentance and they all got killed. By postmodern standards the only thing politically correct people say is, "Those prophets deserved it! You must stick by the majority or you're just an idiot!" Sorry but Matthew 7;13-14 says that only a few are ever right and most people are wrong!

The complete tolerance movement is hypocritical in so many ways. They claim to be so tolerant but guess what? They aren't really as completely tolerant as they are. When there's tolerance there's intolerance. Christians are called to tolerate the good and not to tolerate evil. If you must tolerate good then you must not tolerate evil. The complete tolerance movement is hypocritical because there's no such thing as complete tolerance. The pro-homosexual movement has zero tolerance for people who have their straight pride. Atheist professors have zero tolerance towards any Christian who can present proof for Intelligent Design. Some of them would condemn the Christian for preaching against homosexuality but refuses to acknowledge Islam's bloody hatred for homosexuals who need Jesus to set them free. In short if they're completely tolerant why don't they tolerate Christians? Where's the complete tolerance as those who claim to have it have? In short, it's impossible because since they tolerate liberalism then they should not tolerate conservatism. After all, Amos 3:3 warns that can the two walk together except they be agreed?

If they say that there are no absolutes then it's time to beg to differ. It would be so nice to ask them a question like "How absolutely sure are you that there are no absolutes?" That's also the hypocrisy of relativism. The complete tolerance movement is nothing more than agree with us or else you're out. Unfortunately for them, somebody beats them in their game of agree or you're out and He's God Almighty! I guess that's why atheists hate God because of a moral problem and not an intellectual problem. They say people who believe that there's a God are stupid but they see the evidence for God but refuse to believe it. Doesn't Romans 1:22 show that many who profess to be wise are indeed fools? The more foolish the person the wiser they think they are. God already has given His terms or you're out. Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or you're out. They're already losing their game but they just want to put a strong front. But that strong front will be gone at the Great White Throne Judgment.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Liberals Are in a Mess Between Christianity, Islam and Homosexuality!

All in the name of tolerance! What an ugly excuse to sponsor ecumenism! The liberal's dilemma can also be between Islam (which advocates for hatred against homosexuals) vs. Christianity (which advocates for loving homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about homosexuality). Homosexuality will always be a sin and the Bible condemns it in both the Old and the New Testaments. It's time to pose this challenge towards homosexuals concerning Christianity, Islam and homosexuality.

"Which is really a hate crime huh pro-homosexual advocates? Why would some of you defend the Muslim terrorist who obviously wants you people dead? Look... you already saw how those gay bars were attacked by Muslim terrorists and you still say that the Christians are the bigots. We Christians are doing the best we can to reach out to you. We gave you help during the attack and you say we still hate you. We have our right to refuse to bake your cake because what you're doing is wrong. Yet you choose to defend the Muslim terrorist who murders homosexuals." is a good argument to raise to them.

Why defend the real hater of homosexuals over the people who love homosexuals enough to tell the truth? It's simple. Satan is an author of confusion and not God (1 Corinthians14:33). The minds of the world are blinded to the truth. While it's easy to say that Christians shouldn't be amazed by the stupidity of liberal logic but it can get very surprising. The facts are clear as day who really hates homosexuals and wants them dead. Christianity advocates reaching out to lost sinners out for love and doesn't take pleasure in the death of the wicked. Not so with Islam which is a religion of only hatred and fear. Islam does good works in hopes of getting into Heaven but those are just filthy rags. Christianity does good works not to gain or maintain salvation but as a result of salvation which are truly good works.

Int he midst of this confusion, it's very easy to see Satan always double-crosses everyone. There's no real truth in the darkness. The darkness brings no clarity but only confusion. You need bright lights during the night to see where you're going. Sadly, most people prefer the darkness over the light because that's where their evil will be exposed.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Problem With Chronological Errors

In the world of Christian apologetics, it's very easy to just absorb everything when you're a newbie. The Internet may not be the best place for research. It's good to have apologetics site like Way of the Master but to do real research one must go out there and dig into the details. One huge problem today is the prevalence of chronological errors.

What's a chronological error? It's when time and date do not agree with the claim. A good example of a chronological fallacy is to claim that the Jesuits came before Islam. The Jesuit Order could have not invented Islam because of the time difference. Islam was born in the early 7th century and the Jesuit Order came around in September 27, 1540. While it's possible that the Jesuits and Islam are now collaborating in the last days but the times and dates prove that the Jesuits couldn't have invented Islam. They could have collaborated with Islam but they couldn't have invented it. How can the Jesuits who came centuries after Islam even invent it?

Another form of chronological error is in inserting facts and figures that don't exist. Many pseudo-Christian groups claim that the Church supposedly apostasized during a certain century and was restored at a certain date. The Iglesia Ni Cristo group claims that the Church was restored on 1911 and apostasized some time ago. Others who deny the Deity of Christ even say that it was only until the 3rd, 4th or whatever century that the doctrine was invented and it's not biblical. Some Roman Catholic apologists have gone as far as to say that born again Christianity is just an "American invention" and was only born in the 70s while saying born again Christians murdered Roman Catholics during the dark ages. All these claims are very self-contradictory!

It doesn't take a genius or a doctorate in social studies or anthropology to figure out that something is indeed a chronological error. Problem is too many people these days just want to beat around the bush rather than get straight to the point. Worse, arguing with people who make such erroneous claims can be very exasperating (Proverbs 26:4, 1 Timothy 1:4) while maintaining the task of refuting chronological errors made by crooked apologists of false religions.