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Never Mind the Waves of Persecution, LOOK UP TO JESUS!

In the Christian ministry, there is going to be no huge fanbase, no fame, no fortune of this world and Christians ought to expect persecutions and problems more than anything else as to avoid being disappointed (John 15:18-19).  Perhaps a lesson that should be shared should be Peter's walk on the water.  Matthew 14:26-31 narrates the whole passage of Peter on the water.  Peter was trying to walk on the water and Jesus told him to.  However the big problem was that Peter looked at the waves and NOT to Jesus.  Result?  He sank!  It can really happen to believers.  It has happened to me after I was wrongfully accused of intellectual dishonesty, Antinomianism, etc. until I realized this was the advice I could get, "Just do not mind them, let him be.  Continue in what you do- preach!"

Here are just a few ways that believers can look at the waves instead of Jesus and SINK:

Worrying about their persecutions and who's persecuting them.  This can take place when a Christian chooses to focus on who's trying to destroy his/her work rather than focusing on to Jesus.  Honestly, it's best for Christians NOT to deal with or reply to those who are trying to destroy their work, take it all to God in prayer and let the persecution be a testimony for Christ.  Romans 12:19 says that the LORD will avenge them.  I won't even begin to expose who these guys are... most of them ride the same boat of false doctrines anyway!  Some of them are even against each other like a Charismatic vs. a Catholic- both still on the road to perdition.  I really used to spend time dealing with them but as said, they are DIGGING their own graves.  I pray it's not too late for them!

Singling out wicked men one by one until the web server is out of bandwidth.  Truth is, everybody deserves to be singled out for wickedness by God (Romans 3:10-19).  It becomes a waste of time to keep exposing false pastors (most of them belong to a false religion anyway), Vatican agents, Muslim spies, etc. because in these days, those clowns expose themselves and they are really just CRAZY and their own doctrine marks them when they are asked.  For example, worrying about Vatican operatives entering into the Baptist pulpits will not soul win Roman Catholics to Christ- because even the worst Vatican agents can get saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. The late Pastor Alberto Rivera's best advice to counter infiltrators is to be strongly rooted upon God's Word and have the courage to speak against every heresy which includes the Vatican.  That way, the infiltrators will either leave or be saved by God's grace.  Jesus attacked the Pharisees as a group but NEVER did He single them out

Debating with foolish men.  2 Timothy 2:15-16 requires the Christian to study their Bible BUT shun profane babbling.  Debating with fools according to Proverbs 26:4 makes the person who debates with them more like them.  Honestly these guys are a total waste of time.  Sadly some Christians have spent so much time debating with apologists of false religions (ex. Catholic faith defenders) that they could not even go door to door.  Best answer to Christians- leave them be!  Let them write what they want, just pray for them.  To be honest, I have no time to answer awful preachers of conditional security and why should I answer such debates?  I would dare say this that I admire Paul Washer's guts not to debate a conditional security preacher who tried to lure him into the open.  It takes more guts not to fight back than to fight back fearing you become a coward in not doing so.

Spending time updating on Satan's websites and blogs.  Reading on trashy sites that try to get rid of fundamental Christianity is nothing more than feeding on marijuana and shabu into the soul of the Christian.  Also it becomes a source of inter-blog/website debates and mudslinging.  The authors of this blog personally don't even mind what those fools are saying on their websites against them, most of them are made up stuff.  So why surf into Satan's websites when it's not God's wish?  I seriously won't even link their pages to this blog because I do not want to give them any more traffic than they already have.  I should care less what those atheists who demand us Christians to "thou shalt not bear false witness" when they themselves are false witnesses or to what conspiracy theorists may think about me.

Closing note:

Seriously speaking, I had several scoffing persecutions already in the past and in the present and it will continue until God calls me home.  All I can say is they'll bring it on and on and on!

I've already been labeled by Catholic faith defenders as a menace to the "true church" especialy when I admit that I have left the Roman Catholic institution, an agent of the damnable "Ang Dating Daan" or the Seventh Day Adventists.  In fact, as a former Roman Catholic, I have been scrutinized that I have boldly said that I am no longer a Roman Catholic, and declared myself a Bible Baptist after I became a born again Christian by the grace of God.  In fact, I believe God had appointed my salvation at the divine timetable like he did with the Apostle Paul for a mission- to preach the Word to the lost.  He found me indeed and I responded to His call.  I was called out of whorish Babylon and two, I cannot be converted back to Catholicism (or fall away from Christ) because I am truly saved.  If I did, I was not saved to start with (1 John 2:19).  I've already started to expose the errors of Catholicism and reveal the truths of the order as provided by credible writers.  Also, I am here to endorse the testimonies of former priests and nuns who left the system and tell how Jesus found them... to give a wonderful testimony and tell Roman Catholics that their religion will not save them.  I have in fact the burden in my heart as I do this blog that many will be reached.  I'm glad this blog has reached Italy the heart of Romanism... it might even reach the Unholy Office or the Jesuits... but so what?  The souls of people are so precious compared to all the money I have.  Like the Apostle Paul, I was called OUT OF MAN'S RELIGION and today, my religion is only with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am now a devoted Christian only by the grace of God!!!!

Anti-Catholic cults like the Seventh Day Adventists, Westboro Baptists, members of the Iglesia ni Manalo, Mormons, not-Evangelical Outreach and the Charismatics/Pentecostals may accuse me of being an Illuminati plant and a Jesuit spy or even a Jesuit priest in training just because I'm still alive right now while still exposing the Vatican's activities but all I can say is I am still alive because a man of God is not done and over with until God calls him home- that is God has protected me from any further harm until He allows it for a good reason and two, God uses men to expose Satan's works in such a marvelous way.  My being alive and exposing the Vatican is NOT credible evidence of being a Jesuit spy or a Jesuit priest in training- it's because God has used me like he used Martin Luther and John Calvin to launch the Reformation and uncover secrets and NOBODY will shut me down until God says so.  This is all I can say- be careful of websites that claim to expose the Vatican.  I'm not saying these are Vatican shills, some of them are just not credible Vatican exposers who have thrown a good amount of mud at credible exposers of the Vatican's activities as "secretly Vatican spies" and they really have no proof at all- it's painting the world as they see it or these people have emotional issues.  Many of these are actually anti-Catholic false teachers who have different motives (ex. they get money of what they do and that's what matters more or they have a sense of satisfaction in feeding their bitterness) than the credible Christians who expose the Vatican.  I really should start caring about these ministries accusing me of being a Jesuit spy and everything- let them think what they want about me.  The Westboro Baptist movement mind you has already been falsely labeling MANY credible Christian workers like Constance Cumbey and Paul Washer to be "secret Jesuits" and I could be in that LONG LIST.  Again, I remembered I was told by my friend after somebody badmouthed me so openly and is telling everyone that I am working for the Jesuits, "JUST DON'T MIND HIM.  CONTINUE PREACHING THE GOOD NEWS." after I got down and discouraged.  All I can say is, I am not here to campaign for the deaths of their followers but rather, for their SALVATION.

I can get wrongly called as an Antinomian because I do not support the heretical and self-centered doctrine of conditional security (that insists Christians must do good works to stay saved and such false teachers lie it's not works salvation) that I am against works because I oppose works salvation, wrongly called a homosexual because I oppose chauvinism and conditional security or a chauvinist because I am against feminism with little or no proof from their "reliable sources"  In fact, I've been accused of saying, "I know you wear female clothing and a homosexual."  Seriously that accusation is mind blowing.  I am not responding to such accusations based on what they are painting to make me look bad.  And also, the homosexual groups also say that I am a hater because I preach against their wicked ways.  So I'm now stuck in between people who accuse me of being a homosexual without real proof and two, of people who are homosexual who hate my preaching against their sinful lifestyles.  However I am living my life right not in order to keep myself saved but rather, it's God's grace in action.  If I cannot lose my salvation, then I will definitely continue in daily sanctification and I'll end up enduring to the end rather than quitting.  In fact, legalistic preachers have their day too.  I'm just leaving them at the hands of God and still praying for their salvation.  As said, legalistic preachers are arrogant and self-centered and works salvation appeals to the proud and delusional.  Before you even dare to accuse me of being a homosexual, YOU BETTER GET ALL YOUR EVIDENCES first before you even dare to call me as such!  For one thing, only God knows me better than you do!

I have been accused of anti-Semitism because I strongly oppose the heresies of Judaism.  Truth is I love the Jews too much to hide the Gospel from them.  What I am against are not Jews in general but the sad fact that many Jews are inventors of evil things as a result of their unbelief.  God is not done yet with Israel.  Is it really so wrong for me to tell Jews that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that their religion will not save them at all?  No.  The Jews and Gentiles are BOTH entitled to the free gift of salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ.  Problem is, many Jews after seeing that receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior would mean rejection, disowning or losing one's business has counted their money more than the Lord Himself.  It saddens me to think that while I pray for Israel and the Jewish people, many Jews still continue to reject the Lord.  Fortunately there are Jewish Christians who may have reached this blog as this blog has already reached Israel.  Hopefully, this blog will win also Jews to Christ.  In truth, Christians are not called to be Jew killers- those so-called "Christians" of the Inquisition and the Crusades are NOT true Christians.

I have called a suicide bomber, religious fanatic, a religions terrorist and an "Osama bin Laden" because I insist in John 14:6 and that I am not making God happy with my "bigoted" preaching.  All I can say is these people have a god according to their own wicked imaginations... not the God of the Bible.  If they really examine Jesus' hard sayings one by one, they'll realize just how much Jesus would be a "fanatic" by today's standards.  Jesus was adamant He was the only Way.  He warned about Hell more than He spoke about Heaven.  In fact, Jesus attacked the religious leaders because these people were works salvation shills and hypocrites.  Jesus warned that the Way to life is narrow and the way of death is broad- in fact there are more people going to Hell than there are to Heaven (Matthew 7:13-14).  As said, to all those vile hippies who call themselves liberal, no longer will you be called liberals but VILE because God says so (Isaiah 32:5).  As I said, go ahead and label me a terrorist and a suicide bomber, I could care less.  As said, you've got to get evidence that I am a religious terrorist before you accuse me of such.  Sigh... these people don't even realize Muslim terrorists are really obedient to their Koran.  All I can say is, Jesus by today's standards would be a "terrorist" too.  I was severely hit by a Myanmar false guru so many years ago who was actually a member of the heresy of Christian Buddhism which is a total oxymoron.  He was one who had labeled me a lot but all I can say is, I rebuke his false doctrine in the name of Jesus Christ!

Atheist hate groups call me a delusional preacher and a liar.  Some of these atheist writers even dare to tell me, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." even if they themselves have been bearing false witness and funny an atheist writer should dare write a book titled as such when in fact he is a liar himself.  Romans 1 clearly shows they are bearing false witness. They know somewhere that God really exists but they choose to deny Him out of hatred.  What makes these atheist groups hypocritical is because while they quote Richard Dawkins (possibly their long-awaited messiah) that there is no good and no evil but just pitiless indifference, some of them say that sin is just a fantasy word- why do they then accuse Christians of bearing false witness?  All I can say is, if these people don't believe God exists, why write how "cruel" God is?  In fact I've read some atheists blogs that even keep saying God is cruel and evil, God is a dictator, etc.  If these people didn't believe there is a God, why be angry with God?  Karl Marx, Madalyn Murray O Hare, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot all were ANGRY WITH GOD.  So again, Psalm 14:1 is clear they are liars and they are fulfilling 2 Peter 3:3.  How ironic is that while they try to discredit the Bible, the Bible has already shown people like them are fulfilling prophecy.  In fact, plenty of atheist books are full of bad words it'd be nice if there were Christian books written like "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Atheist" and "Thou Shalt Not Say Bad Words Atheist."  Hmmm... I guess Ray Comfort, Robert Charles Sproul and John Macarthur could do a good job writing them.  I've already read a few of Comfort's and Sproul's writings on atheism as well.  They are professional liars no doubt.

There are people who say I am too old fashioned also because I insist on the old paths of the LORD (Jeremiah 6:16).  As said, like Jeremiah I endorse the old fashioned revival and the old paths of the LORD which I insist in the father working, the mother staying at home to take care of the home (not to sleep all day mind you!) and raising the children.  Today, I also get scathing remarks by flight attendant mothers who whore themselves abroad for "extra income" or by working fathers who insist that the wife should also contribute to "extra income" saying that money comes first in the family.  No, it does not.  Not that I take money for granted but money is not the first priority of things.  When money controls people instead of the other way around, it becomes destructive.  So if money comes first then we should also support drug dealing, pornography, disco houses and other forms of immorality that will always be wrong.  Also, I've been told I'm not a man if I don't go to disco but as said, disco has been wrong as it should have always been.  I have nothing against technology for it allowed me to write this blog, make reports without wasting too much paper and evangelize to countries I cannot reach.  What I am against is when technology moves towards the wrong direction like abortion, stem cell research, attempting to clone humans to challenge God and whatever technology will violate God's principles.  I also despise the modernization of churches today because they are really becoming breeding grounds for apostasy and dead services.  I am also called a sourpuss because I despite green jokes and toilet jokes.  A Christian has no room for his life to entertain dirty jokes like ingesting human dirt or any sex jokes- he or she must rebuke them in the name of Jesus!

Also, I just thought of this.  I should really start getting alarmed with unfair scoffers when they speak too well  of me.  All I can say is let the unfair critics unfairly criticize, let the wrongful persecutors persecute wrongly, let the liars insist they tell the truth when they know they are lying especially with how hateful they are and these people will always attempt to stop me.  In fact, I've even dealing with unsaved relatives who hate what I do or some scoffers to deal with.  It's all been predicted so why should I even be surprised?  Let the doers of evil do what they do, they're deluded into believing the lies to be true and in the end, they will get nowhere.  In fact, all I can say is I may fear them at first but God is still in charge.  In fact, what God has started, He will certainly finish it.  I live in full confidence that I will definitely endure to the end.  All I can say is go ahead, do your worse... God is still on His Throne.  And I can only say this that my good works, my changed life, my power over sin can never be rooted upon anything else but the sure solid foundation in Christ Jesus!

I fact here's my closing notice remembering the words of Jesus Christ for Christians:

Matthew 5:11-12 says, "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say ALL MANNER OF EVIL against you falsely for My sake.  Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in Heaven- for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."

All I can say is, the Internet's a big place to quarrel, go ahead and do every libel charge you can.  You may get me stressed out, you may make me panic, afraid but I have a God who's greater than all my fears combined.  But I am blessed for all that wrongful persecution when I'm doing what I can for God!

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