Sunday, April 17, 2011

James 2 DOES NOT Teach Works Salvation

In a hasty attempt to defend works salvation, they would appeal to James 2.  It would be time to actually clear the fact that Paul and James DO NOT contradict each other. James 2 DOES NOT teach works salvation in which now can be clearly seen when this whole chapter is being dissected to show that James 2 does not defend the heretic crowd.  So let's try to check out what James 2 really is saying.

So first, it's time to think about these facts to debunk the heretical argument of using James 2:

1.) James 2:14-18 is not talking about works salvation but rather, again showing one's faith by one's works.  James 2:18 is a challenge to show one's faith.  Want to know about faith?  Hebrews 11 talks about the results of faith with some of the heroes of the Bible.  Try to coincide Hebrews 11 and James 2 and one sees the results of faith.  As said, when one says that a faith without works is DEAD because true faith produces good works to validate faith.  That's really the stand that real conversion result to a changed life.

2.) If James taught works salvation, he would not write James 2:10-11 reminds people of the fact that NOBODY can keep the whole Law.  Again, those verses perfectly agree with Romans 3:10-19 that there is none righteous, no not one and that all are GUILTY before God.  Again, James is showing the impossibility of works salvation.  Plus, James 2:23 is in agreement with Romans 4:5 that salvation is by believing upon Him which justifies the ungodly.  Of course, the next verse refers to how the good works of a person shows their faith.

3.) James 2:19 is another often abused phrase.  Let's think about it- the devils here believe there is only one God but that's just SUPERFICIAL belief.  Anybody can believe God exists but they DO NOT trust in His plan of salvation through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.  As said, the devils believe that Jesus is the Son of God but they DO NOT trust in Him.  Many people do believe that Jesus is the Son of God but actually are not saved.  Quack preachers and several false religions believe that Jesus is the Son of God but they do not have 1 John 5:13- they are still relying on their works.  And as said, true belief in Christ produces real, dynamic obedience not a life of sin.