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When Christians Shut Up About Scriptural Truth, They Become Satan's Dupes!

It is indeed something that Christians can get pressured to shut up or to let Satan run his course by this world gone insane. The greatest information wars is not about coming military state governments, Communist infiltration, secret activities of the Great Whore of Revelation, etc., but the very truth of the Scriptures comes first. As much as those stuff are important to be known but the Bible MUST COME FIRST then the rest of the truth will follow. People must know the truth about salvation FIRST before anything else. A person can be exposing such activities and STILL BE UNSAVED or be doing such activities not because he or she is a Christian but only because of being bitter. Christians should expose the truth to reveal people their need for salvation.
The world can do some of these stuff as means to silence Christians: Tell them that God is not happy with them SPEAKING THE TRUTH from the Scripture that Jesus Christ is the only Way to the Father, that speaking against false religion…

Judaism and Occult Links

While Jews may claim to be the most persecuted race on Earth, true there were Jewish holocausts and hatred for them however they are no better than every other people because ALL mankind is fallen (Romans 3:10-19). The Jewish race still is in need to be BORN AGAIN like every other fallen sinner, a concept that the Pharisees HATED so much that they persecuted Jews who became Christians and Jesus stressed that fact in John 3:3. I hope that more Christian Jews will expose the satanic origins of Judaism as much as every other convert of false religion will. Also note that the Seventh Day Adventist cult is nothing more than Judaized "Christianity". What is pretty sad is that these are all the results of majority of Jews' rejection of their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ and inevitably, they will end up accepting the Antichrist, a decision that Israel will SOON REGRET during the Tribulation Period:

There are also the occult literature of the Cabala and the Talmud. Both are sys…

Are These Atheists Sure There is No God?!

Seriously those atheists could go ahead, mock, throw their whatever hatred they have for God and then here's one VERY queer advertising for around 800 buses in United Kingdom which happened a few years ago:
Now even some atheists are not sure if there is a God or not because of the word "probably" in this really crazy bus advertisement and Psalm 14:1 says that the fool says in their heart that there is no God.  All that should be asked is, "Are you sure there is a God or not?"  And also it could be worth asking them this question, "If you say there is no God, why are you always mad at God who doesn't exist?  If God doesn't exist and you are mad at Him, doesn't that make you an insane person for shaking your fist towards Heaven to a person who doesn't exist?"  So much for saying, "Thou shalt not bear false witness Christians!"  
As said, atheism is nothing more than man's anger towards God so they choose to believe he doe…

No Guarantee for an Easy Life for Christians

I just gave some thoughts why God would not grant Christians an easy life.  Instead, Jesus had already spoken too many times in the four Gospel accounts of His life in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to watch out for trials and persecutions more than blessings, He didn't promise His followers constant supply of bread from Heaven nor do always the multiplication of bread and fish, instead He promised them that their life will even have to face hunger, scarcity and even the worse forms of trials are just on the road ahead.  In fact, it is one of the reasons why I could sometimes question God with this, "LORD if you are aware that some people will not come to Jesus because you don't promise them an easy life, why do you still continue to promise more of this and that, misery, hardship... etc.  People are suffering, dying, why LORD why?"  That's a pretty hard question I might even ask God sooner or later when I face Him because seriously, this world is driving me nuts …

Dumping the Aging Wife for a Younger Woman?!

One of the biggest problems in a society where divorce is allowed is that when the wife grows older, the husband tends to dump his older wife for a much younger woman. I had ran across somebody who begged his boss for a cash advance of at least PHP 250,000.00 in order for him to annul his wife to marry a much younger woman (who was in her late 20s while he was in his late 40s and so was his wife) because according to him, "Marriage is only meant until the wife grows older." That is SO NOT like the ideal plan of marriage by God Himself which was in Matthew 19:6 that the Lord Jesus Christsaid that whatever God has put together, let no man separate them. What is utterly foolish about the idea of dumping the older wives for a younger woman is that it really makes one look older because of the stress of filing for a divorce, it's a marriage based on lust and not love, a marriage based on "convenience" and status symbols and it is a total dishonor of the marriage vo…