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Adulterous Live-In Couples Can't Expect Their Children to Turn Out Right!

When God's covenant is broken, expect only more consequences of sin rather than the daily hardship one encounters in life.  It just amazes me to think just how many people can be very ungrateful to their spouses.  For example, a man has an argument with his spouse later dumps her for another woman or the gender roles can be reversed. The worst side can be when a man who is legally married to his wife dumps his wife for another man's wife.  So what happens in that adulterous relationship is that the man leaves his wife for another woman and then that other woman leaves her husband for another woman's husband, that's even a double jeopardy where not just one but two parties can sue- the woman's husband and the man's wife!  It does get worse when the two may pretend to get "married" in any "formal ceremony" maybe at the rice field, get a corrupt minister (ex. there are even pastors who dare perform fake marriages and trial marriages!) with the…

Reflections on Revival's Golden Key

After watching Revival's Golden Key on Youtube, I would suggest we really need this book right here and right now especially that it's very comfortless to die hard preachers to see churches fall apart because there is no revival. James Kennedy commended this book for its very hard preaching and I would to even if I have just seen the video. My reasons? Well I definitely would say while I was initially an "easy believist" however when I began watching some very watered down Gospel presentations, my eye sockets were popped out in the figurative sense when I realized how stupid evangelism is these days. Kirk Cameron in that video showed the extremely stupid evangelism of "just say a simple prayer and repeat after me". Paul Washer declares war against that kind of evangelism because except if people really and I mean really see their sin and Jesus Christ as Lord of all, they will never see the need to repent of their unbelief and receive Christ as Savior, exce…

So Did Pharaoh's Magicians Really Turn the Rods to Serpents?

Exodus 7:11-12- "Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt also did in like manner with their enchantments. For they cast down every man his rod and they became serpent but Aaron's rode swallowed up their rods."
This is a pretty controversial verse of whether or not the rods of the magicians also became serpents. However here's an interesting fact from Apologetics Press:
Egyptians have long used the snake in their religious and ceremonial rituals. Many murals, ancient Egyptian paintings and carvings, and written texts portray this animal in connection with ancient Egyptian snake charmers, magicians, and even Pharaohs. In fact, many of the golden burial casts used to intern the ancient Egyptian kings have a sculpture of a snake coming from the forehead of the regal personality. Furthermore, the snake is commonly associated with certain gods of ancient Egypt. In regard to this affinity for the serpentine, the ancient Egyptians…

Why Performance Assessment is Necessary in Christian Churches

Some people may call me a works salvation preacher and holding a skeleton key for insisting that I say performance assessment is necessary. But why do I insist on doing a performance assessment?  Jesus Christ does not merely save by His grace and by ourselves, He also sanctifies the person and faith has Christ's work in it.  So because salvation is the work of God, therefore it would be very impossible for a Christian to have no change whatsoever.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 6:11 with the words, "And such were some of you..." after he had pointed out how the unrighteous cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.  So it's very demonic to preach that a homosexual can stay a homosexual after they are saved or any form of lost sinner to continue in their kind of lifestyle.  Christianity is not merely a change of religion like how a Hindu becomes a Buddhist or a Buddhist becomes a Roman Catholic- no it is not.  Yes I have my religion as a Christian but I did not just merely chan…

Jesus Was Obviously AGAINST Homosexuality!

Homosexuals who are trying to publish that blasphemous trash called "The Homosexual Life of Jesus Christ" say that Jesus wasn't saying something against homosexuality therefore He wasn't against it.  Now let's take this verse into meaning.  In Matthew 19:4-5 it says, "And He answered and said unto them, Have ye not read that He which made them at the beginning made them MALE AND FEMALE?  And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and they twain shall be one flesh?"  Jesus clearly instituted marriage as a heterosexual covenant NOT a homosexual covenant.  In fact in Luke 17:28-29 He has mentioned, "But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from Heaven and destroyed them all."  In fact, sodomy is derived from the word Sodom a city where homosexuality was also a prevalent sin aside from incest, adultery and bestiality and sodomy is synonymous to homosexuality.  In fact,…

What Does Pisseth Against the Wall Mean?

It's really getting bad for some of my Independent Fundamental Baptist brethren to actually even take the words "pisseth against the wall" which appears at least six times in 1 Samuel 23:22, 1 Samuel 25:34, 1 Kings 14:10, 1 Kings 16:11, 1 Kings 21:21 and 2 Kings 9:8 where the King James actually has the words "pisseth against the wall".  Now I am a King James only-ist but I do not support the stupid interpretation of "pisseth against the wall" by some IFB preachers who have become in some way similar to the Catholic Faith Defenders that they argue against when they should spend their time soulwinning.  Actually I even heard that rather outrageous "pisseth against the wall" sermon by Steven Anderson that was so taken out of context.
So what does pisseth against the wall mean? Let us take a look at these six verses and take it on a exegetic view NOT an eisegetic (out of context) view:
1 Samuel 23:22- "And so more also do God unto the ene…

Good News Translation Verses That Say Christ is the Head of the Church!

In witnessing to Roman Catholics, I have been using their Good News Translation to them.  Although I am a King James Version only Baptist and strong to adhering to it as the Authorized Version, however I have pricked on Roman Catholic doctrine with their Bible translations.  Here are verses from the Good News Translation that says Christ is the Head of the Church:
Ephesians 1:23- "The church is Christ's BODY the completion of Him who Himself completes all things everywhere."
Ephesians 4:15- "Instead by speaking the truth in a spirit of love we must grow up in every way to Christ who is the Head."
Colossians 1:18- "He is the Head of His body, the Church; He is the source of the body's life.  He is the firstborn Son who was raised from death in order that He alone might have the first place in all things."
It's a pity really that Roman Catholics hardly study their translation of the Bible.  I may find some missing verses compared to the King Ja…

Just A Bit of the March 23, 2013 on Obama's Islamic Healthcare?

I've been hearing of letters in my email that Ayatollah Barack Obama will soon require a microchip.  However I'd like to tell everyone that this is NOT the Mark of the Beast and Obama is not the Antichrist.  The one issue is that bio-chipping everyone is a serious violation of privacy.  Here's the real event in America:
Jack T. Chick whose Gospel tracts me and Bro. Zigfred distribute around has shown this disturbing truth.  Now it is happening- Obama's second term means this- a Muslim flag to fly over the White House sooner than we think  Jack T. Chick has printed the tract "Camel's in the Tent" not ever since Barack Obama has a second term as Ayatollah of America.  In fact, I'm seeing Muslims being very supportive of Obama.
Historically speaking, people who didn't get marked on either the forehead or the right hand on Ash Wednesday were considered as this.  Though I don't buy Matthew Henry's belief in Mary staying as a virgin or that the…

Debunking the Roman Catholic Argument that Sola Scriptura is Not Scriptural Using a Roman Catholic Bible

Above is a fake button created by some nasty Roman Catholic apologists who have now gone as far as to try and destroy historic Christianity. There is even a book called "100 Arguments Against Sola Scriptura" which provides nothing more than spinning arguments and circular reasoning. For this refutation, I will be using a Roman Catholic translation throughout because they argue that the King James Bible is only for Protestants who they mock to be useless protesters. Now the whole problem of "Scripture alone is not Scriptural." is clear with what Jesus said in Mark 7:8-9 saying from the Good News Translation, "You put aside God's command and obey HUMAN TEACHINGS. You have a clever way of rejecting God's Law in order to uphold YOUR OWN TEACHINGS." Isn't that what the Council of Trent was doing in the centuries of centuries of various changes from one century to another?
Now before you dare call me a fraud, liar, fag (ignoring many of the priest…

Want to Pay for Your Sins Without Christ?

While doing some soulwinning, it does get infuriating when people say, "I don't need Christ. I'll make it my way." That really sounds disastrous that the lost sinner is in effect saying, "I don't need Christ to pay for my sins, I'll pay for it myself!" That has been the usual talk with the world. They think they are good enough to pay for their sins and the don't need Jesus. Like the rich young ruler and the Pharisees, many people seek to justify themselves without Christ. But trying to take a look at the Bible's standards, can man pay for his sins? Yes but there is only one alternative!
Until you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will only wind up in one place... that is Hell! Notice therefore what Scripture says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 saying that the UNRIGHTEOUS cannot inherit God's Kingdom and Romans 3:10-19 confirms ALL men are guilty before God because NOBODY is righteous. James 2:10 says if you've broken one of …

If We Were All God's Children, Jesus Would Be A Liar Then!

The argument this days goes, "Hey we are all children of God like it or not that's why God doesn't decide to punish the sinner immediately."  However such an argument is weak and two, it makes Jesus Christ a liar which is a terrible thing to do.  In what way does it make Jesus a liar?  We could read the very words of Jesus Christ Himself that immediately would debunk the heretical idea that we are all children of God and this time being a former Roman Catholic I am going to quote from the Good News translation for those who keep poking fun at my King James only-ism and also because I've been hearing that dumb heresy from Roman Catholics themselves:
John 8:39-44 (Good News Bible) says: "They answered him, 'Our father is Abraham.'.  'If you really were Abraham's children,' Jesus replied, 'you would do the same things that he did.  All I have ever done is to tell you the truth I heard from God yet you are trying to kill me.  Abraham did…

Sinners Can Fool the World with Their External Piety But NEVER God

The problem today is that there are unsaved sinners who think they can fool the world with their "good guy/girl" appearance, pretending to be kindly and all.  It's just like the Pharisees who appeared to be model citizens and likewise there are also people who today may appear to be model citizens, donate huge amounts of money, show high degrees of piousness, talk much about morals and sweet talk people but in reality they are but a bunch of hypocrites with a lot of sin either behind or exposed.  As Jesus said in Matthew 7:16-20 that a good tree doesn't bear bad fruit nor a bad tree good fruit, grapes do not come from thorns or figs from thistles- that by the fruits they can be known.  So what kind of secret life can be revealed?  Now take a look at these examples:
1.) The dirty secret life of many works salvation preachers especially the conditional security crowd.  Conditional security and works salvation go hand in hand as one believes in the use of one's own…

Former Dominican Priest Richard Bennett Exposes More Sex Scandals of Rome

I would like to share this one from Richard Bennett, once a Dominican priest now a child of God. It hurts me though that a lot of Roman Catholics still continue to insist they belong to the "true church" that was "founded upon Peter".

Jesus warned in Matthew 7:20 that, "By their fruits ye shall know them." A good tree doesn't bear bad fruit, a bad tree doesn't bear good fruit- again the call to be born again. Listen to all these uncovered dirty secrets of the Vatican. Before you raise the question, "Hey aren't there pedophiles in your pulpit you (insert bad word) preacher?" My response is as simple as this, "Well I don't teach the pastors can forgive sins or are another Christ. If your men are so holy and can forgive sin or they are another Christ, why are they they raping the altar boys?" All the cover ups can't be denied either.
Here's some news about Jesuit sex scandal abuse revealed on secular media reveal…

Beware of Sinister Philanthropists!

It just sickened me a year ago or so when I head how a well-known habitually adulterous businessman after he had passed away from liver cancer in his 50s.  He was hailed as a "good man" because of his donations to various projects, squatter areas and so on- but behind closed doors he was a snob who looked down at his poorer cousins and frequently badmouthed them even if they did nothing wrong to him.  Another, I know a banker who is still hailed a "good man" despite the fact that some of his victims of his financial scams have already voiced out or that he's gotten into many scandals.  Somebody I know would frequently quote of morals and the Ten Commandments when he himself is sinfully living in with another man's wife and he is also married to his wife whom he badmouths and he frequently insults his son a lot to the point his son hates him.  
There are many others like tycoons of a much bigger position who despite their scandals, multiple divorces, pedoph…

Those Pharisees May Fool the World With Their Good Works but NEVER God

Take a look at the picture above.  It's a classic parable scenario where a wolf disguises itself as a sheep, to infiltrate the flock and DEVOUR it.  The sheep are there fooled by the obvious disguise.  Now moving on, there are some people who we think are good and kind, they are model citizens, model students, board topnotchers, open philantropists but there is a lot of dirty secrets behind them. 
In the days of Jesus there are the hypocrites that had during that time, before far a greater threat to Israel's welfare than the Roman occupation which they really were.  While Jesus didn't encourage a rebellion against the Roman government (but He will certainly topple the revived Roman Empire after the end of the Tribulation period) he really spoke a lot more about the Pharisees' ill doings than that of Herod's.  I even have the theory that they may have even permitted Herod II's live-in relationship with his sister-in-law Herodias or influenced the beheading of J…

Roman Baptholic?

It's pretty much sad to say that apostasy has even hit the Baptist parishes.  With a few pictures, I can show what I'd call the "Roman Baptholic" movement in an attempt to reconcile the Baptist faith with the Roman Catholic faith when they are both 100% irreconcilable because one teaches salvation by works, the other by faith alone in Jesus Christ.  As said, there is NO such thing as a born again Roman Catholic!  The Evangelicals and Catholics Together document is nothing more than a world of confusion.  You can go right ahead and accuse me of bigotry but the souls of many is at stake.  The demands for me to stop criticizing other people's religions and for me to show more "love" (at the worldly angle) but I love people more than enough to tell them that works salvation is a sham and that Jesus is the only Way to the Father!  In fact, what I am doing right now is not an attempt to divide the Body of Christ but rather to bring people to the truth.  I do…

The Poor Excuse of Roman Catholic Parishes to Keep Allowing Sinful Members to Attend Masses!

You can go ahead and call me names, accuse me of lying and making things up, go ahead badmouth me but I must tell this truth that needs to be revealed.  Having grown up in a Roman Catholic family that's been very religious, some people even pray the Rosary a lot, even pray the novenas during the evenings, I am sick and tired of hearing Roman Catholic logic.  I've been observing things and all I can say is, "Actions speak louder than words!"  As said, I am now a born again Christian by the grace of God, my life has been changed only by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-10, Titus 2:11-14), in the Roman Catholic institution there is really no real repentance.  What is the issue I want to raise?  I would really want to raise the issue that the Roman Catholic institution is really what Jesus calls in Matthew 23:3 as the Pharisees say and do not.  The Roman Catholic priests are in fact the Pharisees of today no doubt.  
The issue has to be this- why are the Roman Catholic p…

Christian Schools Should Teach the Scientific Evidence Against Evolution in Their Science Classs!

It's a major concern for Christian education if its students know science yet they do not know how to debunk the silly tall tale of evolution.  The most marred subject in science by God haters is none other than biology, vandalized, scandalized... and they could not accept Creationism because they want the alternative that would make them imagine the God they hate isn't there.  I just had a few thoughts that in the biology books, there are plenty facts yet when it comes to evolution, it's the garbage part.  If you are a Christian who  is a biology teacher in a Christian educational system, here's some creative tips for students so they can help debunk evolution:
1.) Share the works of Kent Hovind, G. Thomas Sharp, David N. Menton and Lee Strobel to name a few who are creation scientists.  
2.) Talk about scientists who believed in intelligent design.
3.) Show them the real truth of the Scopes Monkey Trial.  It's very important the truth comes out and tell them the…

Why I Don't Believe Obama is the Antichrist

Right now the concern of every Christian is to pray for the salvation of the lost, that includes Muslim leader, the Ayatollah Barack Hussein Obama.  There are some people who speculate that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist.  However here are my reasons to believe to why Barack Hussein Obama is not the Antichrist:
1.) Obama is American, not European.  Remember that the Antichrist comes from the revived Roman Empire, Obama is president of the United States, not the European Union.  The four major world empires are Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome and America is not part of that list.
2.) Obama is a married man.  Daniel 11:37 says that the Antichrist will not regard the desire of women.  He has a family- wife and two daughters.  True he is an antichrist by his policies like supporting homosexual couples and legalizing abortion but he is not the Antichrist.
All I can say now is that it is very important to keep praying fort he souls of the lost.  In fact, when Romans 10:13 says, &q…

The Confused Mind of the Ecumenical!

There's no doubt about it that the world of the ecumenical is very much confused.  I've remembered being told a lot of times that I shouldn't touch other people's religions and tell them they are wrong and that Jesus Christ is the only Way to the Father.  I've even had some assaults from some hyper liberal hippie who calls me a threat to the peace of humanity, others call me an Osama bin Laden wannabee for not tolerating religions that will definitely drag men into Hell for rejecting Christ, the list can go on and well go ahead.  Jesus already declared in John 14:6- "Jesus saith unto him, I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No man cometh to the Father EXCEPT through Me." and even the Roman Catholic Bible says, "Jesus answered unto him, I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No one goes to the Father EXCEPT by Me."  Same thought really and those liberals will shove the Bible to me saying I'm not being loving.  They are in fact shallow thi…

Should Christians Mind the Scoffers Against Them?

I pretty much get pissed off at scoffers, I've made a mistake entertaining them and then when I opened the Bible, I could remember what the Bible said about such people- they are to be expected! Paul wrote to Timothy saying in 2 Timothy 3:1-7 that such people are to be expected. These people are selfish, greedy, boastful, conceited, insulting, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unkind, merciless, false accusers, violent, fierce, hate the goodness, treacherous, reckless, arrogant, hedonistic and having practitioners of false religion. Surprised? Not a bit. It's already been prophesied long ago and now it's happening. And also Peter wrote in 2 Peter 3:3-5 of people who are willingly ignorant, they will continue to make fun of Christians a such people walk according to their own lusts. Noah could have minded everybody laughing at him when he made the boat but he did not.
I've experienced homosexuals who call me a hater to them, male chauvinists who call me a ho…

If Those Roman Catholic Apologists Can't Handle the Truth About Rome That's Leaked Out, They'll Claim They've Debunked It!

With Pope Benedict XVI filing for stepping down from the so-called Seat of St. Peter (which it isn't!), I just had my thoughts on another reason that many people can't handle the truth can they? Apparently Benedict XVI is using "health" as a reason while in reality, it looks like he can't handle the truth that the Roman Catholic institution is really suffering a faith crisis ever since they've begun to read their Bibles! I remembered after having a formal conversation with my cousin who is a Catholic faith defender on the Book of James which my stand was this- works are not needed for salvation but it is certainly needed to validate salvation, that salvation is by faith alone but not a faith that is not alone. Well after that, he ended up lying that he had debunked me even if he ceased the discussion because he can't handle the truth about Roman Catholicism that is being leaked out. Sadly so many will continue to be blinded by rage until it's too lat…

A Friendly Reminder to Students Taking Their Exams

The Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 5:16 "Redeeming the time because the days are evil." and Colossians 4:5 saying, "Walk with wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time."  The problem of most students these days is that they tend to procrastinate a lot or which is called the "mamaya na habit" which is putting what can be done for now for later.  Well there's a slogan worth putting up for display in our school hallways.  
To all the Christian schools reading this blog, be sure to post the notice in the bulletin board so we can help improve our students study habits and reduce failure rates as much as possible.  So students should begin to prepare for their final exams as they are fast approaching!  How true if you are not prepared for your exams, you are preparing to fail your exams.  God bless you all!

What God Starts Working with the Believer, He Will Certainly Finish It!

Philippians 1:6- "Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:"
As a person who adheres or holds on to the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints as well as unconditional election, I believe that God will certainly finish His work that He has started with the believer.  Looking at the illustration in John 15:1-8 about the Christians as the branches and the Father trims them, the fruitless branches can only represent people who were never saved to start with.  For a person who truly possesses eternal security, there is no way they will be idle because God does not only save, He also sanctifies the believer and every Christian is a sheep with a listening ear while those who can't even obey Christ are goats (John 10).  
John 6:37, Jesus promised that whosoever comes to Him, He shall no likewise cast out and I wonder what part of that verse the heretical Arminian crowd and their high-minde…

Real Men or Just Cowards?

I remembered how much an old woman who was my mentor and grandmother in the faith would talk about how she met her husband who was a pastor and the poor choices the other women made.  The other women chose men who were smokers, drinkers, brawlers and worse womanizers while she chose a decent husband.  All the others had stormy marriages and their husbands also died violent deaths but she had a healthy, loving relationship with her husband until the very end of his days.  He died peacefully while the others may sadly be burning in Hell now.  Today we've got the crooked mindset of the youth that they do a lot of bad stuff like heavy smoking, getting drunk, brawling (so that's why they join fraternities, are big bad bullies who pick on the weak and street fights!), they play around with women (and the women they choose aren't the decent types plus they have multiple divorces which leads to MUCH stress) or if they feel dateless on Valentine's Day they get some rent-a-whor…

"Be a Man... Biblically..." by Pastor Paul Washer

I am sick and tired of hearing those so-called "men" who smoke, drink heavy liquor, looking for fights, play around with women and do all sorts of vices who say men who don't do such stuff are faggots.  They can go right ahead and call me a faggot, they are but a bunch of insecure men who do such vile stuff in order to get the approval of the world that they are real men.  But what is a real man?  Pastor Paul Washer here discusses Biblical manhood.  Men are to be tough and gentle at the same time, staying away from vices and loving their wives, not cheating on them.  Please here this wonderful message and God bless you all!

Ray Comfort's 180 Video for All Who Got Pregnant Last February 14, 2013

It's a few days after Valentine's Day and I am pretty much sure that some girls may have gotten pregnant out of wedlock.  To all the women right now who have just figured out they are pregnant out of wedlock, please watch this video produced by Pastor Ray Comfort and find out how wrong abortion is.  If you have had an abortion before, then repent of it and warn others not to make the same mistake you've made.

Male Chauvinists and Their "Fag Labeling" Game on Christians

If the homosexuals are not the only problem I have in facing persecution calling me a hateful liar against their kind or accusing me of not being loving to them, another of my many haters are the male chauvinists crowd.  The reason has to be because I am an advocate of gender balance- while wives must submit to their husbands which I am against feminism, I also believe that husbands must also love their wives in Ephesians 5:25 and Colossians 3:19.  What is really worse is that many of these male chauvinist pigs tend to be womanizers, drunkards, brawlers, quarrelsome, bullies and have a lot more vices... some have the worst dress codes to show how much degenerate they are.  They have this "fag labeling game" to people who do not conform to their sinful standards.  I remembered after I became a Christian, some of my former friends called me a homosexual, some of them even dared to accuse me that I wear women's clothing and I apply make-up for these reasons- because I refu…