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The Poor Excuse of Roman Catholic Parishes to Keep Allowing Sinful Members to Attend Masses!

You can go ahead and call me names, accuse me of lying and making things up, go ahead badmouth me but I must tell this truth that needs to be revealed.  Having grown up in a Roman Catholic family that's been very religious, some people even pray the Rosary a lot, even pray the novenas during the evenings, I am sick and tired of hearing Roman Catholic logic.  I've been observing things and all I can say is, "Actions speak louder than words!"  As said, I am now a born again Christian by the grace of God, my life has been changed only by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-10, Titus 2:11-14), in the Roman Catholic institution there is really no real repentance.  What is the issue I want to raise?  I would really want to raise the issue that the Roman Catholic institution is really what Jesus calls in Matthew 23:3 as the Pharisees say and do not.  The Roman Catholic priests are in fact the Pharisees of today no doubt.  

The issue has to be this- why are the Roman Catholic parishes still allowing people who are living in what they call as "mortal sins" as adulterers, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, drunkards and the list can go on to still attend the masses.  Just talk about it how so many people hate the fact I criticized them for their sinful lifestyles and their fellow Roman Catholics knowingly or unknowingly condoning to such sins.  While the average Roman Catholic who is trying their best to live a pure life may question such incidents, I don't.  My answer may offend but the truth offends as much as it can't uplift the mood but I'd rather be bombarded by harsh truths than to be doped by a well-written lie to lift my spirits.  A good example would be like a Baptist preacher would be asking a Roman Catholic choir to why they would still allow a man they are are 100% aware of the fact that he is a habitual womanizer, a porn addict, he badmouths his wife a lot, he is fond of dirty language and worse, his womanizing has led him to an adulterous live-in relationship with another man's wife whose husband died out of stress because of her.  Their answer?  After a deep thought, these group of friends gave me this for an answer, "Well as you see, we are hoping if he keeps attending Mass, if he keeps singing in the choir he and his mistress will repent."  That answer is just plain stupid.  Worse comes to worst, some parishioners dared to even say, "Well there's some good in them, look how prayerful they are and how much money they give per week.  Thanks to them, we are able to install the new airconditioner!"  All I can say is I feel sorry for such people at the same time irritated at such poor reasoning and not to mention the love for money which is NO SURPRISE since the Roman Catholic institution is governed by paying ridiculous prices for very long Masses that just don't seem to end!  If they read 1 Corinthians 5, wayward members are supposedly put aside to avoid contamination in the Church.  But since they are not part of the Church, they don't really follow those rules.

By allowing the person to keep attending Mass and they are living a dirty life, in effect it is allowing them to say, "It's okay, just go to Confession, pay for an indulgence and it'll be okay to take communion and attend Mass!"  Folks that is not genuine repentance because true repentance of sin produces results, not repeated sinful patterns!  Such actions will make the person sin more and more, besides God's grace is very much absent in ritualism, as said man needs to be born again, it's a start over never an add on!  According to the history of Christianity, when Martin Luther went to the Vatican and realized not only how insulting the indulgences were to the free gift of salvation but also just how sinful the insides were.  The more Martin Luther got into his religion, the more he found out just how horrid Roman Catholicism is by its actions.  While the priests spoke of holiness and themselves as holy and sinless, like the Pharisees they were breaking their own rules.  During Mass, priests even told indecent jokes to each other like toilet jokes and sex jokes.  In an event in the Vatican, Martin Luther even described how a drunken orgy happened in a dinner among priests and cardinals.  Eventually Martin Luther exposed the histories of the Popes and just how much of successors of Caiaphas they were!  Jesus warned in Matthew 7:16 that by their fruits, they shall be known and I've revealed a good portion.  Jesus was definitely not a bit wrong to call the Pharisees as hypocrites who devoured widows' houses and for a pretentious act make long prayers, were careful about rituals but never the laws of mercy, clean on the outside but dirty on the inside and while looking righteous were full of hypocrisy and iniquity!  So it's no surprise really that the priests are really having such a sinful private life and they could really condone to the sinfulness of their members as long as they make good money out of them.  While the average Roman Catholics could afford to criticize the Pharisees, they fail to see the parallelism between their religious leaders and the religious leaders of Jesus' day.  All I can say is that Isaiah 64:6 is right, the righteousness of man are but filthy rags- so much for teaching works salvation.  Ye must be born again!

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