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Why I Oppose the Baptist Bride Heresy

There is the heresy that has been propagated by some Baptist groups namely some Independent Baptists and Anabaptists who were "extremely radical Baptists". I would admit some of the greatest theologians of the past were Baptists like Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards or the translator William Tyndale was a Baptist. Today I enjoy Baptist preachers like David W. Cloud, Paul Washer, Ray Comfort and John F. MacArthur. The problem has been the Baptist Bride theology which some of the greatest preachers against sin were actually guilty of that theology. Sad but true but some of the preachers who I've enjoyed hearing are sadly Baptist Bride theology. It would mean discrediting the fundamentalist Scripture alone Protestants like John Knox, D. James Kennedy, Harry Allen Ironside, Billy Sunday and Vernon McGee out of the Bride. I might be a Christian in a Baptist group but I really reject the whole Baptist Bride theology because it really fails to accept non-Baptist Christians. 

Are Some Roman Catholics Now Saying "Priests are Only Human" to Stay In Their Institution?

Like it or not, I have to accept the fact that even after the Vatican's schemes are exposed, everybody just decided to dismiss the whole thing especially Roman Catholics who stubbornly want to stay in Babylon Religion say to me, "Well they're just human. Many pastors are also sexually immoral. Don't tell me there aren't any sexually immoral people in your church?!" Excuse me should I point out that most pastors who are sexually immoral are in league with the Roman Catholic institution and having pictorials with the Roman Catholic Pharisees? Many of those pastors in the Evangelicals and Catholics Together movement were one way or another, explicitly sexually immoral? Some of the most sexually immoral pastors who not only live in so much riches are actually in league with the Vatican?

I can mention that Jim Bakker and Jimmy Schwagart though criticized by some Roman Catholic apologists as proof of the "non-credibility" of the Evangelical movement were…

Do We Keep Forgetting the Other Persons Involved in the Act of Sexual Immorality?

I was thinking of several times I have criticized several people for their unbelievably sexually immoral lives without considering the other party.  Women can criticize men for philandering but fail to see the fact that the woman was also involved and vice versa.  As said in a dance, it takes two to tango and for a party, it takes more than two.  One might want to take this into consideration- in the Bible you might read the fact that in Leviticus 20, you just don't stone the man or the woman alone, you stone EVERYBODY guilty of the offense and for one, you just don't blame one person the other who consents is just as guilty both the adulterer and the adulteress, both parties consenting to the incest, homosexuality or the orgy and so on.  In rape, only the rapist gets convicted but this is the issue where both parties consented to each other.  So far, it's sick that while licentious women are being criticized of their faults, we fail to see the man is also involved.  
In …

Pork Barrel in the Philippines: It's Time to Abolish It!

Well here's something I learned about the pork barrel. It turned out to be that some members of the Roman Catholic clergy benefited immensely from the pork barrel- talk about Roman Catholic morality and so much for teaching works salvation, what hypocrites! Pretty much, the pig priest above is a caricature I'd like to use against the greedy Pharisees that control the Philippines with their blind leading the blind and devouring widows' houses which is also what the pork barrel is doing to the Filipino people. Moving on, the pork barrel is defined as the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district. What is known is that Filipino legislators are allocated large sums of the annual national budget (200 million pesos for each senator and 70 million for each representative) in a program called Priority Development Assistance Fund better renamed as Poverty and Degeneration Assistance Fund…

It's Quite Hard to Believe the Gospel of Christ, Isn't It?

I remembered reading the book "Hard to Believe" the latest edition by Pastor John F. Macarthur after the erroneously edited first edition was thrown out. In contrast to the "easy-easy" message that many are so used today that goes like, "Well you can have a relationship with Christ, just repeat after me..." evangelism, we ought to realize that the Gospel is pretty hard to believe. Am I teaching works salvation here? No but rather I am addressing the fact that it can be hard to believe the Gospel truth. There is no room for a soft and easy message, the hard facts must be gotten straight. Allow me to show you why it can be hard to believe in contrast to the modern heresy of easy believism which makes it "too easy" without telling people why they need to get saved which only results to a false conversion. You might be claiming to be an easy believist but when you read this, you might find out you're just a so-called opponent of Lordship salvat…

When Pastors Turn Into Bullies Instead of Shepherds

Anger is natural part of man, God gets angry too. The issue however is this in Ephesians 4:26 that if you are angry, do not sin and do not let the sun go down, be reasonable. Being angry in itself is not a sin, even Jesus got angry with the Pharisees for their lousy application of the Law and rebuked them but He did not bully them into submission. However it becomes an issue when pastors suddenly become ill-tempered, belligerent and mean which is in contrast to James 1:19 instructing pastors to be slow to anger rather than let their temper get the best of them. While every shepherd must learn to throw rocks at wolves, however they are not to throw rocks at their own sheep! So I was thinking how can pastors become bullies?
Here's a few examples of how pastors can turn into bullies instead of shepherds:
1.) Pastors who frequently attend debates with other religions can get very unprofessional. 
That was my problem with some IFB pastors who instead of focusing on soulwinning would …

John MacArthur on the Consequences of Non-Expositional Preaching

Although I may be a King James only-ist like to this very day and he isn't but I thought this lecture on "The Consequences of Non-Expositional Preaching" should straighten things up.  Here John Macarthur discusses the very consequences we need to be aware of what happens when preachers refuse to do non-expositional preaching.  Enjoy!

True Faith in Christ Results to Works

There was always the stand of the Baptist and the Reformers saying, "We are saved by faith alone but definitely not by a faith that is alone."  It's a modern heresy that is creeping in the churches today that one can have faith without works, one can be a Christian and not bear fruit.  One critic even called books like "The Gospel According to Jesus" by John Macarthur and "Revival's Golden Key" by Ray Comfort to be skeleton keys for revival, not golden keys.  But I have read both books myself and I find them to be really important for revival.  The videos like "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True and False Conversion" by Ray Comfort reveal the true faith from the false, those who have eternal security are different from those who don't by their actions.  
Being a Christian there is a high cost yet an infinite value.  Salvation is free in the sense man cannot buy it and it is free, all by faith in God yet it is costly be…

Pope John Paul II Scheduled for Canonization

It's no surprise that John Paul II is scheduled for canonization this October 20, 2013. But I for one have not bought that Day of Pardon Mass when Pope John Paul II supposedly "apologized" for all the atrocities Roman Catholicism has done which many Roman Catholics tell me times have changed and he should become a saint soon.
In the first place, it's very stupid to apologize in behalf of his dead predecessors because everybody is accountable for their own actions. Pope John Paul II I remembered was considered that he should be canonized a saint. Even some Roman Catholics have foolishly said, "The Dear Lord will make John Paul II a saint this October 20 this year." As a former Roman Catholic turned born again Christian I consider the phrase to be very foolish considering that every Roman Catholic canonization is never a decision of God, it's a votation by the Council of Trent to who gets to become a saint. In the Bible, every true Christian is a saint no…

My Changed View on Pastor Paul David Washer - Is He Teaching a Washed Up Gospel or Not?

Another preacher which I have wrongfully attacked within the Body of Christ for some time is Pastor Paul David Washer another Baptist preacher since I spent too much time reading on a website that was taken down perhaps due to the owner's irresponsibility or the allegations made against him were really real thus proving he might be a fraud as many claimed him to be (plus that website was too focused on conspiracy theories anyway). So at first, he does "sound legalistic" but it was only because things were taken out of context.
For one, he is also one of my good friend Pastor/Attorney Zigfred M. Diaz's favorite preachers aside from Pastor John F. Macarthur and Pastor Ray Comfort. In truth, we are really starting to suffer from so much Gospel ignorance resulting to false conversions. It's hard to find a preacher like him who shows much emotion for the lost and stress a point against watered down preaching. Now here's really what I thought about him after I ha…

Some TERRIBLE Facts About Sex Change Homosexuals Need to Know

All I can say is that God's judgment on sin comes in many ways.  Now from a secular website called "The Guardian" from the United Kingdom, the article "Sex Changes are Not Effective, Says Researchers" presents results of what I do not find surprising.  Man tries to play God only to become a fool as Romans 1:21-22 calls all these who profess to be wise to be fools.  Now for the cold hard facts from the same article summarized though warning, some people here try to justify this abomination: The review of MORE THAN 100 international medical studies of POST-OPERATIVE TRANSSEXUALS by the University of Birminghan's aggressive research found no robust evidence that gender reassignment is clinically effective.Chris Hyde also mentioned that there are a large number of people who after undergoing sex change become traumatized often leading to suicide.Most of the medical research on gender reassignment was poorly designed which skewed the results to suggest that sex …

Some Marks of False Preachers

Well not all of them have to be present but here are some I've seen whether these false preachers be pro-Catholic or anti-Catholic. Preachers like Paul Washer and John MacArthur are in the same boat with me whenever I want to emphasize that false preachers will pay. Here are the common marks to look out for:
1.) Teaching works salvation.
Yup this is true. I have noticed that you can get seriously crazy with this one. Many pastors who teach works salvation are hypocritical at best, liars who get itchy whenever they are being attacked. Many of them teach the heresy of conditional security. One, eternal security or better yet known as the PERSEVERANCE of the saints does not teach the Christian can live any way they want. The works salvation group puts the cart before the horse, denies the preserving power of Christ that allows the saints to persevere to the very end and wishes to take credit for salvation. It's a very self-centered Gospel of "Me, myself and I." or fro…

After How Many Masses, What Time is It?

It's really disturbing how one after the other, I read the newspaper and read another obituary for somebody. Persons have been dead for quite some time and faithful Roman Catholics are putting there having several Roman Catholic parishes for several masses.  Persons have been dead for many years or the ridiculous 92 years Mass.  I even remembered reading some Roman Catholic publications that even say it may take a hundred years of Masses from loved ones and descendants.  However there is one huge fact we must think about- in the Scripture there is ONLY one place where people pay for their sins by burning.  Is it Purgatory according to Roman Catholics?  Not it's only HELL.  Even with their appeal on the Apocrypha namely the Maccabees, Judas Maccabees was seen praying for the dead but no instance of them burning for their sins to pay for it until they are reached into the glory of Heaven.  It gets ridiculous to why people just are so blinded (and paying a lot of money for Masse…

Paul Washer's Reminder that the Church is One

Well whether we are Baptist Christians or non-Baptist Christians like Evangelicals and Presbyterians, we ought to realize this one fact, "The Church is one."  Here Pastor Paul David Washer mentions the truth that the Church is one and that all Christians are truly united in the truth that is in Christ.  The Church is one not because of an earthly head but because its Head is the Lord Jesus Christ.  
It's like when somebody in one Baptist church needed an operation from a heart aneurysm, they got help from several Christian churches to pay for the person's operation.  The person was converted to Biblical Christianity but sadly the father died unsaved.  Local pastors got from the tithes and offerings to help.  That's why I believe in the importance of tithes and offerings although I'm also in for sensible giving.  I just admire this sermon so much because this is how preachers should be these days.

Is Reporting An Offender of Yours to Authority Revenge?

This is one tricky question because Christians are taught not to take revenge, however looking at the situation this is definitely not revenge. Revenge is basically described as, "To avenge one's self usually by retaliating in kind or degree." It is God who will do revenge, not us. However we have to realize that despite the fact that the Bible in both Old Testament and New Testament forbids revenge, however handing over an offender to authority is not only a right but a duty and the books of Leviticus, Numbers of Deuteronomy has made that very clear like handing over a murderer to the authorities. The Bible is clear that crime must not prevail and justice be upheld. Remember the parable of the unjust judge? Jesus was also stressing the point that if we are wronged while we are not to seek revenge but we can definitely seek the help of authorities.
Now let's just say a woman has caught her husband with another woman. If the woman decides to chase after her husband, …

The Problem of Seeker Sensitive Preaching

There is the problem of the seeker sensitive preacher.  How does that happen?  Got Questions defines seeker sensitive as, "Basically, the seeker-sensitive church tries to reach out to the unsaved person by making the church experience as comfortable, inviting, and non-threatening to him as possible. The hope is that the person will believe in the gospel. The idea behind the concept is to get as many unsaved people through the door as possible, and the church leadership are willing to use nearly any means to accomplish that goal. Theatrics and musical entertainment are the norm in the church service to keep the unsaved person from getting bored as he does with traditional churches. State-of-the-art technology in lighting and sound are common components of the seeker-sensitive churches, especially the larger ones."  I've seen how a Baptist parish I once wanted to attend fellowship with had fallen apart aside from elder-led, trustee-led leadership (deacon-led) has ended up…

Beware of Being "Politically Correct" Over Being Scripturally Correct

There is the statement that says, "What is legal is not necessarily ethical."  The Bible had MANY instances of that when you read the Bible.  Several times we read these politically correct incidents that were NOT biblically correct.  So let's take shall we? In Exodus 1-12, we read the 400 years slavery of Israel under the Egyptian rule.  It was perfectly legal in Egypt but God was not going to tolerate that!  In fact, the Pharaoh of the Exodus was trying to keep himself "politically correct" but he ended up drowning in the Red Sea for fighting God.In Exodus 32, the golden calf was politically correct but God was so angry He wanted to wipe them all out.  Moses went nuts realizing how much camp cleaning had to be done. In Numbers 16, despite the numbers that Korah, Dathan and Abiram had, God punished those who rebelled against Him by throwing them into Hell ALIVE.  Korah's sons sided with the side of God because they chose to be biblically correct.In Judges,…

Eisegesis and Its Stupid Results

As said, it's very important to do exegetic pretty NOT eisegetic preaching.  The method that Charles Spurgeon used was verse by verse preaching.  Hearing Pastor John F. Macarthur's "Bad Hermeneutics" message, I had my thought on how stupid eisegesis is.  Now for the record, here's the definitions we have to clarify: Exegesis- Exposition of the text based on CAREFUL analysis with grammar, CONTEXT and setting.Eisegesis- This is where the user takes things OUT OF CONTEXT where one is only concerned about making a point, even at the expense of the meaning of words and use of one's imagination.
If I did my analysis in a very exegetic way, I would really go and find if NOTHING contradicts my interpretation.  I go verse by verse, cover to cover with the Bible.  What makes preachers like John MacArthur credible is with the fact how they go verse by verse.  Atty. Zigfred Diaz's liking of MacArthur's methodology of preaching is simple- it goes VERSE BY VERSE so…

Does 1 Corinthians 7:32-35 Justify Priestly Celibacy?

After a couple of ongoing readings of Roman Catholic apologetic writings and their styles, it's plain EISEGESIS not EXEGESIS.  Compared to Charles Haddon Spurgeon's meticulous exegetical works, these Roman Catholic apologists have tried to justify 1 Corinthians 7:32-35 to justify priestly celibacy.  What they don't realize is that celibacy is NOT enforced but an option.  Perhaps Paul married sooner or later, but what we realize is that Paul later in his letters wrote these things that actually debunked the idea of priestly celibacy which I will write from the Roman Catholic Good News Version even if I am a King James only-ist:
1 Timothy 3:1-5 says, "This is a true saying, if a man is eager to be a church leader, he desires an excellent work.  A church leader must be without fault; he must have only one wife, be sober, self-controlled and orderly; he must welcome strangers in his home; he must be able to teach; he must not be a drunkard or a violent man, but gentle an…

Do People Who Pray for the Eternal Repose of the Dead REALIZE Salvation is Intensely Personal?

I remembered while I was still a Roman Catholic I remembered asking a question like, "What about prayers for the dead?  Why do we have to need in numbers?"  I would be answered because the more people are praying for the soul of a certain person, the more chances they will enter Heaven and it's done year after year AFTER YEAR which really they say, "Well the soul of the person is suffering so we need more prayers so the person can enter Heaven." and it usually goes on and on.  Seldom some Roman Catholic apologists deny that anybody in Purgatory can go to Hell while others do.  So what's it going to be?  Now it's time to realize that people who are praying for the eternal repose of the souls of the departed are actually ignoring the very basic fact of salvation- salvation is INTENSELY PERSONAL.  Nobody gets saved because another gets saved.  No, it's obvious.  If you read the Bible you'll realize how salvation is individual, never because one is…