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Fred Phelps Died at 84, Sad to Say

It just makes me sad whenever a person does without the Lord Jesus Christ and it looks like Fred Phelps has made the list.  I just read from CNN that this pseudo-Baptist, Fred Phelps had just died from his failing health due to old age.  Self-righteous, spiteful, hating everyone... these aren't really the signs of being truly saved because the Holy Spirit's fruits are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, meekness and temperance and apparently he displays none of them.  As much as Christians are supposed to hate sin but they are not supposed to be self-righteous.  Unfortunately Fred Phelps' warped, destructive theology may just be signs that he was never saved and could be burning in Hell right now.

Christian Charity Projects Should Be Careful NOT To Promote Mendicancy

It's a frequent misconception that giving to beggars must be a good thing but it's not always.  Some beg because they are handicapped but others beg because they are lazy fellows.  So while I am not against feeding programs or helping the poor who have less in life, one must however realize that sometimes Christians may end up taking charity at the wrong direction.  That is instead of teaching the less fortunate to fish, they are always giving them fish which in turn, creates a mendicancy cycle or parasitism rather than mutualism.  Charity is love in action and love doesn't rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth and promoting mendicancy is no act of love but rather indulgence.
If Christians become "too charitable" it's no longer charity but mendicancy which is to make beggars depend on begging from others instead of depending on work to survive.  Why is it not allowable?  One may want to check out on Proverbs.  Proverbs 6:6-9, 10:26, 12:24-27, 13:4, 1…

Listen to this Video of Paul Washer on True Conversion

Well here's an open letter for all who profess to be Christians but live very sinfully.  I just hope that this video will bring conviction to false converts to repent of their sins and trust Christ alone for salvation.  You can always repent of your sins without repenting of your unbelief but you can never repent of your unbelief without repenting of your sins.

Using David's Daughter Tamar to Defend Ash Wednesday?

It's no surprise at all to me that Roman Catholic apologists say a lot of illogical stuff.  After all, they are simply cherry picking mostly from Scriptures.  Some have decided to use 2 Samuel 13's scandalous incest story between a half-brother and a half-sister where Amnon the firstborn of David tried to rape Tamar. One question was when we read of Tamar, again the Ash Wednesday argument still falls flat for this reason- can they really justify it?  To be honest this "Kuya Adviser" guy is really very good in taking things out of context as much as his most infamous opponents the ADD and the INC.
If we read it, Tamar mourned because she was harassed by her half-brother Amnon who developed an incestuous desire over her, she even tore part of her garment.  She did not form a cross on her forehead, she laid the ashes on her head out of mourning for what her half-brother Amnon did to her.  It was not a sign of mourning for sin either.  Just remember, Ahab also did the s…

Why Calvinist Christians Should Still Embrace Non-Calvinist Christians

Calvinist or not, the fact is it's important to preach the Gospel right. What I am pretty much against is Hyper-Calvinism which is utter heresy and destroys missions. I would want to believe some people were actually chosen for salvation. Some of the best preachers in the past were Calvinists like Charles H. Spurgeon. Other Calvinist expositors in the present are Pastor John F. MacArthur and Pastor Paul David Washer to name a few.
So why do I still embrace non-Calvinist Christians? Simple- as long as they are truly converted, they are already my brothers and sisters in Christ. When they show they are truly saved like blossoming in good works while still keeping in mind they are only saved by grace through faith, they are my brethren. Pastor John F. MacArthur still honored Presbyterian minister the late Vernon McGee and Billy Sunday who weren't Calvinists either.
Here's some words from David Cloud who I know is not a Calvinist but definitely still a brother in Christ take…

Pastor Paul Washer Against Decisionism!

Today we have the type of preaching, "Who wants to get saved?"  I have nothing against people being called on that but what kind of message are pastors preaching?  In fact, we get only, "1-2-3 evangelism" then "poof they're saved" or are they saved?  After thinking about it, no broken tears, no repentance how can such a faith be authentic?  No it isn't!  In fact, unless people see their sin, unless people see they are worthless, trash, etc. and that they need God's Son, Jesus they don't get real salvation.  Sometimes it takes even years for a person to get saved because of the hardness of their hearts, not because salvation needs works.  In fact, nobody should compromise the Gospel in exchange for having more members.  I've covered some on Ray Comfort's "True and False Conversion" now it's a time to expose why decisionism has caused falling away today and revealing false conversions left and right.  Take time to list…

A Call to Boycotting Apostate Baptist Unions!

One of the reasons why I am for organizational independence in the Local New Testament churches is because, one no man can Earth can be an earthly head of it.  Rather, the unity of Christians is spiritual and not physical.  That is the only central government the Church has is Heaven and the only Head is Christ Jesus Himself not the Pope, not the Mormon mission president, not the Watchtower President, only Jesus Himself is the Head of the Church.  That is how apostolic succession happens, continuing the missionary work and not by the so-called Seat of Peter.  Now I'd like to really talk about the apostate Baptist unions and sad to say, some of them were linked to preachers who I used to admire.  
So here Pastor David Cloud a Baptist (despite his non-Calvinistic view and I don't really think I'm a real Calvinist but he has embraced Calvinist Christians as brothers in Christ even if he's a strong KJV only like I am though thank God he is not a Baptist Brider) has actual…