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The Sham That is Purgatory!!!!

Hebrews 9:27- "For as it appointed unto man once to die BUT AFTER THIS THE JUDGMENT!"
One of the biggest issues that Martin Luther had attacked on the day that was All Hallow's Eve was the attack on the sales of indulgences. The sales of indulgences was woefully the gold mine of Roman Catholicism which after October 31 came November 1 or "All Saint's Day" and November 2 which is "All Soul's Day". What better day would I raise this sermon... on the day when Martin Luther slammed the fact that the indulgences were a sham and when he declared the Biblical truth that salvation is not for sale. Pope Leo X was no successor of Peter but of Caiaphas. And why is he a successor of Caiaphas? Certainly one may think of the blasphemy of the Apocrypha which is not Scripture. The Book of Maccabees that heretical book of great historical inaccuracy was used to justify the praying for the dead.
Now why is Purgatory a sham? Let me open up this topic called Pur…

Rubbish by Charles H. Spurgeon

A Sermon by C. H. SPURGEON
"There is much rubbish..." - Nehemiah 4:10 - Excerpted from MTP Vol 20 Year 1874, pgs. 74-77, 79-84
The great work comprised in the building up of the church... Now, this enterprise is the work of God. He alone can build the church. "When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory," and we may build as we may, but "except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it." Still, our full and firm conviction that it is God's working does not at all interfere with the grand truth that he employs agents for the building up of his church in the world; that, in fact he has commissioned us, his chosen servants, and and sent us into the world, each one according to our ability and opportunity, to labour for him. We work because God works by us. We are hindered, however, in this service by the fact that there is much rubbish in the way. It always was so.
When Paul began to build for God, and the apostles …

Excerpts of Charles Spurgeon's Sermon "Roman Catholicism"

Ask of me, and I shall give thee." [Psalms 2:8-9] Christ's Universal Kingdom, and How It Cometh
The power and grace of God will be conspicuously seen in the subjugation of this world to Christ: every heart shall know that it was wrought be the power of God in answer to the prayer of Christ and his church. I believe, brethren, that the length of time spent in the accomplishment of the divine plan has much of it been occupied with getting rid of those many forms of human power which have intruded into the place of the Spirit.
If you and I had been about in our Lord's day, and could have had everything managed to our hand, we should have converted Caesar straight away by argument or by oratory; we should then have converted all his legions by every means within our reach; and, I warrant you, with Caesar and his legions at our back we would have Christianised the world in no time: would we not? Yes, but that is not God's way at all, nor the right and effectual way to set…

Reflecting on the Tower Experience of Martin Luther

Considering October 31 is also Reformation Day and therefore a Christian day, Satan will always try his best to counter it with Halloween. So aside from soulwinning witches and warlocks to fight the occult, giving Gospel tracts to trick or treaters... here's another thing worth thinking about during Halloween. This was the Tower Experience of Martin Luther.
What launched the Reformation was because Martin Luther read the Bible in further detail. Reflecting on it, I was only reading the Good News Bible as a Roman Catholic. I opened up to finally figure out, "How much good do I need to be saved?" Then the more I opened the Bible back then, the more I hated it because it really attacked my very character as a sinner. After I got saved because I realized salvation was by faith alone in Christ, I saw myself as a hopeless sinner and I wanted to be free of sin... I turned to Him.
Martin Luther was at the Tower of the Black Cloister where he meditated upon the perfect righteou…

The Time of Harvest is Coming! Be Ready to Meet God!

Revelation 14:14-20 says, "And I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of Man, having on His hand a golden crown and on His hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came out of the Temple crying with a loud voice to Him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle and reap; for the harvest of the Earth is ripe. And He that sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle and the Earth was reaped. And another angel came out of hte Temple which is in Heaven, he also having a sharp sickle. And another angel came out from the altar which had power over fire and cried with a loud cry to Him that had the sharp sickle saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the vine of the Earth for her grapes are fully ripe. And the angel thrust in his sickle into the Earth and gathered the vine of the Earth and cast it into the great winepress of the Wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of hte winepress, even u…

False Prophets Will EXPOSE Themselves!

I remembered the time I would diligently research on false prophets, their names, doctrines, etc. to expose them.  What I discovered more often times than not is that their heresies are almost very common to each other.  Like how many preachers do you have teaching Arminianism?  A LOT!  How many preachers do you have teaching salvation by works?  A LOT!  How many of them are ecumenicals?  A LOT!  And to be honest, there's a lot of false prophets out there that I don't really have all the time in the world to research about them.  But as said, do not focus on persons, focus on the heresies.  If I attack heresies, it will automatically refute the heretic.  I don't have to keep mentioning their names, they are already mentioning themselves.
Now how do false prophets expose themselves?  Here are ways that I found out that false prophets will expose themselves:
1.) They strive to be recognized to be great among men.  
It is a huge contrast to the prophet of God.  Matthew 13:57,…

The Atheist's Moral Problem Towards God's Holiness

Atheists have their moral problem against God. Man in himself has been described as a fallen creature which Romans 3:10-19 describes the whole guilt of man. St. Paul had written one message that sinners hate to hear and many seek to scorn. Take for example the atheist who laughs at the Bible as a book of fables yet uses it to prove why he or she has a hatred for God, takes Scriptures out to context to further justify their hatred for God. Many people today are prone to believing the heresy of the natural goodness man over the Scriptural truth of the total depravity of man. Total depravity as viewed is that fallen humanity is so deep in sin, it needs the Savior to save them from sin. Psalm 14 describes the fool, the one who says there is no God. When David looked upon humanity, he had simply described it as fallen.
The idea of teaching man is basically good is one of the worst lies Satan has invented. For the fallen person, nothing is wrong with him/her. They say, "Well just do g…

The Problem of Hyper-Historicism and Hyper-Reformed Theology in Studying Prophecy

Historicism in Christianity is defined as a method of interpretation of Christian eschatology which associates the prophecies of the Bible with actual historical events, viewing them as that prophecy is happening progressively and continuously.  Now everything in history is part of fulfilling prophecy like the destruction of Babylon, the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the restoration of Israel in 1948, Iraq's downfall after 70 years of being founded... I do not doubt that history and current events are one way or another important in proving the authenticity of the Bible's prophecies.  However the problem can lie with a heresy I call "hyper-historicism" which was sadly, some Reformers stuck with that heretical view.  Although Protestant leaders like Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and Knox were right about certain issues, however they are also credited for some errors as these are fallible men.  Early Protestantism carried over the heresy of Mary never had any other c…

Islamic Terorism is Consistent with the Koran!

Here's a picture that proves that ISIS is not just a mistake of Islam, it is in fact operating according to Islam!  Whether it was Al Qaida, ISIS, MILF and the current threat called ISIS, you can really see how Islam is working based on what I have observed:
1.) Raping of girls.  Islamic terrorists are known for violating women.  When I was still a Roman Catholic, I remembered how some nuns that were kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf were raped.  I also read of how often women even become concubines to Abu Sayyaf against their will.  Most Muslim terrorists also prefer younger girls... and some even rape girls below 13.  After all did not Muhammad have a mistress who was only nine years old while he was fifty years old?!
2.) Enslave for sex and work.  The Sarah Balabagan incident is one picture, another is when any domestic helper in the Middle East becomes the next victim of Islamic rape.  For them to resist their masters, it's equivalent to a punishment either by scourging or wors…

Radical Atheists' Actions Speak Louder than Words!!!!!!

As said, tolerance and intolerance are values that everybody must learn and not to become vices to tolerate.  Christians are taught by God's grace to be tolerant towards what is good and to be intolerant to what is evil.  For example, I am tolerant towards homosexuals by not bullying them and there but I am not tolerant towards same sex marriage and their sinful activities.  Sadly, the world refuses to see it that way and as Jesus said, "The world loves its own."  I am not surprised to what is going on and I won't be surprised if the Rapture hits and I'd be gone anytime, my assets will go away and so on.
Atheists have accused of Christians of being cruel, intolerant, narrow-minded bigot but wait, let's take a look at the truth of history and current events to show how atheists are intolerant in a bad way!
You may take a look at this picture above.  For them, there's always them saying, "Christians are intolerant with their views against homosexualit…

The Solution Against Witchcraft This Halloween is Soulwinning, NOT Witch Hunting

One of the stupidest things that might happen is to utterly misquote Exodus 22:18 which says, "Suffer not a witch to live." to justify any witch-hunting session. It would be crazy to imagine what if a local Baptist parish has the pastor preach a sermon that declares all witches must be killed. Just imagine what it would be if we have a Baptist parish who preaches a sermon, perhaps very out of context, out of Exodus 22:18 and every verse that goes against witchcraft, to justify the practice. What might e worse (hopefully not) is when this assembly will go witch-hunting in Siquijor instead of soulwinning the lost. Maybe it might even be something to hold a special evening service on Halloween (which happened to be also the day of the Reformation's beginning)... to have a special witch burning session. The pastor preaches, he condemns the witches, he reads verses against them and then the parishioners get their torches, burn the witches and the pastor says, "God has b…

The Solution Against ISIS' Islamic Terrorism is Evangelism, Not Extermination!

It really amazes me how many people think that Islamic terrorists can only be destroyed by bullets and missiles.  If you all remember the late Osama bin Ladin, he was shot but did it destroy Al Qaida? Al Qaida may have lost power but years later, ISIS was born as an even more dangerous organization for Islamic terrorists which I'm not surprised.  Jesus warned in Matthew 7:45 that one demon gets out, seven more arrive and the world is now under the threat of ISIS.  Will trying to obliterate ISIS help the problem?  The answer is no.  Kill more ISIS members, the more demons will find new hosts and as said, Satan will always have a back-up plan until the day God throws him into the Lake of Fire.
Knowing that Eid El Adha or the Islamic feast of sacrifice is approaching, all I can say is evangelism for Muslims is what is needed.  Ephesians 6:12 says, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this w…