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Todd Friel Discusses Perseverance of the Saints

Here's Todd Friel, host of Wretched.  Todd Friel had been a host for Ray Comfort's program.  Now let's enjoy all these videos!
First, listen to this video as Todd Friel discusses eternal security.  He features what differentiates those who are saved vs. those who aren't saved.  There's a huge difference between the saint and the ain't.  A true Christian will indeed endure to the end and do good works BY GOD'S GRACE!
Second, Todd Friel also features false conversion.  Many people claim to be Christians but their lifestyle proves otherwise.  True and false conversion indeed separates the wheat from the tares.  This video features Todd Friel exposing false conversions.
Ironically, many who teach conditional security are actually living like devils.  Be warned, by their fruits you will know these false converts!

Being Thankful to God is NOT Just on Thanksgiving!

While I do appreciate that pastors celebrate Thanksgiving Day when the Puritans met the Indians, when they had settled in the New Land which today is the United States of America, but it's a shame how some people can only be nice on Christmas, love on Valentine's and be thankful only on Thanksgiving. What we must realize is this... these holidays are memorials, not the only days to be nice. Thanksgiving should be a DAILY habit, not just being done with the celebration. With or without a turkey on the table, the habit of thanksgiving must go on.
In Psalm 34:1 we read David's statement, "I will bless the LORD at ALL TIMES. His praise will ALWAYS be on my lips." Looking at the Psalm and not just verse one, remember David was NOT in the best situation during that time. He was already chased by Saul who didn't want him to be king. Saul wanted to establish Jonathan as king but David was destined to be king. Saul's dynasty was doomed to die because of his unrep…

Please Separate Tithing From the Prosperity Gospel!

The prosperity gospel is one of the deadliest heresies today.  One of the worst things a pastor can do to make a "quick buck" is to do the following scam.  It's called the tithing scam.  Now I don't condemn Christians who tithe from their net income.  Tithing helps the local New Testament church support itself.  It may be an Old Testament command but tithing certainly gives a value to expenses like electricity, water and food for the church to survive.  The church needs money to move on and yes, a church is a business but it should not be monkey business.
How does the tithing scam work?  Pastors are quick to open Malachi 3:10 and misquote it.  In context, Malachi 3:10-11 happens in the Old Covenant.  Nowhere in the new covenant are we commanded to tithe nor is it forbidden.  I believe tithing brings spiritual blessings but if you give it to a corrupt pastor, you are dishonoring God.  The problem is when this happens, the pastor uses the tithes to scam churchgoers in…

The Feminazi Movement Is Also Oppressing Women

Feminazis love their mentality of they are the victim.  They claim to be empowering womankind but in reality, it's the opposite just as male sexism doesn't empower mankind either.  The word Feminazi is a much stronger word than feminism when it comes to describing female sexism.  If the Nazis were against the Jewish race with much of their fanaticism, the Feminazi is dedicated to female world domination and male enslavement.
The Bible's best known Feminazis would be Delilah, Athaliah and in the New Testament, Herodias. Of the three, my favorite examples are Herodias and Athaliah who were real witches.  Athaliah was that evil half-breed daughter of Ahab and Jezebel - she was half-Jew and half-Sidonian.  What made her infamous was that she murdered her own grandsons so she could sit on the throne with no rivals.   Herodias on the other hand was infamous for her live-in relationship with Herod Antipas.  John the Baptist condemned Herod Antipas with the words, "It is not…


One of the biggest, MOST STUPID arguments that religious homosexuals and members of homosexual churches can say is that, "Well God made us homosexuals didn't He?"  I can agree to that, no questions asked.  But remember the same God who made the homosexuals is also the same God who made the thieves, murderers, rapists, idolaters, etc. in His image because they all descended from Adam and Eve.  However the problem is this, just because God made man does not mean that man is ever acceptable to be in their sinful state.  Just because God made Cain didn't mean that Cain didn't have to obey God.  
What I can tell homosexuals is this, "God DID NOT make you a homosexual!"  The gay/lesbian gene is a myth.  Even some homosexuals like Camille Paglia admits that being gay or lesbian is a CHOICE ad it's against the norm, it is a challenge to the norm.  When Ellen Degenerate got legally married to her girlfriend, it was a challenge to the norm.  When God made Ad…

Responding to My Brother-in-Christ, Bro. Gerry Soliman in Exposing the "Lay Person Scripturist"

As if names can't really get any weirder from the Flying Catechist, the Catechist and now somebody calls himself the "Lay Person Scripturist".  Now I would like to respond to my brother-in-Christ, Bro. Gerry Soliman who brought up the matter here.  If you want to know who Lay Person Scripturist is, he is a resource person of Abe Arganiosa who is a persistent foe whose salvation I am still praying for.  I hope that Abe Arganiosa and others who I am praying for will get saved before it's too late.
Now here are some serious misrepresentations that Catholic apologists usually have against Baptist Christians and Protestant Christians.  Although I am a Cavinist/Reformed Baptist like John F. Macarthur, Paul Washer and Charles H. Spurgeon, I have still accepted Protestant Christians like Billy Sunday, Harry A. Ironside (Plymouth pastor), Robert C. Sproul and Vernon McGee (a non Calvinistic Presbyterian).  
Here are the representations that Bro. Gerry had pointed out that we…

Self-Righteous Men REFUSE to Understand God's Life-Changing Forgiveness!

The Bible is indeed a book that's filled with difficult cases.  One must understand that Jesus although He did not condone sin, He certainly loved the sinner more than enough to tell them what was wrong with them.  Jesus dined with harlots and publicans.  In one difficult situation or another, Jesus was offering forgiveness to anyone but told them first, their need for forgiveness.
The big argument of the Pharisees was this, "How could this mean eat with sinners?"  As if they weren't sinners themselves.  I do find it annoying with how Christianity is so vilified by contradictory claims.  First, the world believes that Christians condone to sin then second, they expect Christians to be perfect and sinless.  It is indeed a contradiction that you cannot really see what's going on.  For them, they see the Christian missionary who preaches the Gospel to the worst of sinners - those in jail, those in the brothels and indeed in the worst places of society.
These are th…

Five Good Reasons Why Lying About Santa Claus is Bad Parenting!

One of the worst things that parenting can do these days is when parents have their double standard. Knowing Christmas is just around the corner, lying about Santa Claus happens during the "-ber" months and November is no exception. It's no wonder why I get so cranky during Christmas because I'm reminded of how often I was deceived about the existence of Santa Claus. Now one must think why is it that lying about Santa Claus is just as bad as regular lying.
There is a HUGE difference between telling the child a fairy tale and lying about Santa Claus.
A parent may say, "What abut the story of Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs?" The difference is this. When a child is told about Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, the child knows that each story is fictional and illustrative to a certain truth. He or she knows the lesson of Red Riding Hood is not to talk to strangers, even if he or she is aware that the Big Bad Wolf though totally non-existent, …

Why Parents Insulting Their Children is NOT GOOD!

One of the worst things a parent can do to a child is to call names and insult them as a form of discipline. There is always the poor excuse that if you insult your children, they will do better. Now there's a huge difference between criticism and insult. Criticism is to offer an assessment of what is right and wrong about the person. On the other hand insulting means to treat with disrespect or scornful abuse. One of the worst things a parent can indeed do to a kid is to insult them.
So why doesn't insulting work? Certainly, we do need discipline in the family, that is a fact that we must face. Proverbs 13:24 warns that he who spares the rod hates the child. There's no question about it that if you don't discipline your children, you are not doing them a great favor. However the problem is that we also fail to balance discipline with love. There is the statement, "You can discipline without loving but you can never love without disciplining." True love resu…

Why Christianity is Unpopular

When I was newly saved, I always wondered why things I abode with were not popular with the world.  The more I read the Bible, the more it made sense than I did.  For one, the Bible is very much antagonized because it speaks the inconvenient truth.  Jesus warned in John 15:18-19 saying, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated Me before it hated you.  If ye were of the world, the world would love his own but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."  
As we know it, the answer is simple that the world really hates the real Jesus Christ.  Give them another Jesus they are sure to accept it.  Give them a Madison Avenue Jesus, they'll say Amen to that but give them the Jesus you can't ignore, don't expect them to be so loving and accepting.  You should expect them to antagonize Jesus because he spoke the offensive truth.  I remembered reading the book called "The Jesus You Cannot Ignore" …

How Not to Argue About Santa Claus Being a Fraud

I know I'm really on fire against parents lying about Santa Claus to their kids. However let us be aware of a few things that we need to be aware on how not to argue against Santa Claus as a non-existent sham and a dangerous impostor of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is going to be a very important thing to understand that every argument and defense must be logical.
Now let's think about the SANTA and SATAN letters. I know that Aleistar Crowley a master satanist used anagrams but then again, anagrams are NOT created by the Church of Satan or Satanists. Sanat Kumara is a new age god but even without Sanat and just Kumara, and no matter what name the idol takes even if the idol uses the name Christus (after Christ), it is still an idol. Now let's think of how the anagram actually works.
Why is the anagram argument weak? Now let's take a look at words with same letters but have different meanings. For example: Dog is God spelled backwards... and yet the two have different me…

Idolaters Worship Graven Images!

One of the most common statements that an idolater can make is this, "We are not worshiping the image but the one portrayed by the image." Some Roman Catholic faith defenders have also been adamant with their stand that Roman Catholics don't worship the image but the one portrayed by the image. One Buddhist monk declared in his writings that to light incense before the image of Buddha was not idolatry because they were praying to Buddha, not the image of Buddha. The same keeps going for every idolater around the world.
Actions can speak louder than words especially with how idolaters treat their graven images which I can share based on experience and with others. I remembered how these people were very attached to their idols. One instance I can remember is that so many times, idolaters are afraid their images will break, can't breathe, has to be dressed which is really addressed in Jeremiah 10:3-5. Just think... these idols need to be carried because they cannot wa…

Get Rid of the Repeat After Me Evangelism!

Here's one of hte problems today in the ministry.  Sometimes I'm already thinking, "Are you sure that they were saved?"  I remembered the time I once prayed the sinner's prayer but guess what, I wasn't saved until I finally realized, I was lost and I came to Christ in my own words, my own realization I was a sinner and I was saved... it began a long and painful journey from the world to the cross.  Now let's think about the two examples that are frequently used and abused for "easy evangelism" such as the publican and the thief on the cross... or the jailer in Acts 16.  But we must take things INTO CONTEXT to realize that it was not repeat after me evangelism!
First let's talk about the publican and the Pharisee.  Now what was the real context?  Why did the publican cry out unto God, "God be merciful to me a sinner?"  Now we see the Pharisee who exalts himself above the publican, he thinks he's better than everyone else.  But …

God's Law is For Our Protection!

Psalm 119:165 - "Great peace have they which low Thy Law, and nothing shall offend them."
Some people accuse me of being a legalist, a Communist, a Nazi, a despotic ruler, an oppressor, a killjoy whenever I insist in implementing God's Law and that God must be such and such. I also hear of how often atheists whine calling God as a cruel monster for punishing sin (strange that they also say God doesn't exist). The scoffer I usually hear whines about why God does not allow things that are allowed by society like homosexuality, pornography, adultery and the like. Then there is always the problem of double standard with atheism with how they react to sin. They love sin until they are victims of it and then they love it again, it is a cycle of self-contradiction!
Some people say, "You Christians create a safe society but your people are miserable!" I would like to address that Christians do not do good works as a burden but as a delight. The Apostle Paul said …

Eternal Security: Not Just Once Saved, Always Saved But Also It Means Enduring to the End by God's Grace!

The teaching of eternal security has been watered down granting false assurance to false converts.  A checklist to think of the basics of salvation is in following: Salvation is by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ aloneYou cannot save yourself from your sinSalvation is by faith, not by works
What was listed above indeed is true.  However the problem is that eternal security suffers so much from the idea of just being once saved, always saved.  The demonic idea that has invaded OSAS is this, "You can get saved and live the way you want.  Not being able to live the way you want equals work salvation."  Sad to say but half of the point, Arminians are true when they say that teaching OSAS can lead to a life of sin and unbelief but the whole truth of the matter is, a wrong idea of OSAS is just as dangerous as believing you must contribute your good works to stay saved rather than because you are saved.
Whether these true converts are Calvinists or not, there is always the point in …

Refuting the Idea of Being Born a Homosexual!

Some homosexuals to justify their immorality always say, "Well God made homosexuals didn't He and He made us the way we are.  To say homosexuals can't enter the Kingdom of God is making God unfair to His creation."  That is where they are absolutely wrong and lying to the world.  For one, when God made man and woman, when He ordained marriage and moral laws, He willed sexually pure marriage as the ONLY marriage acceptable before their eyes.
Now how do we refute the idea of the gay gene?  It does not take a rocket biologist to figure out, simple science can debunk the whole idea of the homosexual gene is a myth.  So let's think about the basics.  If a man and a man has sexual intercourse, remember that sodomy happens through the anus... and anal sex DOES NOT get anybody pregnant.  Also, lesbians cannot impregnate each other just as much as a barren woman cannot get pregnant by a fertile man and vice versa.  Pregnancy happens only happens when an egg cell meets t…

Filipino Homosexual Prostitute Jeffrey Laude's Death Proves God CANNOT Be Mocked!

It's very annoying to how homosexual communities always insist that they are moral people. Such was the case when Jeffrey Laude a Filipino homosexual who went to becoming a transgender had a deceitful lifestyle. Being transgender does not change your gender, only your appearance. For a while, some of his photos made him look like a woman but better quality pictures prove that he was always a man in spite of bodily changes, HE WILL ALWAYS BE A MAN! He was always Jeffrey Laude, not Jennifer Laude and his tragic death proves that homosexuality will always be an abomination. Sadly last October 11, 2014, a lot of Filipinos were demanding for justice of this abominable man Jeffrey Laude. While Christians should not take pleasure in his death, however it cannot be denied that he is already burning in the fires of Hell right now. His lifestyle showed he was a child of the Devil. What was worse, he was only 26 years old when he died and after a short life in Earth, he is now burning at He…

When Fighting Against Sin and Heresy, Don't Expect to Come Out Unscathed!

It is only natural for a Christian to want to fight against sin.  Being redeemed means to have a changed life.  Ephesians 2:10 says that Christians are ordained unto good works.  The Christian loves God and hates sin.  It's only natural for any new creature in Christ to hate sin and preach against it.  There is really one warning that must be said, "If you are going to stand up for Christ, be sure you are ready to suffer for Him!"  Jesus warned many times about persecution for His sake.
The Bible provides some illustrations to how standing up against sin is no walk in the park.  Just think when Noah for those 120 years built the Ark, he was certainly a laughing stock.  When Joseph resisted Mrs. Potiphar, she framed him and landed him to jail.  When Moses stood up against the presumably younger Pharaoh of the Exodus, he was scorned as an old fool.  When Joshua and Caleb stood up against the complaining crowd and assured them God was with them, they were in the risk of be…

Getting Drunk is Not the Solution, It Adds More to Your Problems!

I was observing the saloon and why it prospers. One of the biggest lies Satan has offered to sinful man is an alternative solution that is anything but from God. One of the biggest shams of the father of lies as a solution towards problems is liquor. I remembered that aside from the poor reason of trying to become a real man, getting drunk has become a lie that it will help you cope up with your problems. However that is a big sham and let me tell you why.
Liquor itself is a dangerous substance and its form of alcohol is poisonous. Proverbs 20:1 says that wine is a mocker and strong drink produces brawlers. Now wine has its many meanings. Any wine referred to in the New Testament like the one Jesus produced at the Marriage of Cana was not intoxicating wine. Any new wine was from the cluster of grapes. The Old Testament reference to any kind of wine that was not allowed were yayin or shakar. Wine itself does get fermented over time but any wine naturally fermented did not make anybody…