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Apostasy and Immorality Bring Forth a Corrupt Government!

The quote above is really very true. If the people are apostate and immoral, they will elect men in their own image. Now let's take a look at the history of Israel with the apostasy and immorality that causes corrupt men to be in power.

Let's first take a look at the example of King Saul, a king with no heart for God. There was no proof that he was ever a regenerate man. Arthur W. Pink had written this about that ungodly monarch:
The case of king Saul.
It is affirmed by Arminians that this king of Israel was a regenerate man. In support of this contention they appeal to a number of things recorded about him. First, that the prophet Samuel "took a vial of oil and poured it upon his head and kissed him" (1 Sam. 10:1). Second, because it is said that "God gave him another heart" (v. 9). Third, because we are told “the Spirit of God came upon him and he prophesied” (v. 11). Then it is pointed out that Saul acted in fearful presumption and disobedience (1 Sam. 13:9, 13), thereby displeasing the Lord so that it was announced the kingdom should be taken from him (vv. 13, 14). That because of God’s displeasure "the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him" (16:14). That later, when menaced by the Philistines, he "enquired of the Lord" but "the Lord answered him not" (28:6). Finally, how that he had recourse to a witch and ultimately fell upon the field of battle sorely wounded, and ended his life by taking a sword and falling upon it (31:4), thereby sealing his doom by the unpardonable act of suicide.
In reply thereto we would say: we grant the conclusion that Saul passed out into an eternity of woe, but we do not accept the inference that he was ever a regenerate man. At the outset it must be remembered that the very installation of Saul upon the throne expressed the Lord’s displeasure against Israel, for as He declared to the prophet “I gave thee a king in Mine anger (cf. 1 Sam. 8:5,6) and took him away in My wrath” (Hos. 13:11). Concerning the three things advanced by Arminians to show that Saul was a regenerate man, they are no proofs at all. Samuel’s taking of the vial of oil and kissing him were simply symbolic actions, betokening the official status that had been conferred upon Saul: this is quite clear from the remainder of the verse, where the prophet explains his conduct, "Is it not because the Lord hath anointed thee to be captain over His inheritance?" (10:1) — not because "The Lord delighteth in thee" or because thou art "a man after His own heart." It is not said the Lord gave Saul "a new heart," but "another". "Moreover, the Hebrew word (haphak) is never translated "gave" elsewhere, but in the great majority of instances "turned": it simply means the Lord turned his heart from natural timidity (see 1 Sam. 10:21, 22) to boldness (cf. 1 Sam. 11:1-7; 13:1-4). That the Spirit of God came upon him so that he prophesied is no more than is said of Balaam (Num. 22:38; 24:2) and Caiaphas (John 11:51).

The Israelites rejected God as their king and asked for a human king in spite of the warnings Samuel gave them. How often it is that the majority is wrong. God allowed godless King Saul to rule over Israel as a way to teach them a lesson that He is their sovereign. King Saul's horrible reign proved that he was no regenerate man. Knowing that God gave them a king in His anger, he was no regenerate man. I would believe that when God anoints godless kings, it's because people reject Him and when He anointed godless men in the Book of Judges, it's punishment for idolatry. John Calvin also states this horrible truth, "When God judges a nation, He gives them wicked rulers." That is not just a statement made by a fallible man but Calvin verifies the Biblical truth that when God allows an evil ruler to sit on the throne then it's a very act of judgment.

The problem did not end with the Book of Judges but also in the Kings. After the Northern Kingdom split, many times the people chose the wrong kings. Omri the father of Ahab was in fact made king in 1 Kings 16:21-22. Omri was made king by a wicked people who from his loins sired an even more wicked monarch in Ahab. The Northern Kingdom was ruined by a rule of apostasy and godlessness when people supported such wicked kings. The most wicked of these kings is Ahab who even did more than just promote idolatry but brought more idolatry by marrying Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal. Ahab would also sire his infamous daughter Athaliah who would nearly spell the end of the Davidic dynasty by the atrocious act of killing her own family. These wicked rulers were allowed to reign over the Israelites because they continuously rebelled against God.

In today's democratic systems of the world, who are to blame to why wicked people are in power than the majority themselves. There are good men who run for power but people just love wicked people because they are apostate and immoral. You have good men who are God-fearing and hates evil but nobody wants them. If you remember Jesus and Barabbas, the world chose Barabbas and today, thieves get into power based on people's foolish choices. In many Roman Catholic countries and in the United States (which has compromised with the Papacy), corrupt officials tend to get elected over and over again even after being convicted. It might be safe to assume that these people have Papal blessings and Jesuit immunity whenever that happens. Besides, aren't a lot of corrupt officials also the most faithful attendants in the Roman Catholic institution and those who kiss the ring of the Pope are usually men with sinful lifestyles?

Charles Spurgeon even said, "I long for the day when the precepts of the Christian religion shall be the rule among all classes of men, in all transactions. I often hear it said, 'Do not bring religion into politics.' This is precisely where it ought to be brought." It is a shame that people want national revival where they want change but they refuse to change. When it's time to talk about the Bible, I could not help but remember the truth that if you are a Christian, do not expect to receive praise but criticism from most people. Some people will say that the Bible is an outdated book and that it should not even be mentioned. They are careful to offend anyone except God. John 15:18-19 and James 4:4 warn that you cannot be accepted by both God and the world. If you are a friend of the world, you are an enemy of God but because the Christian is reconciled unto God then he or she is already a permanent enemy of the world. You want to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring revival but most people will just call it garbage because it convicts them of their sinfulness.

Even many evils today are done all because the majority wants it. No matter how you invert it, the Bible has many instances the majority get punished by God. In the Book of Numbers, the Israelites learned the hard way no amount of majority votes could change God's Law. My favorite example has always been Korah's rebellion did not go well as these people fell into Hell alive in Numbers 16. A lot of the Israelites twenty years and above died in the wilderness because they chose to oppose God. In Matthew 7:13-14 it warns that few are the people that find the ways of life, most people are heading towards death. It's not about the majority or the minority but that rather, right is always right and wrong is always wrong in all situations.