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This Comic Strip Shows Sexualizing One's Daughter is Not Cute!

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  

Looking at this cartoon, one has to be amazed with how parents can be so stupid these days because they deviate from Biblical parenting.  Parents have bought Satan's lie that it's cute to sexualizing our children.  They think it's cute and in the fourth column, the mother is asking, "Where did I go wrong?" without thinking about the how she has raised her daughter.  Did she even think about how she has trained her daughter to be sexualized, she teaches her daughter to wear the attire of a harlot and she wonders why her daughter is having a baby out of wedlock? 

The mom in this comic strip foolishly thinks it's cute for her teenage daughter to wear that mini skirt and dress up like a harlot.  Proverbs 7:10 warns about the attire of a harlot which can be translated in simple English as someone who is seductively dressed.  A lot of mothers think it's okay for their girls to be girls, be bad girls and they cry when the consequences come in.  It's plain foolishness to really commit sin then complain about the consequences.

Provocative clothing does not excuse rape but I believe that it does encourage sexually immoral thoughts which Jesus warns in Matthew 5:28 that lust is already violating God's standards for sexual purity.  While people can say that provocative clothing does not excuse rape but being a victim of rape does not change the fact that wearing provocative clothing is wrong.  If it does not influence rape, it can also influence adultery and fornication hence explaining why a lot of sexualized daughters end up as unwed mothers.

Here's a quote by Arthur W. Pink on the real reality of sexualizing one's daughters.  It is true that men sin when they look at women with lust.  But then, women can be blamed too when they are also dressing up to expose themselves.  The mothers who allow their daughters to become lascivious temptresses also share the guilt as well.