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Let the Lord Jesus Christ Be the One to Be Exalted, Not the Man of God!

Looking at the quote of George Whitefield saying, "Let the name of George Whitefield perish so long as Christ is exalted." I do not care if people will soon forget me as long as God is exalted which reminds me that some great Christian men once chose to be anonymous as long as God is glorified. It is true that the names of great preachers will always ring a bell in Christendom but remember, the name of Christ is what should be exalted.

To glorify any man of God instead of God is so much of idolatry like how Roman Catholicism prays to who they consider as saints, angels and the true saints of the Bible. I would really say, "We all love the sermons of the men of God but to pray to them to ask them to intercede for us is no better than the Papists who pray to mere men and women to ask them. As much as I admire the Apostles but I dare not pray to them for it is idolatry. I dare not pray to any man of God and to argue between latria and dulia that I did not worship the man of God, but just paid homage. It is indeed gross idolatry and a dishonor to God to whom we should pray alone."

The true preacher of God is no different from the true prophet of God because they work for the greater glory of God. While the true prophet of God speaks what God wants to speak by divine revelation, the true preacher preaches from the Bible. Today there are no more prophets but many follow in the footsteps of the prophets as outcasts from the world but accepted by true believers. Many false prophets may claim, "For the greater glory of God." but instead, they are only seeking the glory for themselves. A false prophet is well-accepted and successful by worldly standards while the true prophet or true preacher of God would rather be an outcast than dishonor God.

When a truly righteous man is mentioned, nobody wants to be around him. When I think of great preachers, they are well-hated and persecuted. John Hus looking like a loser, he looked like a fool when he looked up but he was no fool because he was admitted into glory. Some great men of God may have escaped martyrdom but they did not live a life of ease. Martin Luther and John Calvin may have escaped martyrdom but they did not escape trials. Some great men of God may have died natural deaths but some people rejoice that "prick" is gone.

Soli Deo Gloria!