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Many Atheists Are Hypocritically Condemning Child Sacrifice While Condoning to Abortion at the Same Time

This illustration of Moloch's worship involving the worship of an infant to its fire with the label "Planned Parenthood" addresses the fact that abortion is no less different than sacrificing babies to pagan gods.  Nobody can say, "It wasn't born, it was just a glob and it was not yet a child." because science proves that the fetus is a living person evidenced that a pregnant woman feels her unborn child's kick.  If the fetus was not a living person, how can he or she even kick the womb as much as he or she receives nourishment from the mother or how the mother is given guidelines by her doctor so the child will not be miscarried?

I find it hypocritical when atheists condemn religion for all the ritualistic infant sacrifices yet a lot of them condone abortion.  Margaret Sanger one of the worst atheists and founder of Planned Parenthood would be comparable to the wickendess of Jezebel and Athaliah.  When Jezebel brought Baal worship, it also brought child sacrifice to Israel.  When Athaliah killed her own family, she had no qualms about it considering her religion had child sacrifice in it.  If they really want to be scientific, do they even consider that the unborn child has life and you only remove a miscarried baby from the womb?

This illustration of two eras 1515 and 2015 shows how child sacrifice has evolved overtime in just 500 years or more.  If pagan societies even before 1515 had practiced the satanic ritual of child sacrifice to their gods, the abomination today continues in the form of abortion clinics.  If the Pharaoh during the time Moses was born could order the massacre of Hebrew baby boys or if Herod the Great could order the massacre of several Jewish babies, today's society is no different.  Rachel would still be weeping to see how the abortion industry has succeeded to where Herod the Great failed because now, we have mothers willingly aborting their children to people who endorse it to keep themselves in power.

All I can say to them is they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.  They say there are no absolutes but calls God a tyrant.  They say that sin is just a fantasy word but they say Christians are the most dishonest people.  The same goes for supporting abortion which is no different than ritualistic child sacrifice.

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