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Where Do You Spend More Time: Your Cell Phone Or Your Bible?

It is a problem in today's tech-savvy world that people really get too occupied with their cellphones as they have become part of everyday life.  The pastor wants to call for a meeting he does not need to pay a messenger to send it to everybody's house saying, "We are having a prayer meeting."  Instead, the pastor texts his message or details on the cellphone then sends them to some church members, he can remind them of the upcoming prayer meeting.  Great Reformed theology preachers like Charles H. Spurgeon did not have that privilege of doing so and yet they succeeded.

Do you spend time more with your cellphone or reading your Bible?  While it is important to check out for messages because they might be important stuff like emergencies but how about the Bible?  It is stupid to complain that you do not receive text messages if your cellphone is turned off.  How much more is it foolish to complain you do not get messages from God and you are not reading your Bible.  While reading the Bible and I have a spiritual problem, verses pop out and speak to me like telling me to hold my tongue in the midst of false accusation or to rejoice and be exceeding glad about my situation instead of getting angry.

Christians really do need to bring their Bible like the way they treat their cellphones or more important than their cellphones.  After I became a Christian, I really could not do without the Bible on a trip.  With higher technology, people may want to use a Bible application on their cellphones if they do not want to bring their big bulky Bibles all around.  Other alternatives are smaller-sized Bibles such as dictionary-sized Bibles or a pocket Bible.  It would really help if you have a copy of the Bible with you everywhere you went because you do not know when Satan will attack like crazy.