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America's Supreme Court Renders Confusion to the Public

It was a sad day for America when same-sex marriage was approved.  Many blindly thought it was the victory of tolerance.  Yes, it was a victory of tolerance but tolerance of sin.  While tolerance is a good value but it can also be a bad value.  Tolerating what is good is the Christian call and they're called never to tolerate evil.  But the problem is that this is a tolerance of evil and with same sex marriage legalized then it's time to expect confusion.

Legalizing same-sex marriage has defeated common sense one way or another.  If you're born a man, use the men's bathroom.  If you're born a woman, use the women's bathroom.  There is nothing moral about homosexuality.  It's not just condemned in the Old Testament but it's also condemned in the New Testament.  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 describes homosexuals are also among the list of unrighteous people and it's a lifestyle of the unsaved.  Just because Jesus didn't directly speak against it doesn't mean He condoned it.  If He condoned homosexuality then the Apostle Paul would be wrong to address it as a characteristic of an unrighteous person.

The confusion will really go on and on.  What's worse is that America is now stuck with that stupid trivial issue of making a third and fourth sex toilet.  Romans 1:24-27 is right in saying that homosexuality causes confusion.  Besides, how often is it that you might confuse a transgender man or woman for a woman or a man until you take a closer look?  Still think that homosexuality doesn't cause confusion?  Think again!

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