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If Your Church Goes Against God's Word: LEAVE!

One of the biggest reasons why playing church has become easier and easier is because many "born again Christian" churches are not really born again Christian churches.  Now I might have some differences between churches that go with historicist view vs. futurist view (both views aren't perfect either) but when the doctrine of salvation and true conversion are compromised, it's time to sound the red alarm.

Many churches can go ahead and say that they're Born Again Christians or Evangelical but many of them are evangelical or born again Christians in name only.  Any true convert has the right to question the credibility of a church that claims to be an Evangelical or Protestant church but has a high tolerance of sin or teaches conditional security then both churches are severely misguided.  How can anybody teach salvation by grace through faith yet deny the believer's security in Christ and/or teach that salvation is a license to sin?  The answer is such doctrine is devilish because while salvation requires no works but this grace through faith creates good works.  Many of them are either "Easy Christianity" churches or conditional security churches.

Christians are commanded to leave such churches immediately.  It's very easy for a young Christian to be misled into a wrong church.  I remembered how I nearly joined a charismatic healing crusade just because the pastor wasn't preaching a Jesus that was all love and he spoke against the Vatican.  Unfortunately, he also taught several heresies like speaking in tongues, most of his claims of healing turned out to be bogus and I had no reason to stand by it.  Worse, he turned out to be a money grabbing charlatan and good thing that a Baptist pastor warned me ahead of time.  Later, I got deceived into supporting "Easy Christianity" and I left my support for them because they taught the wrong doctrine of carnal Christianity.

Do you feel the Lord telling you you're in the wrong church?  Then if you said yes, leave that apostate assembly IMMEDIATELY!

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