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The Fight for "Gender Equality" in Restroom Usage Also Hurts Women

If the Feminazi movement or female supremacy movement actually hurts women aside from men, then any movement in the name of "rights" has also hurt women too.  Chauvinism hurts women then so does a wrong notion of gender rights.  With how "liberals" are in this world today they just focus on their selfish agenda without realizing who's really getting hurt!

Do people really know why men and women have boundaries in some areas?  Like there are some things men shouldn't tell women and women shouldn't tell men.  Then there's the separate quarters or men's and women's comfort rooms.  It's all about a respect of privacy.  Just because a woman claims to be a man and a man claims to be a woman means that they can violate that privacy.  Like do you know why a wife is a wife and a husband is a husband?  Do you know why men and women have been made for each other?  It's all about filling in the blanks because both genders have their differences.  Men can be better in one area and women can be in other areas.

If there's really any respect for women's rights then why would these idiotic Feminazis and "liberals" support anything that harms women?  Many of the Feminazis are lesbians which might also be safe to assume many of them support male homosexual rights.  By doing so, they have also condemned every trim and proper woman to losing their privacy by allowing sexually confused males into the women's comfort room.  If they really cared about women's rights why allow such activities that actually harm women aside from being oppressive about the right choices women make?

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