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Liberals Are in a Mess Between Christianity, Islam and Homosexuality!

All in the name of tolerance! What an ugly excuse to sponsor ecumenism! The liberal's dilemma can also be between Islam (which advocates for hatred against homosexuals) vs. Christianity (which advocates for loving homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about homosexuality). Homosexuality will always be a sin and the Bible condemns it in both the Old and the New Testaments. It's time to pose this challenge towards homosexuals concerning Christianity, Islam and homosexuality.

"Which is really a hate crime huh pro-homosexual advocates? Why would some of you defend the Muslim terrorist who obviously wants you people dead? Look... you already saw how those gay bars were attacked by Muslim terrorists and you still say that the Christians are the bigots. We Christians are doing the best we can to reach out to you. We gave you help during the attack and you say we still hate you. We have our right to refuse to bake your cake because what you're doing is wrong. Yet you choose to defend the Muslim terrorist who murders homosexuals." is a good argument to raise to them.

Why defend the real hater of homosexuals over the people who love homosexuals enough to tell the truth? It's simple. Satan is an author of confusion and not God (1 Corinthians14:33). The minds of the world are blinded to the truth. While it's easy to say that Christians shouldn't be amazed by the stupidity of liberal logic but it can get very surprising. The facts are clear as day who really hates homosexuals and wants them dead. Christianity advocates reaching out to lost sinners out for love and doesn't take pleasure in the death of the wicked. Not so with Islam which is a religion of only hatred and fear. Islam does good works in hopes of getting into Heaven but those are just filthy rags. Christianity does good works not to gain or maintain salvation but as a result of salvation which are truly good works.

Int he midst of this confusion, it's very easy to see Satan always double-crosses everyone. There's no real truth in the darkness. The darkness brings no clarity but only confusion. You need bright lights during the night to see where you're going. Sadly, most people prefer the darkness over the light because that's where their evil will be exposed.

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