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Don't Even Think About Legalizing Prostitution or Sex Trade

There's some people who seek to legalize prostitution. Some "rational" atheists are already talking about prostitution should be legalized so it could be controlled by the government. The claim that "studies" show that prohibition doesn't work is a lie straight from the pits of Hell. The Israelites were doing sin not because God forbade it but because they were disobedient and the rulers did nothing to prevent those sins. It's not surprising is that the same people who seek to legalize prostitution also want to legalize narcotics and hard liquor all in the name of "succeeding in the war against them".

The logic behind legalizing prostitution is that so the government can control them and tax them. But the problem with the quest to legalize prostitution is that it encourages the sin rather than discourage it. The problem is not the war against prostitution but ignoring Ecclesiastes 8:11. Do you know why the war against prostitution isn't working? It's not just poorly thought out policies but the fact that punishment is not done when it should be done. While I believe in due process but shouldn't a night club be shut down for being a place of sin? If the government wouldn't do any quick action against sin then people will love to sin. If there's no prompt action against prostitution then people will love to get involved n the crime whether it'd be the night (and don't tell me there's no policemen at night) or even in broad daylight.

Let's just imagine what if prostitution were legalized. Would it "stop" the problem as it claims to be? Even if the government will collect taxes from it but it still promotes degeneracy to the public. Ancient civilizations like the Roman Empire legalized prostitution. Sodom and Gomorrah legalized prostitution. The cities of Canaan legalized prostitution. Temple prostitution got legalized by wicked kingdoms. The problem wasn't stopped because the government encourages the wrong instead of discouraging it. The result was that these empires and governments that make prostitution legal is that these empires were known for their degeneracy. One historical fact is that incestuous marriages often filled the Roman Empire (such as uncles marrying their nieces and siblings marrying each other which the Herods practiced as they were part of the Roman Empire's jurisdiction) or how Nero was a depraved bisexual shows that you can't fight sin by legalizing it.

Other consequences that these people fail to think is what if the government decides to start forcing their children into prostitution against their will? From what I remembered in a couple of history lectures some ancient empires would force women and children to become prostitutes for the worship of certain idols. Religious prostitution is no different than non-religious prostitution because both are involved in sexual immorality. With prostitution legal it would also mean the rise of sexually transmitted diseases would skyrocket no thanks to a government that legalizes prostitution.

It shouldn't be surprising that a lot of people who want to legalize prostitution were also involved in the quest to legalize same sex marriage, narcotics and booze. With every move to legalize sin it's clear as day we're in the last days. I don't know how many more years are left. Some pastors even assume there may even be less than fifty years because of all the signs showing up. One nation after the other is legalizing sin at a rapid rate. Sin is now made more legal than ever without thinking that every sin has a dreadful consequence that comes sooner or later.

Even so come Lord Jesus!

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