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The Ridiculous Roman Catholic View That Marriage Must Be Done Inside Their Church or It's Invalid

I remembered reading through the seven sacraments or ordinances of the Roman Catholic institution in a catechism. One of the teachings is that marriage must be treated as a sacrament. What it also implies is that if your marriage is done in a civil court that even if it was duly registered, that both couples were in a sexually pure union then it's not a marriage. So does that mean that a person can marry in a civil court, get divorced and marry his next spouse in the Roman Catholic institution?

Let's address the issue of civil marriage that is pure and holy. In short there was no incest, no adultery and it was between two people who are eligible for marriage. So why should the Roman Catholic institution even think that two people who got married with the sexually pure prerequisites in the eyes of God should be rejected. Is it because unless it's a priest who performs the marriage then the marriage can't be validated? It's a problem with how Roman Catholics have their belief that none of the graces of God can't be transmitted for salvation without the priest. After all, they believe that their priests save their souls even when that's a lie from the pits of Hell.

The idea of civil marriages are viewed null and void by the Roman Catholic institution can end up as a license to divorce. When God says no divorce He means every marriage where it's lawful must be honored. So if marriage is invalid because it was not done by a priest then let's make this situation. Supposed a man gets married by the judge, they are legally registered as husband and wife and all the prerequisites of a godly marriage are met. Now don't tell me that it's right for the couple to two-time each other, seek a divorce and they both remarry to different partners in the Roman Catholic institution? That would definitely be a license to divorce. On the contrary, Matthew 19:6 and Mark 10:9 says that what God as put together let no man put asunder. I don't care if your marriage was done in the courtroom. If your marriage wasn't a null and void marriage (ex. incest, adultery, polygamy, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality and the like) then I don't see any reason why that marriage was ever void in God's eyes.

While I would prefer marriage by the pastor or in church but it doesn't mean it's okay to divorce your lawful in God's eyes partner just because you two are married in the state and not in church. You could get married inside the Roman Catholic institution but the State shouldn't acknowledge it if it's loose and immoral. The adulterous couple could have a grand wedding inside a Roman Catholic parish but it would still be invalid. Let's just say a man runs away with his sister-in-law who married his brother in a civil court and decides to let a priest marry them. The man and his sister-in-law can go ahead and have a huge church wedding ceremony but it's still adulterous before God's eyes. Any sexually pure marriage even if it was done in the civil ceremony is still valid in God's eyes.