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Does Science Disprove God or Prove God?

One of the biggest lies of the secular scientist is that science will eventually disprove God.  But does scientific study disprove the idea of God?  That is what the atheist scientist wants the world to believe.  To them, they have certainly become the most scientific individuals, the most enlightened individuals because they choose not to believe in God.  Remember the keyword is "choose".  The Bible according to them is just a book if fairy tales and must be dismissed as just another ancient book in order to become scientific.

But does science disprove the notion of God?  One may want to take a look at how science is even defined in the first place.  Science is rooted the Latin word "scientia" or knowledge.  A layman's definition of science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations.  It is also a body of knowledge itself that can be rationally explained and reliably applied.  So one may take a look at these terms and ask, can the study science disprove the existence of God or can it prove the existence of God?  Does science prove evolution to be real.  One does not need to be truly a scientist to even figure out that evolution is a load of lies.

One may realize that science as the more one studies it, the more the questions and answers will keep coming in.  The more answers are there, the more mysteries are solved and at the same time, more mysteries are needed to be solved.  Science itself cannot be contained in just one academic year of a student life, it needs to be spread.  One science book is never enough.  Science gets divided into several branches.  There are five different studies of science which are (1) earth and space science, (2) social science, (3) life science, (4) physical science and  (5) life science.  In Biblical numerology, five is the number for Earth.

For the atheist or so they want to believe, science is just chance.  But a closer look at scientific study would actually try to dispel the idea of life coming by chance.  The secular scientist tends to teach, "Well billions (or more) years ago, a bang them then.... suddenly life came slowly.  Everything started with micro-organisms then another million years then..." the story can go on and on.  But for them to even say it's science, have they even observed it?  I would admit that the Creation of the world is not science but it is scientific.  The Creation of the world spawned science.  God is the Author of science and one can see it though science.

The idea of the scientific method was brought in by a Christian gentleman named Francis Bacon.  To be an atheist, one will surely need to reject the scientific method because the one who propagated it was a Christian.  The scientific method is done this way.  The first step is observation which requirs one to observe for what can be studied.  The second step is the hypothesis or an educated guess, not just some wild guess that life came from the Big Bang.  The third step is the prediction which determines the logical consequences of the hypothesis.  The fourth step is the testing or performance of one's experiment.  The fifth is the analysis of facts.  The sixth is drawing a conclusion based on the analysis.  The seventh is the formulation of the theory, the very step of completion.  After all didn't God create the world in six days and rested on the seventh?

Let us talk about life science.  Life science is formally known as biology in the academics department.  The atheist would tell me, "Go and study biology... it will help disprove God."  However the study of biology only proves there is a God.  Biology was not a product of atheism.  The biologists of the past believed in biogenesis.  Louis Pasteur who invented the basic pasteurization of milk which today, is done through ultra high treatment to extend shelf life, was one to advocate the idea of biogenesis.  Biogenesis means life can only come from life, never life coming out from non-life.  Biology is divided into THREE major subjects- zoology, botany and human biology.  Three is the very number that means Trinity.  Certainly, God being the Author of Science meant it to be so. 

Now taking a look at biology... each one of them studies the school of thought of cytology.  Even in just the broad knowledge of biology, nothing could have have come in just by chance.  One of my favorite examples is viewing a single-celled organism up to the viewing of the different types of cells in biology.  For example, try to notice the viewing of the cell under the microscope.  Even one single cell is fantastically complex!  One may realize that even the cell has parts.  God had clearly assigned several functions even into that single cell!  Even the study of cells is no walk in the park.  Every good biology student spends time to study even a single cell.  God had created a fantastic difference between the plant cell and the animal cell.  The fantastic complexity goes at work to even create the single-celled organisms to the multi-celled organisms. all as complex beings.

Another study would be good is the human body.  The human body is one complex place.  It could not be by chance that the brain was on the head, the heart was on the chest and had a tilt, it was not by chance that blood passes through veins... the human body is one complex system.  If it wasn't, it would be so easy to teach it.  But no, even if the human body can be studied, it is again cut into several parts. Now what is amazing is that the body has 12 systems.  12 is the number of Israel.  You have the (1) integumentary system, (2) skeletal system, (3) muscular system, (4) immune system, (5) lympathic system, (6) cardiovascular system, (7) urinary system, (8) digestive system, (9) respiratory system, (10) nervous system, (11) endocrine system and (12) reproductive system.  Again, it's not by chance that the body has this 12 different systems.  God ordained 12 different tribes of Israel.  

What is also amazing is that parts we thought were vestigial were not vestigial.  One good example is the appendix. Once somebody said, "The appendix is God's mistake therefore there is no God."  Quite a contradictory, stupid argument to why he even calls God as mistaken if God isn't real to start with.  What is also known now is that monkeys don't have an appendix but apes do.  So that would actually topple the idea of appendix as the evidence of vestigial organs but may "support" the notion that the appendix now has its use.  The appendix has lymphoid cells which fights off infection.  In other words, you do not remove your appendix unless one has acute appendicitis.  Sometimes the appendix can be saved during an early form of appendicitis.  

Other fields of science cannot just be random.  One may now consult the study of physical science which can be broken into two divisions namely physics and chemistry.  Chemistry is the very study of the composition of matter.  Physics is the very study of physical matter and physical properties.  These are two subjects that you cannot deny have the use of complex systems.  So many formulas to memorize, so many steps to master, so many applications to do, so many computations to do... would that be a pure coincidence and just given to chance?  Again not a chance!

In chemistry, one can notice the complicated and rather tedious use of stoichiometry.  It involves the complicated cycle of relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions.  I could not leave this to chance.  If it was just mere random invention, the technological application of chemistry would be 100% impossible.  Chemists follow the chemical tables, they must follow through the Table of Elements, the properties linked to all of them just to be able to create one single formulation.  The slightest miscalculation could guarantee a huge laboratory disaster.  A competent chemist does not do his or her job rather hastily but carefully.

In physics, the properties of the physical are studied.  Isaac Newton is one of the most important faces of science. Without him, nobody would be able to apply physics into technology through the discipline of Newtonian science.  For example, the use of Descartes' trigonometry and Newton's calculus had certainly advanced engineering beyond what the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews did in their early application of science.  The ancient Egyptians were heathens but they were certainly not atheists.  The ancient people already knew the basics of physics otherwise civilization will not rise.

Formal science deals with mathematics and logic.  Logic is the very heart of apologetics.  Without the proper reasoning, one's defense for God is illogical.  I remembered some of Pastor Robert Charles Sproul's online discussions about logical fallacies.  I would admit I have benefited from his way of defending your faith.  I even bought the book "Defending Your Faith" which was written by him.  For math, one may think that it's just all mumbo-jumbo until one learns of its applications in science.  Math is not just a random formula.  All these formulas are well thought of, not just merely placed into the textbook to study.  Each table and formula in Mathematics is a carefully thought of system that cannot be refuted,  If the formula is that formula, it cannot be truly refuted at all.  It would never be by chance but again, the wisdom of God.

Now for earth and space science.  We have geology or the study of earth, astronomy the study of space and sky and hydrology the study of water.  The Bible also declares in Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth His handiwork."  It is no coincidence that the Earth has its tilt, it is no coincidence that the Earth is just as big as it is, it is no coincidence that the Earth has just the right distance from the sun.  No amount of uncontrolled chaos would put the Universe in the right place wit such beauty and splendor. 

Romans 1:18-32 in fact warns about man's fallen nature.  For them, they have seen that God really exists, they know God exists, they can be by science that God exists but they refuse to retain Him in His knowledge.  Instead, they invented poppycock speculations that aren't even scientific like atheist evolution and the Big Bang.  They profess to be wise without God but their actions prove otherwise.  They are arrogant and haughty, they think they are on top of everyone.  However they are walking contradictions because at one moment, they call God and the Bible as just myths yet in another, they profess how cruel and unjust God and the Bible are.  In fact, their level of hatred for God is no doubt persona.  It's amazing how they claim to love science but in fact, make one fabrication after the other in their vain attempt to forget about God, yet they can't even disprove Him at all!

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