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The Problem with Some Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches

Okay I'd like to say I am a fundamental Baptist and I am attending a local Baptist church, yes that's the name of this site. Some of the best godly preachers like Jonathan Edwards and Charles Haddon Spurgeon were Baptists. Those who opposed the Great Whore of Revelation before the rise of the Reformers were again... you guessed it; BAPTIST CHRISTIANS... who came before the Protestant Christians ever came to existence and I am proud of my Baptist heritage. However there has been quite a problem with some fundamental Baptists. Here has been a few problems that caused divisions in the body of Christ thanks to some Independent Fundamental Baptists:
1.) The Lordship controversy and misrepresenting the Lordship preachers.

It's pretty much something that I used to mistaken Baptist preachers like John Macarthur and Paul Washer (who I pray will revive the Southern Baptist Convention soon) to be works salvation preachers, legalistic or whatsoever until I began reading through John …

What Would Have Been in the News if Jesus Returned on December 21, 2012

I just want to poke fun at those who keep making assumptions to when the Rapture would come.  Those dates- 1/1/2000, 5/21/2011, 10/21/2011 and 12/21/2012 (Harold Camping FAILED at all four!) they all were said to be the Rapture or for some bigger morons the day the Earth would end its life because they rely too much on heathen prophecies.  So all I can say is if the Rapture did hit last December 21, 2012... THIS would be the headlines...
Yup and it will be something that these stuff could have happened last December 21, 2012 would the Rapture have hit:
Many will be missing with ALL their possessions including their clothes left behind.Vehicles running out of control because Christian drivers will be Raptured.Babies will be missing as well.Christian churches shut down.  Apostate churches unite together.
Then we will have this... the rise of the Antichrist and his False Prophet:
It may not take long that if the Rapture hit last December 21, 2012 today would have already been the rise of…

An Incoming Warning Board on the Reproductive Herod Bill!

As much as I am for natural family planning (especially the lower class income can't afford to have that many children), however the Reproductive Herod Bill might actually bring in sex education to the schools.  Why I call the Reproductive Health Bill as Reproductive HEROD Bill is because with abortion being endorsed, it would repeat the same atrocity Herod the Great had against the children two years and younger just so he could remain in power or repeating Margaret Sanger's wickedness.  Certainly the Philippines is doomed and this degeneracy is a result of idolatry (Romans 1).
Here's a clip of the late Estus Pirkle preaching about how sexual education will destroy the schools as part of what's hitting America.  Actually what's hitting America hits any nation and the footmen of dancing, the media and sex education is sweeping across the globe.  Communism is one with a bow without an arrow, usually a peaceful conquering that soon leads to war.  
Here's one fro…

The Claims of Jesus to the Throne of David Both Legal and Bloodline

There has been the big problem of some to fully understand why Jesus was called the Seed of David. Now it can be easily resolved because we have actually a record of the lineages of Mary and Joseph coming from BOTH the line of David. So here's the facts: Joseph the stepfather (or legal adoptive father) of Jesus Christ came from the line of David through Solomon to which established the legal lineage. It is no accident that Joseph the descendant of David through Solomon from whom the legal kingship was to be established was engaged to Mary the descendant of David through Nathan. Matthew presented the legal family tree of Jesus to prove His claim to the Throne of David.For Mary's lineage from David to Nathan, another sibling of Solomon born of David and Bathsheba, this established the bloodline of Jesus from His earthly mother. Remember again, Joseph is not the real father of Jesus but His stepfather. It was necessary that she too came from the blood of David in order for Jesus …

Well It's December 21, 2012 and I AM STILL HERE PREACHING THE GOSPEL!

Yup that's right it's December 21, 2012 folks and I am STILL HERE to really preach to you that the Rapture didn't hit yet and I am not sure when because only God knows.  May 21, October 21 of 2011 have passed and now December 21, 2012 is here.  What the issue really was this- Nostradamus, Jack Van Impe and most especially Family Radio founded by Harold Camping have all been basing end times events based on the Mayan Calendar or some other occult sources (which he also had his May 21 and October 21 of 2011 as possible Rapture dates).  Some have speculated that the Mayan Calendar was predicting when mankind will end or two, when the Rapture will arrive the very event that the Lord Jesus Christ will claim His saints before letting the whole world drown into the Tribulation period.  How I long to be Home with the Lord, to be free from sin and temptation.  The world's pleasures are but fleeting and the pleasures of sin are but a season.  Now it's time to continue the w…

Haven't They Learned from FAILED Predictions?!

I was thinking of what Pastor Ruben L. Lumagbas Jr. was preaching during one of those many Sundays I've attended church and that he also mentioned about a LOT about failed prophecies like the Watchtower Prophecy's basis on planetary alignment up to Harold Camping's failed May 21, 2011 doomsday now shifts it to December 21, 2012 based on the Mayan Calendar.  In fact, some people were trying to determine the Second Coming of Jesus via their own computations.  The results were usually a failure  because if they did get it right, Jesus would be proven wrong when He said in Matthew 24:36 saying that no man may know but the Father only.  I just had a thought on why many people JUST LOVE to listen to the failed doomsday predictions over the Bible especially when it came from so-called angels or should I say FALLEN angels.  It's because the Bible one way or another doesn't tickle their ears according to their own lusts as these latter day false preachers do (2 Timothy 4:3…

The Santa Claus Prank Goes Sour!

As said, it is NEVER good for parents to lie to their children about Santa Claus so they will behave well!  Want the to behave?  Teach them the fear of the LORD!  Now here are just some disturbing requests for Santa Claus during Christmas found in a local newspaper- not for a PC, not for a video game system, not for an action figure, not for a new shirt, not for a Lego, not for candies that you put underneath the Christmas trees as the Santa Claus stories I've remembered that he only gives regular presents, no but these stuff ONLY God can do proving that the prank will inevitably lead to more lies... "Dear Santa. . . If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be for my mom to get better. She has bad arthritis. Would you please heal her?""Dear Santa. . . For Christmas would you please give humanity a cure for cancer and a cure for AIDS, and would you please give us a new solar system where people live right?""Dear Santa. . . My mom and I both have disabil…

If the Lord Jesus Should Return By December 21, 2012 - It'd Be the RAPTURE!!!!

I had my thoughts on that IF any end time event should happen (hypothetically speaking) on December 21, 2012 (just two more days!) it would be the Rapture of the Church (which the Bible calls as the Blessed Hope) if God so wills it but as said, only the Father knows the time and God has His calendar ready to when He decides to end the Church Age.  
Why do I say that? Thinking about it, the end of the world CANNOT come until God says so and all things must come according to God's prophetic calendar. God will first REMOVE His saints from the Earth, then He will finally allow the world to destroy itself during the seven years of the reign of the Antichrist to where the other half is known as the Great Tribulation then at the end of the Tribulation, the end of the world comes after the battle of Armageddon.  
The thought of December 21, 2012 as the official end of the world DOES NOT fit with the Biblical prophecies on schedule at all and are mostly PURE SPECULATION THAN REAL STUDY OF…

Making Certain Sins Legal by Manmade Laws!

I really have to admit that as a fundamental Baptist Christian only by the grace of God alone, I would really voice out the real issue that governments should be ashamed of themselves for legalizing the following sins and considering them lawful when they are unlawful in God's eyes and these are just a few:
1.) Immodest clothing- It does put me into severe temptation whenever there is the issue of immodest clothing being legal.  Seriously, I can't forget how a group of morons dared to quarrel with my alma mater Bethany Christian School for the reason that the students were not allowed to wear short shorts and spaghetti straps saying there is no law against it.  Oh really?  Could you read God's Law?  1 Timothy 2:9-10 requires women to be modest, not immodest.  Proverbs 7:10 condemns the dresscode of a HARLOT!  If you ask me, rape cases were not so great UNTIL women started to dress immodestly regardless of physical beauty thus increasing the chances of rape.  There are mor…

Ray Comfort Compares Abortion to the Holocaust

I was saddened by the near passing of the Reproductive Health Bill which may actually be the Reproductive HEROD BILL which may be passed by next year and approved... Pastor Ray Comfort has a few words to say and I hope many Filipino politicians will consider about what they are doing with the Reproductive Health Bill...
Ray Comfort now discusses some things about his 180 film about abortion on Youtube.  So what's going to be it?  Now I hope Ray Comfort's message here will really enlighten people.
Also Ray Comfort talks about abortion in LIFE today.  
However I'd also like to say I'm not walking hand in hand with the Roman Catholic Church in my opposition to the Reproductive Herod Bill.

An Absurd Explanation of a Catholic Priest in Removing the Second Commandment from the Roman Catholic Catechism

Hare are some words taken from "Truth Encounter" pages 207-208... the setting is at the University of the Philippines' "Christ Awareness Week" to which Pastor Anthony Pezzotta had the chance to speak in:
A Catholic student asked why the Catholic Church erased the second commandment from the decalogue given by Moses: "You shall not make yourself idols... and you shall not bow down to them." (Exodus 20:4) The Catholic priest, who had a doctorate in the Holy Scriptures earned in Rome, responded by saying that this commandment was only reserved for the Israelites who started worshiping idols in the desert. He continued by saying that it was a big mistake to believe that this commandment should apply in to the 20th century. "Holy Scriptures," he said insisted, "should never be taken out of context as Evangelical Christians do when they apply this commandment to Christians all the time."  (Comment: Seriously, this accusation has gone fa…

Four More Days to Doomsday?!

Ahahahaha yeah!!!!  Right now, looks like I'm just going to have to KEEP this post up (and maybe delete this!) until December 22, 2012 and IF there are no updates after that date, then I have been Raptured already to be with my Lord Jesus Christ!!!!When will people ever START reading their Bibles instead of believing quackery they hear from various prophetic sources?!  Because people don't believe their Bible and would rather trust the Mayan Calendar or any other source, now they even believe that the world will blow up.  I just thought if December 21, 2012 is the end of the world then last 2005 the Rapture should have hit, I would have already been dining at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb but no, no, just no... it's not yet the end of the world.  Even the Mayans admit that it's supposed to be a time of celebration, not a doomsday.  I would really say that the History Channel should be SUED for causing panic to the public.  Also angels who claim to know the end of the…

Augustine Said Christ was the Rock

I just find it very funny that while Augustine is considered an important saint of the Roman Catholic faith and a church father (even some Protestant Christians sources do dispute on Augustine as a controversy as Jack T. Chick's writings write Augustine as a devout Roman Catholic while others don't), I just thought these ones prove what Martin Luther would call the contradictions of councils and what Charles Chiniquey a former Roman Catholic priest would even say that some of Augustine's writings agree with the Protestants with key points which I have highlighted for easy reference: In a passage in this book, I said about the Apostle Peter: ‘On him as on a rock the Church was built’...But I know that very frequently at a later time, I so explained what the Lord said: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church,’ that it be understood as built upon Him whom Peter confessed saying: ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God,’ and so Peter, called after t…

The Connection Between Hypocrisy and Apostasy

So what is a hypocrite? Let's define it first shall we from the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:
a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religiona person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
Here's a very meaningful excerpt on hypocrisy as an excerpt from Matthew Henry's commentary on Psalm 78: "Hypocrisy is the high road to apostasy those who do not set their hearts right will not be steadfast with God."
Charles Haddon Spurgeon also quoted these: Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us. No one is so miserable as the poor person who maintains the appearance of wealth. Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite. Because there is one hypocrite, men set down all the rest the same. I heard one man say that he did not believe there was a true Christian living, because he had found so many hypocrites. I reminded him that there could be no hyp…

Seriously Those Fools Believe Nostradamus and Not God and His Prophets?!

If the late Harold Camping's assumption that the Rapture will occur on December 21, 2012 some believe that the world will explode on that date thanks to the late Nostradamus' prophecies and those who uphold his sinister cult of quack prophecies.  So here's a few things I have considered in exposing Nostradamus to be a big phony and so are his followers for these reasons:
First, I'd really say Nostradamus is NOT a prophet of God to start with but an unsaved heathen who could sadly be in Hell now.  Also, his contemporary followers are actually red handed altering the writings of their cult figure to make him look credible so people will BUY IN THEIR STUFF.  It does make easy money to be a false prophet.  Problem is, Jeremiah 5:31 also speaks of that people just LOVE false prophets to tickle their ears.  It just hurts me to think how quack prophets get so much respect while no true prophet is ever accepted in their own country.  Now they are using the Gangnam Style as pa…

Pastor Robert Kent Jesalva Evangelizing Manny Pacquiao

Apparently Manny Pacquiao has already received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Here is a picture of Pastor Robert Kent Jesalva evangelizing Manny Pacquiao to the Lord. Now pray that his was a real conversion and that his family will follow too. Now looks like the Vatican has lost another faithful ally... pray that the Lord will lead Pacquiao's life to a different direction. I just hope though our churches will continue the type of preaching that Pastor Ray Comfort carries out namely the use of the Law in preaching.
Let's just pray that if Pacquiao had a false conversion, it would be a real one as Paul Washer would repeatedly warn, "The only evidence of eternal security is continued fellowship." True Christians will definitely continue to receive trials as life goes by to continue assuring them this that their conversion was real and to cure all doubts that they possess salvation and can't lose it.

The Unholy Father and Blasphemy

Here are some various articles of the Vatican Council as well as the Popes that show that the Pope is an antichrist. These are the Papal teachings which are plain contrary to Scripture which I will underline some important points which I find need to be emphasized for reading. Below is a study of the Papacy and why many of the Reformers counted him as the Antichrist. As a former Roman Catholic, I really have been awakened to the truth as well. I take no pleasure in doing this, in fact it is my painful responsibility to awaken Roman Catholics to the truth.
Here's what the Reformers had to say about the Pope based on SCRIPTURAL TRUTH:
Martin Luther
"We here are of the conviction that the Papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist. I owe the Pope no other obedience than that I owe to Antichrist."  "I am persuaded that if at this time St. Peter in person should preach all the articles of holy Scripture and only deny the Pope's authority, power and primacy a…