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In Debunking Roman Catholicism, Remember the Bible is the ONLY PARAMETER to Rebuke Its False Doctrine!

It's pretty sad to think some Christian apologists have sunk to the level of Roman Catholic apologists not only in behavior but also in the line of reasoning.  So pretty much it's sad to say but the book "The Two Babylons" is more full of illogical fallacy than proper logic.  Sad to say, even some credible Christians do get into the wrong line of thinking in exposing Roman Catholicism.  
For one, there are some doctrines and practices that Roman Catholics CAN agree with born again Christians but that does not make it wrong like: Both believe in the Trinity and that Jesus is GodBoth believe that Jesus died for the sins of mankindBoth believe in doing charity work for the least fortunate in life.  Just to give credit, some Roman Catholic organizations did help during the Yolanda incident.Both believe Sunday is the Lord's Day.Both believe the Bible is needed for spiritual growth.
If we are going to base the wrongful practices of Catholicism by what it does then what…

Can You Hate Law and Order and Have the Credibility to Talk About God?

It is really something when I hear of people who say they hate laws but they can talk about God, quote Scripture and you can name it but it's all cherry picking.  The Bible is very clear about this- you CANNOT love God and hate His Law!  The Law is what holds authority figures accountable for the evil they do, the Law is what punishes the civilian for evil that they do- it's the Law!  For them the laws are repressive and non-beneficial, that a country where it is lax with its laws is better, that it's better to trust criminals than the police, etc. kind of nonsense.  This is rather the heresy of Antinomianism because being saved means you now love God's Law, you are fulfilling the Law of God and because you are saved, you love God and EVERYTHING associated with Him as a result of being saved.  What does the Bible say?
In the Psalms, David has mentioned about loving the law, the love for lawfulness.  Psalm 1:2, 40:8, 119:70-73, Psalm 119:92 and Psalm 119:174 all declar…

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said "IT IS FINISHED"?

Well I'm using a picture of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" to strike a point that indeed, it is finished.  Though I personally don't endorse the film as entirely accurate but I'm pretty glad about the fact how some people I knew who watched the film, ended up figuring out that the sacrifice on the cross is FINISHED!  After hours of gory torture of being lashed and whipped, remember it is FINISHED!  In fact, the last words of Jesus was "It is FINISHED!"  Nothing else can suffice for the sacrifice of sins but Jesus.  
Yesterday was "Good Friday", today is "Black Saturday" and tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  So what do Christians commemorate?  It is not that Jesus died again on Good Friday and rose again on Easter Sunday, no it is to commemorate what He already did and in Hebrews 10:10-12 is clear that such a horrifying sacrifice for the sins of man will never be repeated ever again.  That sacrifice was once and for all.  He&…

Hollywood "Christian" Films are TURNED Aside After Fables

2 Timothy 4:3-4 warns about false doctrines and that people will be turned unto fables. It was very heartbreaking to find out how many people rather than read their Bibles as Holy Week ends, were instead watching religious movies like "The Passion of the Christ". When I was newly saved I still had a passion to watch them until I began to read my Bible more and more. I found out that it was really not respecting the Bible. If Hollywood cannot respect even plain historical facts like in the anti-Christian film "Inherit the Wind" which is inherently wind, they can't respect the Bible the most historically accurate book of all! Besides I would dare say it is turned aside after fables. Hollywood is always notorious for blasphemy and sexual immorality that it exposes itself more of then times than not!
Here's a few examples of what you'll find. I don't need to keep exposing the "Son of God" film or the latest "Noah" film starring Russ…

Did God Calling Jeremiah to Celibacy Justifying Catholic Celibacy?

It really should be pretty not surprising for me to see how Roman Catholic apologists have gone so far as to take things out of context and twist them around, especially from Scripture.  Bro. Gerry Soliman had refuted some rather ridiculous arguments and here's one about celibacy.  I would think as a former Roman Catholic turned Christian by God's grace, I can really look at how Roman Catholicism has used several arguments to justify their priesthood, only to again fall down flat if you take Scriptures in context.
So why did call Jeremiah to celibacy in Jeremiah 16:1-2?  Now let's take it in context.  Jeremiah was called to be a prophet not a priest.  If one notices why God calls Jeremiah to celibacy was for another reason, not religious but rather for safety.  Jeremiah 16:4 tells us the reason why God called Jeremiah to celibacy- it was because if he took a wife and had children, they will not be given proper burial considering the turmoil.  Again, God does not call his …

Tesagan Gin Je Festival in Thailand and Body Mutilation

In a struggle to try and figure out why pagans body slash themselves, apparently one can look at the modern practices. According to Taoist sects in Thailand, the body slashing ritual actually may prolong life and prevent calamities but such a practice is already an abomination to God almighty. If I didn't love people, I wouldn't speak against the harms of this practice especially the permanent injuries it can do. I don't care if there are medical specialists there, the practice itself is sick and I won't post pictures of the practice due to the brutality of it.  Google them at your risk!  
Here are some examples of the rituals that may have also been done by the prophets of Baal when they are in a "trance like state" which is nothing more than satanic deception but do note not all pagans practice body mutilation but many do: Impaling through cheeks, arms, face, legs, back etc., with everything from as small as syringes to as large as is agreed upon between al…

Why God Doesn't Promise Christians an Easy Life?

There's the heretical book out there called "Your Best Life Now" by heretic Joel Osteen who is the pastor of the ecumenical Lakewood Church.  Some people stress, "Only if God will give me an easy life then I am willing to become a Christian."  Despite the amount of trouble I get and I mean, I really wish God will get rid of all my problems but God has a purpose to why I must suffer, why I must not get an easy life.  
What one must realize is that God has His will that He won't make things easy because of one thing- man is in truth, born to suffer.  It's the terrible truth we must face.  Job 5:7 declares that when man is born, he is meant for trouble.  If God is so good, why does He allow it?  Why does He allow suffering because of the sin of Adam and Eve?  Doesn't it sound unfair?  But we have to consider the fact that God could have destroyed Adam and Eve and then recreate man so we can still enjoy fellowship.  But instead, He in His mercy chose t…

Male Homosexuals Can Be Bullies Too!

Homosexuals say they are bullied and victims of "Christian discrimination" which they ignore the fact that disagreement doesn't always equal hate.  I can disagree with a person but it doesn't mean I hate the person at all.  Sad to say but Satan has blinded their minds and they are handed over a reprobate mind because they reject God.  Actions can speak louder with words concerning the so-called bullying of Christianity over homosexuality.  The Late D. James Kennedy's book "The Criminalization of Christianity" or David W. Daniels' book "Hot Topics" from Chick Publications have revealed much about homosexuality.
So what were the Christian preachers doing?  What Christian preachers have been doing to homosexuals was to risk their lives to tell them the truth.  What did the male homosexuals do in return?  In return they showed how much bullies they can be.  So much for the myth that those who aren't bullies, drunkards, womanizers, etc. or…