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Paul Washer Against Legalism!

Well here's Pastor Paul David Washer against legalism.  I was thinking that there was a point in my Christian life I had become so legalistic.  Legalism means being judgmental or putting too much emphasis on law rather than He who gave the Law.  I mean, we all get judgmental do we?  Sometimes it would be easy to misjudge a stumbled Christian and lump him/her to the false converts around.  That would be no better than how the world misjudges Christians who stumble.  Listen to this short message and be blessed!

The War Against Drunkards Who Claim to be Christians!

Folks I was thinking it's really stupid how I knew some people who claim to be born again Christians but guess, what evidence said otherwise.  And today, I am seeing how some people claim to be Christians but are enslaved by getting drunk, the killer!  They say they are saved and that nothing is wrong is getting drunk. Really I am starting to question what kind of character do they possess to think nothing was wrong with being drunk?  I would say they are of sinful character!  How can they glorify sin and say nothing is wrong with it?  Friends, this is a war against drunkards who claim to be Christians!
I remembered a friend of mine in the past who claimed that he was a Christian.  But his life was proving otherwise.  Another one claimed to be a Christian but he was responsible for one of the worst frame up cases.  He was also a habitual drunker and a drunkard and he claims to be a Christian?  Friends that is DISGUSTING!  I cannot claim to love God if I hate laws, I cannot claim …

Billy Sunday and the The Economics of Getting Rid of Booze

One of my favorite Protestant preachers, Billy Sunday was an agent against alcohol. You cannot claim yourself to be a Christian and get drunk.  Liquor is one of the most dangerous vices that tear up the wallet that is why I am against it.  
Here's an excerpt from Billy Sunday against liquor which I copied word for word, in fact I make no apologies to reject drunkards who claim to be Christians as false converts:
The Economic Side
Now, in 1913 the corn crop was 2,373,000,000 bushels, and it was valued at $1,660,000,000. Secretary Wilson says that the breweries use less than two per cent; I will say that they use two per cent. That would make 47,000,000 bushels, and at seventy cents a bushel that would be about $33,000,000. How many people are there in the United States? Ninety millions. Very well, then, that is thirty-six cents per capita. Then we sold out to the whisky business for thirty-six cents apiece - the price of a dozen eggs or a pound of butter. We are the cheapest gang t…

Debunking the False Notion that Idolaters Don't Worship the Image but The One Portrayed by the Image

I remembered from Catholic apologists who say they don't worship the image but the one portrayed by the image.  A Buddhist said he wasn't worshiping the image of Buddha but paying homage to it, or that he was also not worshiping the image of the goddess of mercy, but to the goddess of mercy.  Well it's time to actually show that kind of thinking is just stupid because it's stupid.
One might actually go to a local pagan temple, not necessarily a Roman Catholic parish.  Some pagan places of worship open for tourists may actually write something like, "PLEASE NO PICTURE TAKING OF THE GOD INSIDE THE TEMPLE OR THE ALTAR AS A BACKGROUND."  If they were not worshiping the image but rather the one portrayed by the image, why do they then forbid the tourists from taking pictures of the "god" inside the temple or the altar as a background?  Clearly, it openly admits that they have considered their images as their gods.
Another incident I remembered concerni…

Holiness Can Only Be Given to Man By God's Imputation!

It's absurd nonsense to say that a certain race or a certain culture is holy.  The reason has to be because of man's fall which man is tainted with sin, the total depravity of man.  Am I holy just because I'm related to a pastor?  No!  Am I holy because I'm born in a certain race?  No!  The idea of man being born holy or basically good is in direct contradiction with the Holy Scriptures to which we read of man's total depravity as we go by.  My brother in Christ Atty. Zigfred Diaz had written a similar article in this blog, though I hope he will write more soon after he is done with his Masteral course.  1 Peter 1:6 declares, "Be ye holy for I am holy." but what holiness does man have apart from God?  None at all.  As you read through this entry, you'll see how holiness from God is needed from man as man has no holiness apart from God.
In Isaiah 64:6 we read that our righteousness is like filthy rags.  The fall of man cannot be denied and original si…

The Horrors of the Horrid Family: The Herods and Inbreeding

One can think about the incest and intrigue of the Herodian family are the whispers of the world "incestuous". It's because historically these people have been involved in so much incest which may have been another major reason why their clan fell apart. 
1.) Herodias (or Horridias as I want to call her) is the daughter of Aristobulus a much older son of Herod the Great by Mariamne I was married to her half-uncle, Herod Philip I and had a freak daughter named Salome. Salome wouldn't be a normal child either considering she was born of incest between half-uncle and half-niece. So she was both granddaughter and great-granddaughter to the wicked Herod the Great. I guess Salome was a retard too though she did live long enough. Note also that Herodias was the sister of Herod Agrippa I who was later eaten of worms as the throne was later lost out of her greed. Also Herodias' parents were first cousins which makes her a freak already.
2.) Herodias later eloped with her…