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Atheists and Their Childish "Ha, Ha, Ha"

Ever tried looking at the "ha, ha, ha" or similar comments done by Roman Catholic faith defenders?  Well it's not just exclusive to them as I have observed atheists have also done that as a "substantive rebuttal" which is no substantive rebuttal.  Whenever I see the "ha, ha, ha" written as an argument by atheists on social media, in their quest to "expose" how "stupid" Creationists are, they inadvertently expose themselves to be the real fools.

How do atheists tend to expose themselves as fools?  As Romans 1:18-22 states that they really know God exists but they hate Him.  They tend to say that the Bible is just a "book of fables" but they heavily attack it to justify why they refuse to believe in a God.  They say that God is just a product of man's imagination but whenever something doesn't go their way, they get mad at God.  So where's the substance now?