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Did David Dance Before the LORD God Only In His Underwear?

What can be used as a poor excuse of indecency is to misquote 2 Samuel 6:14 was that David danced before the LORD God in a linen ephod without understanding the full context.  Some have even erroneously drew into the conclusion David like he was just in his underwear.  Seeing various worldly films about David, most of the time, he is pictured to have gone so immodest as to dance only in his underwear.

It's time to take a look at what some commentators have to say on the matter:
Matthew Henry
6:12-19 It became evident, that happy was the man who had the ark near him. Christ is indeed a Stone of stumbling, and a Rock of offence, to those that are disobedient; but to those that believe, he is a Corner-stone, elect, precious, 1Pe 2:6-8. Let us be religious. Is the ark a blessing to others' houses? We may have it, and the blessing of it, without fetching it away from our neighbours.  David, at first setting out, offered sacrifices to God.  We are likely to speed in our enterprises, when we begin with God, and give diligence to seek peace with him.  And we are so unworthy, and our services are so defiled, that all our joy in God must be connected with repentance and faith in the Redeemer's atoning blood.  David attended with high expressions of joy. We ought to serve God with our whole body and soul, and with every endowment and power we possess.  On this occasion David laid aside his royal robes, and put on a plain linen dress. David prayed with and for the people, and as a prophet, solemnly blessed them in the name of the Lord.
John Gill 
And David danced before the Lord with all his might,.... That is, before the ark of the Lord; not a set dance, or along with others; but he leaped and skipped as "car", a lamb, does, and that for joy that the ark was like to be brought home to his house, without any token of the divine displeasure, as before; the Targum is,"he praised before the Lord with all his might;''exerted himself to the uttermost in singing the praises of God vocally, or by playing on an instrument; to which sense are the Septuagint, Syriac, and Arabic versions, which is approved of by Castel (p); who observes, it nowhere appears to have been a custom to dance before the ark; but it might be now done, though not usual, and therefore was observed by Michal with contempt, 2 Samuel 6:16; a later writer (q) shows that dancing is the proper sense of the word:  
and David was girded with a linen ephod; which others, besides priests, sometimes wore, as Samuel did, and which David might choose to appear in, rather than in his royal robes, as being more agreeable to the service of God, and lighter for him both to walk and dance in on this occasion.
(p) Lexic. col. 1793. (q) Hackman. Praecidan. Sacr. p. 156, 157. 

The whole idea that David danced before the LORD in his underwear is just absurd.  A linen ephod is a robe worn not by priests but also by prophets.  Linen is a material made from the fibers of a flax plant which gives exceptional coolness and hotness in the hot weather.  David's royal outfit may have been made of non-comfortable materials as so he could dance - he would have to wear modest clothing made of linen in order to dance during the parade.

When Michal accused David of "uncovering" himself, it was an obvious lie.  Perhaps she did not see fit that the king should wear a commoner's outfit.  Christians should not be bothered by these false accusations and seeing that Michal had despised David, she had forfeited her place eventually where she had no child until the day of her death.

The picture of David wearing modest clothing of linen instead of the king's garments in giving thanks was a show of humility.  He would have not gone as far as to only dance in his underwear but instead, he showed true humility with modesty.  Likewise, Christians are called to humble themselves in all instances to be clothed in true humility in celebrating God's goodness by accepting His blessings but remaining humble and faithful to His call.