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Paul Washer on Rethinking God Biblically

One of the reasons why I really feel so sorry for having misunderstood Paul Washer and accused him of teaching works salvation was because I didn't bother to check things up. The more I listened to him and checked the Scriptures and his statement on faith on his website Heartcry Missionary, the more I agreed with him with the truth because I believe that the truly saved will not live like devils and true Christians will endure to the end.

Looking at this video, I wish to purchase the whole program to learn more about the God who saved me. Just because I got saved and I am continuing in repentance does not mean I am exempt... in fact, being saved means I should really continue to study the attributes of God. I am still going to continue learning more about the attributes of God so I may go in grace and continue in a path that's pleasing to Him not to stay saved but because I am already saved.