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Reminder: Christians Are Not Homophobic

Here's a cartoon above that shows the difference between Christians and homophobic people.  Take a look at the four people who reveal why they hate homosexuality.  The first three are how sinful people who hate homosexuals based on moral altruism - they choose from God's Law whatever is convenient to them.  I would agree that those who are homosexuals are scum of the Earth and they are disgusting but again, so is every other lost sinner.  The homosexual is a liar and every one who has lied is already guilty before God.

Now take a look at the Christian who says, "I am a Christian.  I believe homosexuality is sinful because the Bible says it is."  What is annoying is that the first three persons are most likely to accuse the fourth person as somebody who condones to the practice of homosexuality based on the "proof" that the fourth person does not approve of their approach towards homosexuals.  Homosexuals are sinful people that need help, they need redemption, they need prayers and they need Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  They are not people who are to be targeted for extermination but targeted for evangelization.

The Christian's stand against homosexuality has that person trapped in a rock and a hard place.  The homophobic person will say something like, "You are condoning to homosexuality." while the homosexual will say something like, "You are hating us homosexuals.  You want to have us all killed."  It is not surprising for me considering that the Kingdom of Satan is divided against itself.  The Islamic call to massacre is no better than the Supreme Court of the United States approving homosexual marriages as legal and valid unions.  Both of them are roads to Hellfire as Islam trusts in self-righteousness while many Americans today claim to be Christian but they are not Christians.

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