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A Recipe For Christians Not To Get Too Upset

I noticed the more I expect more for a positive outcome but the negative comes in, the harder my disappointment is in life.  What I really thought was that God has a purpose for allowing rocks and holes in my path because I am not free from sin.  Whether it would be secret sins or the need to grow - only God knows why He has put those rocks in my path.

In this quote by J.C. Philpot, it is really better for Christians never to expect to be free from trials, temptations, pain and suffering because Jesus said in John 16:33 that in the world, Christians will have tribulation.  They cannot expect to be well-treated by a world that hates God.  When it is for the Christian life, it is all about Christ alone and glory to God alone.  It has never been about Christians getting saved and having an easy life.  That is nowhere found in the Bible and any preacher who preaches such garbage is teaching another gospel.

Many times, Christians are not given what they want because it is not for His glory.  In prayer, it is always about His will and not our will (1 John 5:14-15).  If what we want does not do any good for God's work then God has every right not to give it.  Instead, Christians are allowed to face all types of hardship because that is the only way they will mature and be more like Christ.  It is all about the fact if you are in Christ, do not expect an easy life.  Expect a difficult one instead because there is a high cost and infinite value for being a Christian.

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