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Atheist Double Standard with How to Handle with Disagreement

If you take a look at this meme of Richard Dawkins, I really cannot help but feel sorry for atheists who are stuck in their double standard.  They say that you must respect others who disagree with you but gives that exemption to Christians.  I have noticed how many atheist blogs are not even worth updating because they only fill me with hatred instead of pity for the writers.  I can go ahead and read whatever ridicule they throw at Christians as delusional losers, they consider themselves as the most enlightened people and that many of them claim atheism will lead people to unlimited human progress.

When it comes to atheist hypocrisy, they have their inconsistency about evil  They say that sin is just a fantasy word and people were just doing what they do to survive.  I guess they want to justify their actions.  Let the time come when they reap what they sow then see them cry foul.  If they can go ahead and appeal to morals when they are victims of other people's sinful actions, they can do the same with disagreement.  They say, "Respect my views." while they do not respect the views of others.  You can see how much ridicule they throw at people who they consider as Christians in the most unprofessional way possible but when it backfires to them expect them to cry foul and play the victim in order to vilify the Christian.

Atheists indeed are foolish as proven by their actions.  Even in the sight of evidence for God, their philosophy is summed up in this phrase, "I know God exists but I wish He did not exist." which s simply in three words, "I HATE GOD."  If they are inconsistent with the existence of God, how can they even be consistent with ethics?

Happy April Fool's Day indeed!