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How Often Do Many Churches Preach, "God Is Angry at the Wicked Every Day"?

One of the many reasons why I have boycotted many churches and marked them as heretical because not only because of works salvation, teaching grace is a license to sin, accepting false converts but also when they do not preach against sin or hardly do it.  I really would dare to think what John MacArthur said in the Ligonier Conference saying, "God is angry with the wicked every day.  Try that sign in front of your church!"

It is really needed for sinners to realize the sad truth that God is angry with the wicked daily.  He is holy and righteous while men are sinners who only deserve Hell.  If you are going to start preaching against sin and emphasize repentance of sin and turning to God then expect the world to hate you because they hate that message.  Many people tend to have the tendency to either want salvation without sanctification or salvation earned or maintained by works or just any unbiblical doctrine that appeals to their fleshly nature.  As long as it appeals to their fleshly desire and/or the pride of life then they are really going to buy it.  I can always see such people would rather go to a pastor who preaches prosperity, health and wealth compared to a pastor who preaches about repentance of sin and the possibility of losing one's prosperity, health and wealth for the sake of the Gospel.

Start preaching that God is angry at the wicked every day then expect a lot of people leaving, expect finances to drop, expect a lot of bad things to happen to a preacher who stands by God's Word.  If you think material prosperity or fame is proof of one's goodness then think again.  Reading the prophetic books of the Old Testament these guys were not famous compared to the false prophets.  A prophet may gain an audience for now but when they start standing by the Word of God they can expect a life of persecution and even glorious martyrdom for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  John the Baptist did gain some popularity for awhile but when he criticized Herod Antipas' adultery and incest he was soon arrested for it.  When a prophet preaches the truth then they can only expect the chopping block like how Ahab and Jezebel had then executed during their reign.  Jeremiah was a loser by worldly standards because he chose to stand by God's harsh truth than the sweet lies that were killing the people of Judah during his day.