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Reminder: We Need More Hell Fire Preaching!

The great Protestant preacher Leonard Ravenhill said, "If we had more Hellfire preaching int he pulpit then we would have less Hell bound people in the pew."  The problem is many churches today are seeker-friendly, the pastor is not really a man of God and many churches today may feel Protestant, Evangelical or Born Again Christian but they are not.  Many are Protestants but not Protestant Christians.  Some are just Baptists but not Baptist Christian.  Anybody can go ahead and just jump from one denomination after the other but they were never truly born again.  Many can go ahead and claim they belong to such "Christian" circles but the pastor is a quack who hardly mentions abotu Hell and

Hellfire preaching is really necessary because as said, how can people know they are sinners and how can they know they need salvation if they don't know they're headed for Hell?  People need a real sermon about Hell and its unspeakable horrors towards lost sinners.  It's very hard to find pastors today who are truly men of God and will speak that Hell's hot and sin's evil and offensive to God.  Instead, you have pastors who continue to speak pleasant things instead of what they need to hear.  Start speaking about Hell and you're probably going to hear, "You're telling me I'm going to Hell and I hate you for it."  But the response is, "I love you enough to tell you that you're headed for Hell because I don't want you to end up in it."