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Satan's Effort to Infiltrate with the Use of Watered Down Preaching

There are many obvious deceptions to the Christian like pseudo-Christian groups that visibly show their cult mentality, taking Scriptures out of context, they have religious practices not in the Bible but other deception can be more subtle than ever.  While I could tell that a Mormon missionary or a Roman Catholic priest is not a brother-in-Christ but there are some groups that claim to be either Baptist, Protestant or Evangelical but they are having "Easy Christianity" instead of Biblical Christianity.

The deception can be subtle but you can really see how preaching against sin has been watered down, you can see prosperity preaching which makes Heaven less appealing, you can see Hellfire preaching lowered down which in turn does not address Hell as really horrific beyond words and they water down the Gospel making it less urgent when that church refuses to go soulwinning.  These churches might be best described as "Sunday social halls".  You might have "Your Best Life Now" preaching instead of "Your Worst Life Now" because the Bible is mostly preaching, "Your Worst Life Now, Your Best Life in Heaven" than the worldly message of Easy Christianity.

One of the worst ways sin is made to appear less offensive is when false converts are accepted.  Try telling them, "No one can be saved and be living like the Devil,"  The answer I would expect is not a big sounding "Amen." but instead, these people are most likely to falsely accuse me of being a Pharisee, a Jesuit and whatever and say, "Get out of your pulpit.  Who are you to judge?  I rebuke you, you self-righteous, unloving Jesuit agent of a Pharisee."  They can go ahead and preach the dangerous doctrine of assuring false converts that they have eternal security even when they do not have it.  They either directly or indirectly say that once you are saved then you have a license to sin but such thinking is very much against the Bible.  1 Corinthians 6:9-11 shows us that if you are saved then you really shift from a lifestyle that was unpleasing to God to a lifestyle pleasing to God.

The problem also involves the prosperity "gospel" makes Heaven less appealing.  If you were to join a real church that stands up for God then expect "Your Worst Life Now" instead of "Your Best Life Now".  The more I read the Bible the more I am convinced that standing up for Jesus means more ridicule, insults, false accusations, persecutions, rejection and not more money, prosperity and material blessings.  Being a Christian even means losing one's worldly victories.  If the person can have their "Your Best Life Now" then Heaven becomes less appealing.  If people are so at home with the world then Heaven is most likely not going to be appealing to them.  Many people today reject the Gospel because the are so crowded with worldliness that they do not bear any fruit proving that they were not saved.

Hell becomes less horrific to the mind of the lost sinner when people really preach too much about Heaven.  The more I read the Bible, the more I see more references of Hell and judgment than Heaven and reward.  The message about Hell is so important because there are more people entering into Hell than there are those entering into Heaven (Matthew 7:13-14).   When people are told, "Well Hell is just separation from God." then I do expect to get answers from God-haters who will say they would rather be separated from God forever in Hell than to be in Heaven.  They might even view Heaven as loathsome because they will spend eternity close to God.  What the Bible says is that the torture of lost sinners is in the very presence of God and His holy angels in the full wrath of God against the sinner (Revelation 14:9-11).  It is not mere separation from God but it is rather eternal fury of God against unrepentant sinners.

If the church is not rescuing sinners by preaching the Gospel then that church needs to be rescued.  It is really a problem when you have churches that have become more of social halls than witnessing centers.  What is really the use of having a church if it does not go out and win souls for Jesus Christ and does missions?  There is the quote that Charles H. Spurgeon said that if you do not have the desire to win the lost then you may be lost yourself.  It might be even safe to assume that such a church is not even an assembly of saved believers but of lost unbelievers who dare to think that they are Christians.  Worse, they do not want any revival at all which is becoming more and more of a problem because they could be lost sinners heading towards Hell for all eternity.

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