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The Problem With Chronological Errors

In the world of Christian apologetics, it's very easy to just absorb everything when you're a newbie. The Internet may not be the best place for research. It's good to have apologetics site like Way of the Master but to do real research one must go out there and dig into the details. One huge problem today is the prevalence of chronological errors.

What's a chronological error? It's when time and date do not agree with the claim. A good example of a chronological fallacy is to claim that the Jesuits came before Islam. The Jesuit Order could have not invented Islam because of the time difference. Islam was born in the early 7th century and the Jesuit Order came around in September 27, 1540. While it's possible that the Jesuits and Islam are now collaborating in the last days but the times and dates prove that the Jesuits couldn't have invented Islam. They could have collaborated with Islam but they couldn't have invented it. How can the Jesuits who came centuries after Islam even invent it?

Another form of chronological error is in inserting facts and figures that don't exist. Many pseudo-Christian groups claim that the Church supposedly apostasized during a certain century and was restored at a certain date. The Iglesia Ni Cristo group claims that the Church was restored on 1911 and apostasized some time ago. Others who deny the Deity of Christ even say that it was only until the 3rd, 4th or whatever century that the doctrine was invented and it's not biblical. Some Roman Catholic apologists have gone as far as to say that born again Christianity is just an "American invention" and was only born in the 70s while saying born again Christians murdered Roman Catholics during the dark ages. All these claims are very self-contradictory!

It doesn't take a genius or a doctorate in social studies or anthropology to figure out that something is indeed a chronological error. Problem is too many people these days just want to beat around the bush rather than get straight to the point. Worse, arguing with people who make such erroneous claims can be very exasperating (Proverbs 26:4, 1 Timothy 1:4) while maintaining the task of refuting chronological errors made by crooked apologists of false religions.