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Assuming All Muslims Are Terrorists Won't Help in Reaching Them Out for Christ

Missions to Muslims are growing in the Church. One of the reasons is because of the Muslim migration. While there's the fear that Muslim migrants going from one country after the world is going to be an Islamic infiltration but there's another concern. The average Muslim today is ignorant about their religion and not all Muslims are terrorists. The problem is Islamophobia or fear of Islam. While Islam is indeed one of the leading causes of violence in this world thanks to the Koran actually supporting religious wars (and the average Muslim doesn't even know it). To assume every Muslim is a terrorist isn't going to help in evangelizing Muslims. Muslims in other parts of the world are living their day to day lives while they ignorantly believe that the Koran doesn't condone to what Muslim terrorists are doing.

What kind of source materials do Christians use to approach Muslims anyway? Some Christian sources with the intent to win Muslims to Christ tend to have the wrong approach. Instead of portraying the average Muslim as a victim of Satan's lies they end up focusing too much on Islamic terrorism. Some people don't even realize that not all Muslims support the Islamic terrorist act because they don't even know that the Koran commands it. When some Muslims are moving away from the war zone there's a high chance that they don't even know that they're agents of infiltration. They are just looking for safety while they don't realize they're all part of some dastardly plan for Islamic infiltration.

It's time to stop assuming all Muslims are terrorists. Terrorist or not that Muslim is headed for Hell without the Lord Jesus Christ. These people can't be approached with the assumption that they're all terrorists. It would be stupid for Christians to go soulwinning to a Muslim in the neighborhood while surrounding that house with a lot of soldiers as if that person is already a member of ISIS. The Muslim man who's the next target for evangelism only owns a gun for self-defense and not for terrorist activities. Some of them may not even know that the Koran commands them to kill Christians and others not of their faith. Some of them don't even know the bloody history of their prophet Muhammad. It's time to approach Muslims like every other unbeliever - as someone who needs to know that they can be sure they're saved when they receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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