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The Error of Using John 2:1-13 to Justify Alcoholism

I once ran into a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic apologist (and he was a shady character) who not only used John 2:1-13 to defend the heresy of Mary worship but also to justify his getting drunk. He misquoted the whole passage to justify his drunkenness. So much for teaching works salvation, isn't it? First, he accuses the born again Christians as teaching a license to sin then he misquotes the Scripture to justify his sin. It would be good to understand his serious misapplication of the Scripture.

Some Christians tend to argue about oinos which is a wine derived from grapes. Some argue that grape juice was already considered as wine back then. I decided to consult Grace To You ministries from the article called Christians and Alcohol to understand what wine really meant:
For example, do you remember John 2, the wedding at Cana? And do you remember that they had a wedding for the whole village and let’s assume there were 500 people in the village that would be probably be close to…

Their God Cannot Even Take a Bath

This is the extreme absurdity of idolatry. Can you imagine? They are praying to a god who cannot event take a bath. They may go ahead and say that they are simply "commemorating" something but actions speak louder than words.
Here's an absurd tradition of giving the Sto. Nino a bath by a Roman Catholic priest. This is done every December 31st or New Year's Eve. Can you imagine the absurdity of saying Sto. Nino is Jesus but this is a Jesus that can't even take a bath on its own? It's another false Jesus that should be condemned.
Here is a group of Buddhist monks who are now giving the child Buddha a bath. This is done during the lunar birthday of Siddharta Gautama, the founder of the Buddhist moment. Worse, Gautama is still dead and is still burning in Hell right now. 
Hindus also do the same in a ritual bathing of one of their child gods named Krishna. Hindu priests are now giving these images of Krishna a bath. How many have been asking Krishna to save them…

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. as a Hero Continues the Counter-Reformation

The celebration of the 500 years of the Reformation last October 31, 2017 doesn't mean that the Vatican won't continue to celebrate the Counter-Reformation. The Counter-Reformation celebrated its 470th year last December 13, 2015 since it started last December 13, 1545. It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday day yesterday. Celebrating his day should never be associated with born again Christians regardless of denomination. Whether they're Baptist or Protestant, it's an insult to blend in with the celebration of Dr. King's birthday. If Martin Luther started the Reformation then Martin Luther King Jr. was certainly a tool for continuing the Counter-Reformation.

If a Baptist pastor or a Protestant pastor gets honors and recognition from the Vatican, or is openly working with them -- then that's a time to sound the red alarm that a wolf in sheep's clothing is around. How can any Baptist or Protestant pastor even think for a second that the Reformation…

Do You Give Your Tithes and Offerings from a Loving Heart?

It's time to talk about the topic of giving. This would be a very touchy topic because man is inherently selfish after the fall. I remembered reading across the rules on offerings and one verse struck me the most. I remembered what Malachi 3:10-11 says that people can rob God in tithes and offerings. The tithes and offerings were used to support the Levites' work. Anyone who says tithes are unbiblical need to reread that verse.

Tithing has been silent in the New Testament. I haven't read much about tithing being emphasized. Instead, we have the emphasis of the cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). It's amazing how some pseudo-Christian sects and some churches that's supposedly Christian (ex. some Baptist and Evangelical churches) have even gone as far as to monitor and chase their members for not tithing. While I do still believe in tithing is necessary to help maintain the local churches but no church should coerce the tithes out of their members.

Do you know that w…

Warning: Unsaved Pastors Are Seeking to Destroy the Flock

Whether you believe it or not unsaved pastors do exist. They are pastors in name only but not pastors whom God has appointed in Ephesians 4:11 and Jeremiah 3:15. Anybody can be a pastor but not anybody is truly a man of God. The book of Jeremiah is so full of condemnation of wicked pastors (shepherds) and priests who were not men of God. Jeremiah 5:31 has the priests getting popularity as they bear rule by their means. Today, you've got pastors becoming popular as they run things not the biblical way but their own twisted way. It bothers me to think how some quack pastors are  They are the erring pastors in Jeremiah. In the Old Testament, they are comparable to the priests who have erred in so much error. It's just like how the sons of Eli were indeed priests in the Old Testament but the sons of Satan who is also called Belial in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 2:12).

2 Timothy 4:3-5 warns that the last days will be full of false teachers. These are pastors who don't teach the…

Misunderstanding "Turn the Other Cheek" Can Be Life Threatening

One of the biggest misconceptions is the statement of "turn the other cheek"? Does that mean that Christians are taught not to sue anyone and not to do self-defense? It's best to understand what turn the other cheek in Matthew 5:39 means.

So what does a slap in the face mean? A slap isn't always a literal slap. It should be known that a slap may also mean an insult or name-calling. The Jewish culture in Jesus' day had already misused and abused the eye for eye and tooth for tooth rule in Exodus 21:24. Instead of using it as a standard for punishing offenses, they have misused it in order to pursue personal revenge or think that God allows personal revenge. They took the whole verse out of context ignoring verses in the Old Testament that clearly forbade revenge. Did they even read Deuteronomy 32:39 that says that revenge is not ours but God's? It's probable that their culture that day that even a mere insult already warranted someone the right to hit the…

Professional Christian Apologists Should Avoid Having Formal Discussions With Amateur (or Self-Proclaimed) Catholic Apologists

I remembered watching a couple of old discussions conducted by professional Roman Catholic apologists such as Mitch Pacwa SJ and Dr. Taylor Marshall (the owner of the video above). I have seen through the debates between Evangelical vs. Roman Catholic in the John Ankerburg show or those conducted by Dr. James R. White of the Alpha and Omega Ministries (AOM). But there's a specific group of people that should be brought up namely amateur (or self-proclaimed)Catholic apologists. 
What's with dealing with amateur or self-proclaimed Catholic apologists? Unlike their fellow Roman Catholic apologists that I have mentioned or others who have had a formal debate with Dr. White, these people are merely self-proclaimed. You can check their background and you may find that they don't have any real training in how to be an effective apologist. They may have simply made themselves as apologists without any real training.

You can observe the big difference between the self-proclaimed C…

Why Do Unbelievers Love to Take Scriptures Out of Context?

It's frustrating that no matter how many times anyone can show the Scripture to the unbeliever, no matter how good the exposition is done but they still refuse to believe it. So what's the reason behind such frustration?
1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
This is the reality that we have to realize. Unsaved people can't understand the Bible because they receive not the things of God. Here's how it gets so irritating - Scripture is clearer than day but the error persists. It doesn't matter how bright the sun is but if the person is blind then he can't see the truth. This is the case of spiritual blindness and spiritual denial - the truth is clear but the hardened heart cannot savingly believe for salvation because it refuses to.I could talk about a couple of verses that are too obvious in themselves yet people s…