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Warning: Unsaved Pastors Are Seeking to Destroy the Flock

Whether you believe it or not unsaved pastors do exist. They are pastors in name only but not pastors whom God has appointed in Ephesians 4:11 and Jeremiah 3:15. Anybody can be a pastor but not anybody is truly a man of God. The book of Jeremiah is so full of condemnation of wicked pastors (shepherds) and priests who were not men of God. Jeremiah 5:31 has the priests getting popularity as they bear rule by their means. Today, you've got pastors becoming popular as they run things not the biblical way but their own twisted way. It bothers me to think how some quack pastors are  They are the erring pastors in Jeremiah. In the Old Testament, they are comparable to the priests who have erred in so much error. It's just like how the sons of Eli were indeed priests in the Old Testament but the sons of Satan who is also called Belial in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 2:12).

2 Timothy 4:3-5 warns that the last days will be full of false teachers. These are pastors who don't teach the truth. How often can you hear TV evangelists or tevangelists preach the truth? Hardly. It reminded me of why I even stopped watching Joel Osteen's TV show, Hour of Power with Rober Schuller or This is Your Day with Benny Hinn because they were teaching false doctrine. It's a sad reality that I once thought they were men of God but they weren't. Their actions exposed themselves yet they have so many people following them. It's because they tickle on the ears of the people and feed on their lusts. It shouldn't be a surprised that unsaved people will naturally want an unsaved pastor instead of a man of God.

It should be bothersome that many Bible colleges today may not even be truly be for God. I've heard of wanton celebrities who were baptized in a Baptist church. They claim to be Christians but their lives say otherwise. How can you be a Christian and live so wantonly in disregard with the Law? That's very contradictory to the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:11, Ephesians 2:10, Titus 2:11-14)! I even read that both Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. were Southern Baptist pastors. Yet I also read that both Graham and King were openly Jesuit agents. King had an audience with Paul VI and Graham had an audience with John Paul II. Rick Warren had an audience with Pope Francis. How can these men be truly men of God when they endorse a fake Christian religion to be brothers and sisters in Christ?

It also came to my mind that there are even evangelical pastors who have converted out of their profession. Some people do enter Bible college, get their diploma, they even become a pastor yet the leave. One good example is Tim Staples a former Southern Baptist pastor who is now a Roman Catholic apologist. Some Roman Catholics may use that as an example to prove that they're the true Church but I could bring up another example from the Bible. That example would be how Judas Iscariot was among the twelve but John 17:12 reveals that all of them are saved but him. He was a disciple for 3.5 years and what did he do? He simply abandoned the faith proving he wasn't saved (1 John 2:19).

This would be a big call for Christians to discern. Just because a person graduated as a pastor doesn't mean the person is saved. They need to remember that the Old Testament has examples of wayward priests. Today, those wayward priests are wayward pastors. You probably still have a pastor who's a Hophni, a Phineas, a pastor who would rather be a Jeremiah 5:31 pastor than a Jeremiah 3:15 pastor or a pastor who's a Judas Iscariot. When a pastor is a Judas Iscariot it means that they cheat the people out of their finances and betray the Lord Jesus for filthy lucre. Worse, they have even blended in with various Christian denominations such as the Baptists, Presbyterians and Evangelicals to destroy the flock from within.

This would also mean being careful if any church claims to be a born again Christian church but teaches something unbiblical. How can a Baptist church be deserving of its name if it's run by a pastor who supports unbiblical stuff one way or another? It may look like a Baptist or any Protestant church because it preaches against works salvation while subtly teaching the doctrine of Antinomianism. You may even have Baptist and Protestant in name only pastors who are also sponsoring same sex marriage, use of carnal music, they're very politically correct or they have even turned the Sunday worship service into a rock and roll concert.

God help us to discern as the deception gets even more wicked in the last days!

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