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What's Wrong with the Ecumenical Movement?

So I did present some proofs of the Roman Catholic Church's ecumenical activities, it's time to talk about what's really wrong about ecumenism. People will say the following the following as some objections:
  • They all believe that there is a God
  • You are being intolerant... Jesus wasn't like that
  • Unless religions come together, there can't be peace
  • Many religions believe in the queen of heaven
  • No religion teaches wrong doctrine
  • Salvation is by works
However it's time to answer the objections.

#1- They all believe that there is a God

James 2:19- "Thou believest that there is one God thou doest well; the devils also believe and tremble." This is also the verse abused by the works salvation crowd in a hasty attempt to justify or prove their heresy that faith in Jesus Christ is not enough. I don't have to mention their names, they expose themselves! And here's what- superficial belief that there is a God is NOT enough to save. The Bible says that to get to God the Father, the ONLY Way is through Jesus Christ the Son (John 14:6). Jesus would be considered an intolerant idiot by today's standards.

But these religions believe in... another god who is not God. Elijah said 1 Kings 18:21- "How long halt ye between two opinions? If the LORD be God follow Him but if Baal then follow him." Here, either Baal is God or the LORD is God. Only one between the LORD or any false idol is God. Others are polytheists, believing in many gods. Islam believes in Allah who is NOT the God of the Bible but a counterfeit pagan god, the moon god all going back to Nimrod.

#2- You're being intolerant... Jesus wasn't like that

As said, Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father EXCEPT through Me." So not only would most people count Him an idiot but also a Communist, a Nazi, a terrorist, picking fights with others or any false accusation against Him because He preaches the Gospel that He is the Only Way. Like it or not- Jesus said it. Jesus was against the Pharisees because they were trusting their religion and good works to save them in contrast to what hypocrites like the Roman Catholic faith defenders would teach.

Jesus was intolerant of anything that disagreed with Him. For example, in Mark 7:8-13 we can see that Jesus did not tolerate the traditions of men! This would fit well to 2 Thessalonians 3:6 that tradition from Scripture is not equal to the traditions of men! The Pharisees held their tradition according to their own view. The Council decided itself as the final authority just as the Vatican today has the Council of Trent leading to making the dogmas and doctrines of the church, quite different from the tradition spoken in 2 Thessalonians 2:15- that is from the epistles!

#3- Unless religions come together, there can't be peace

In a hasty attempt to attain "peace" ecumenism is a vile theory that wishes to accept every religion as true and real. There are many truths but they should agree with each other. Amos 3:3 says, "Can the two walk together EXCEPT they be agreed?". If two can't walk together unless they agree, then don't expect adding more. Ecumenism is nothing than the path to confusion and Satan is after all, the author of confusion.

Here's the truth- truth is intolerant therefore we can't accept all religions as right. If Judaism were the truth, everything else should be a lie. If Buddhism were the truth, everything else should be a lie. If Islam were the truth, then everything else should be a lie. If Roman Catholicism were the truth, then everything else should be a lie. Whoever the last and final messenger is (notice the singularity), you can't have all the phonies like Charles Taze Russel (Watchtower Society), Felix Manalo(INC), Muhammad (Islam), Joseph Smith (Mormonism), etc. as the last messenger because only one of them is the last messenger.

#4- Many religions believe in the queen of heaven

I have noticed that but the queen of heaven idol regardless how it is named, is still an abomination to God. Jeremiah 7 and 44 all are against the worship of the queen of heaven and don't keep pointing out that it's Mary objection (a debunking which will be done later I assure you). Yup people say that the queen of heaven is present and that Buddhists have their own virgin Mary which to the Chinese is named as Kuan Im Ma or other similar excuses towards ecumenism. It's not surprising that these queens of heaven regardless of name are carrying a male child with them and that the religion teaches that before one can pray to the child, they must pass through the mother like the Catholic "Mary" and "Jesus". Due to this queen of heaven doctrine in most religions, Satan has been moving very cleverly through apparitions that pretend to be "Mary" (2 Corinthians 11:14 warns that Satan can disguise himself, funny how Catholic apologists quote this verse against independent fundamental Baptists)

#5- No religion teaches wrong doctrine

Wow what a lie. Let's think about it- with the Bible as the only standard for truth, that lie can be debunked. Think about it- if the Koran were the truth, every other book claiming to be God's Word should be a lie but because the Bible is the truth, then the Koran is a lie along with every other book claiming to be God's Word because they contradict the Bible! When America removed the Bible and prayer from the public schools in 1962, there hasn't been an ever reliable standard for truth and they turned to secular humanism which is unstable. The Bible on the other hand, is the only basis for truth based on how it fits well in society, based on how preaching from it resulted to the rise of education, progress and sciences to in contrast to what many would think.

Which is the truth here? Where is harmony here in these doctrines by various religions?
  • Who Jesus is- some religions teach He is God the Son. Some like Buddhism, Islam, INC, whatever teaches He was only a man and not God the Son. Some Buddhist branches believe Jesus is a boddhisatva or Buddhist saint. Judaism teaches Jesus is a false prophet while Islam believes Jesus to be a true prophet of God although they reject His divinity. Some teach Jesus was crucified while Islam doesn't teach Jesus was crucified but Judas. Which is which?
  • The Queen of Heaven doctrine- This is a common ground these days but NOT every religion worships a queen of heaven. For example, in the so-called Christian cults the Roman Catholic Church and the diet Catholics (like the Orthodox movements, Lutheranism) are involved in Mary worship. So again, which is which?
  • The method of works salvation. Islam believes that to achieve salvation is by the five pillars, not eating any meat forbidden by Islam and the Hadji and that dying in the state of a pilgrimage to Mecca would guarantee the forgiveness of sins. Roman Catholicism believes that to achieve salvation is through faith (which her followers don't have), good works, the sacraments, prayers to various "saints", the Rosary and the novenas... whatever. Others require baptism to getting saved, others don't. So again, which is which?
  • Afterlife- Catholics believe in Purgatory but not in reincarnation. Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism believe in both Purgatory and reincarnation. There are even different concepts of Heaven and Hell. Islam believes in Heaven to be a place where the most virtuous Muslim is rewarded with seventy concubines by their false god Allah, a notion that other false religions would. So again, which is which?

#6- Salvation is by works

Again- WRONG! Salvation by works is the common boat towards the New World Order and every false religion there is around. The Bible is clear that salvation is by faith, not by works which leads to works (Ephesians 2:8-10) and NOT works leads to salvation, now deceitfully taught as "faith plus works salvation" which by the way is NO faith. Should I mention that works salvation actually endorses a dictator god? For example, the Allah of Islam provides no concept of grace, Muslims must work for their salvation or Allah rejects them. Works salvation is a sure road to HELLFIRE!

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