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Commentary on Romans 1:18-32- God's Wrath Against Natural Man

It's time for another commentary and it's focused on Romans 1:18-32 that would be tackling on God's wrath on mankind based on Romans 1:18-32.  As said, expository preaching is always a good thing.  Now it's time to put all these in a meaningful commentary to help for sermon preparation.  Here are the topics that can be found within the verses:

I. God's wrath is set upon the ungodly (v. 18)

Because God is holy and righteous, God cannot tolerate sin.  And here's the fact, man in his fallen state is a sinner who God must judge.  Romans 3:10-19 and James 2:10-11 is clear that nobody is exempt and that man is in nature, a sinner.  God has already set His wrath upon the ungodly.  Judgment day is coming and the only solution of man to be saved is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

II. God has made Himself known to man yet man willfully rejects the one true and living God (v. 19-23)

God has provided proof of His existence.  Where?  In nature.  Science has already proven that there is a proper design from the single cell so complex to the more complex structures of nature, that nothing happens by coincidences and accidents as the godless would claim with their "science".  Despite the silencing, Christian scientists (NOT the cult by Mary Eddy Baker) have spoken up their parts that God is the Creator.  However several persons like the atheists despite seeing the facts continue to harden their hearts, just as the Pharaoh of the Exodus continued to harden his heart against God even if he already saw proof that Jehovah is God.  

It can be seen in the classroom setting of today's secular education in which man tries to get rid of God in their thinking especially in science to which He is the author of science.  Rather than teach the God of the Bible being responsible, most schools choose to credit "random evolution" to what is responsible for the existence of life- that is by billions and billions of death, disease and violence brought forth the first man which time and time again, science proves isn't true yet godless men continue to claim it real.   Also by teaching that man came from animals, they have credited the glory to animals rather than to God, they are insulting God.  

This is not only applicable to atheism but also to other false religions too.  Religions of the world also include nature worship- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism and Taoism just to name a few are worshiping nature instead of the One Who created nature- God.  They offer incense to trees, to gods they have assigned of different areas of nature and they reject the God of the universe in exchange for idols that are made by ma's hands and need to be carried around all the time and even protected from natural disasters like lightning and earthquakes.  Their idols exist in the form of men, some even by mixing animals with man like in Egypt and in Hinduism where men have animal heads.  Many of these religions easily adapt to the idea of Darwinism, the very thought system that man came from animals and that man is an ape.  Also, other religions claim to be Christians (ex. Catholicism and its offshoots like the Orthodox churches) but are actually mocking and parodying God because they try to portray God in the image of man, which is strictly forbidden (Exodus 20:4-5).  

They call people who refuse who refuse to believe in their nonsense to be fools, they think they are smarter. than everyone else yet they are making fools out of themselves.  Psalm 14:1 is clear in saying that the fool says there is no God.  It's either by words or by action, it makes them a fool.  Religions of the world say, "There is no God" like how Islam says, "There is no God but Allah..." which in turn, deny the real God of the Bible in exchange for a god made by man's vain imagination.

III. God has handed over to the consequences of sinful desires and the result of rejecting Him (v. 24-32)

God being holy will really let sin takes its toll on mankind.  How true indeed.  Because they have changed the truth of God into a lie in their own hearts and mind, God will let them have it their way to their own destruction and damnation.  Since these men serve the creature over the Creator, there are vile consequences to follow.

God has given them up to vile affections which would cause them to dishonor their bodies among themselves. How does this happen?  The unsaved end up doing vices as they please like swearing, promiscuousness, fornication, sexual adultery, drug addiction, drunkenness, smoking, self-mutilation as a result of drug addiction, violence against each other, disrespect for authority, authorities abusing their God-given authority and pornography just to name a few.  Pornography also triggers vile affections which causes people to dishonor themselves.  Is it just art?  Nope.  It's devilish art!  Also, not to mention that homosexuality is increasing as a result of rejecting God that's why a homosexual church is a parody church, not a part of the Christian Church.  Homosexuality happens because of a God-rejecting lifestyle.  It can be noticed that ALL homosexuals come from unbelieving families (but not all unbelieving families result to the homosexual lifestyle) especially involved in idolatry and atheism.  Many feminists are also homosexuals!  

Since they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, therefore the consequences still continue to go on and on.  Does the humanist idea of rejecting the notion of God reach to unlimited human progress?  Not at all.  Instead because these people are filled with unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers, backbiters, hatred for God, despitefulness, pride, boasters, inventing evil things, disobedience to parents, ignorance, liars, without natural affection, implacableness and mercilessness which is NOT good for society, peace and order will spiral out of control.  How can anybody expect a society where crime rates and immorality (which includes the dictatorial government officials) are high to progress?  For example when America removed the Bible from the public schools in 1962, the educational system entered into the top ten planks of Communism and America is no longer the nice place to live it used to be.  Also, atheistic Communism has destroyed countries and they are plagued with poverty and misery while their corrupt, unscrupulous rulers eat like emperors.  For example, Mao Zedong's promise of progress only led to his own progress, not national progress and the rest of the nation starved.  In North Korea alone, cannibalism has become a problem as people eat each other as a result of famine.  Where's the so-called progress now?  

Sadly, even if they have received knowledge of the truth about the only way to salvation is in Jesus Christ, they still continue to reject Him, which leads to willful sinning because they try to establish their own righteousness and they are willfully ignorant of God's righteousness which is also true for the proponents of works salvation (Romans 10:3, Hebrews 10:26).  As said, reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and keep trusting in one's self for salvation, sinfulness will only continue as He alone can save the people from their sins.  The solution is in Him- believing upon Him and not relying on one's own efforts, that faith is counted for righteousness meaning it results to righteousness (Romans 4:5), God's salvation by grace through faith and not by works teaches man to live righteously and soberly for it is God that is at work (Ephesians 2:8-10, Philippians 2:12-13 Titus 2:11-15) and that the blood of Jesus purges man from their self-righteousness to real good works as a result of salvation and it's impossible to be saved and not result to good works (Hebrews 9:14).  

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