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Abortion Increases the Chances of Breast Cancer and OTHER COMPLICATIONS!

Here's an interesting observation- not ever since abortion came up, cases of breast cancer has been heightened.  Okay not everybody who gets breast cancer had an abortion because the causes can sometimes be genetic but the cases of breast cancer were not that high until the dawn of abortion.  Here are some findings that should be very alarming by Joel Brind: There is an 800% increase in breast cancer for women less than 18 years old who have an abortion after the eighth week of pregnancy.On average there is an 80% increase in breast cancer if the woman has an abortion before a live birth.Risk of breast cancer increases with the number of abortions.Women who have an abortion before a live birth and develop breast cancer have a greater possibility of having a faster growing tumor with a poorer cure rate than women who have not had an abortion.
Yes, in fact especially that abortion is murder.  And here are other effects of abortion that could lead to cancer but not necessarily: Convul…

Theological Use of Mean

Perhaps another confused word in theology is the word means.  Here's the Matthew Henry commentary that can get people confused:
The sacrament of baptism, rightly received, is a means and a pledge of salvation.
Understanding the Old English environment, it can be pretty confused.  So let's get down with the meaning of mean:
a : to have in the mind as a purpose : intend <she means to win> —sometimes used interjectionally with I, chiefly in informal speech for emphasis <he throws, I mean, hard> or to introduce a phrase restating the point of a preceding phrase <we try to answer what we can, but I mean we're not God — Bobbie Ann Mason> b : to design for or destine to a specified purpose or future <I was meant to teach> 2 : to serve or intend to convey, show, or indicate : signify <a red sky means rain> 3 : to have importance to the degree of <health means everything> 4 : to direct to a particular individual


Why Christians Should NOT Participate in Halloween

As Halloween draws near, now it's time to really have the REAL issue to why Christians should not participate in Halloween. As said, there is nothing man can do to make Halloween or HELLoween any holier than it is more satanic. It should always remain as is- it's not a hallowed eve, meaning dedicated to God, rather it's a Hellish evening. Here are the reasons why and kudos to John Macarthur and Jack T. Chick for being so informative:
I.) Halloween will always be associated with Samhain or paganism, in fact it's modernized paganism
The Bible is clear that God warned about in Jeremiah 10:2 never to learn the way of pagans. In Deuteronomy 18:10-11 warns of witchcraft being abominable. Galatians 5:20 is clear that witchcraft is still immoral under the ever enduring moral law that endures from the Old Testament to the New Testament. In the Book of Acts, Paul battled various sorcerers and when people converted to Christianity, sorcery became a business gone bankrupt!
Here a…

Reasons Why Some Unbelievers Enter into Religious Debates with Christians

If there's anything that's pretty irritating is that there will always be people who dare to challenge Christians to useless debates.  As said, this ministry doesn't enter into debates because it's a TOTAL waste of time and those fools can call everyone the names they want- chicken, homosexual, coward, etc.
Now why do they enter into debates?  Here's a few reasons:
I.) It's all about a matter of pride
As said, pride is the big issue.  That cannot be denied at all.  They love to show off their uselessness thinking they are smarter than everyone else. So proud that they can't even accept they are wrong.  That's why these debates are recorded and televised so they can "look good".
II.) An intention to embarrass the opponent 
The issue is that debates are also another trap meant to embarrass the opponent.  Once the unsuspecting opponent enters, the debater has already prepared his methods of heckling and insulting the opponent, a moderator that i…

The Rosary: Is it Biblical?

Here's another issue worth throwing this Reformation month which also happens to be the Rosary month. Okay, again, this ministry does not mean to be unkind to Roman Catholics (or their opponents who teach another gospel like the Mormons, Pentecostals, INC and Jehovah's Witnesses) but we are here to present the truth one Scripture at a time. We are not a conspiracy theory website, we are focused on soulwinning people. Many people are also relying on the Rosary hoping to gain their salvation when it does not. Friend, only Jesus can save you, not prayers, not works, not rituals, only by trusting in Him. It only takes faith in Christ to get saved, people make it from difficult to impossible for themselves that's why it's very hard to believe facts like salvation is NEVER by works.
Now it's time to really examine the Rosary. How is the Rosary done? Here are the steps: Beginning with the Rosary's Cross: Begin as with all prayers In the Name of the Father and of the …

Male Chauvinism is Just As Bad as Feminism

Male chauvinism can be defined as "Irrational belief of superiority to one's being a male."  If feminism is not the only issue to tackle, male chauvinism is and it can be blamed why feminism is also a problem to society.  What is really crazy also is that many works salvationists are also male chauvinists.   No true Christian who is eternally secure in Christ would even think of sexual immorality is just a-okay- even David after he fell into an affair with Bathsheba by God's grace would never repeat the same incident again out of his status as still being saved.
So why is male chauvinism wrong?  Here are some of the outcomes:
I. Male chauvinism has no respect for women at all
Like it or not, even if God made women the weaker vessel but men are supposed to protect women and not treat them as if they're objects and not subjects.  Concerning husbands, Ephesians 5:25-28, Colossians 3:19 and 1 Peter 3:7 is clear that husbands should love their wives just as Christ loved …

Slaves in the Bible: Was it REALLY the Modern Day Concept of Slavery?

One of the greatest accusations of the unbelieving groups is that the Bible condones slavery especially that the word "doulos" means slave.  Atheist hate blogs (and many of them quote the famous Dawkins quote of pitiless indifference) really dare to say that Christianity has been responsible for the slavery that plagues the minds of people.  When the word "slave" comes, the concept of mistreatment, unpaid labor, human trafficking, racial discrimination- which however is different from the Bible's form of "slavery".
So what was SO different about the Bible's form of slavery?  Exodus 21:16 is clearly a verse against human trafficking which condones the crime to death.  1 Timothy 1:8-10 lists human trafficking as one of the many sins that plague the world.  This would mean that the Bible had condemned the practice of selling people.  Abraham Lincoln a good Christian president worked hard to make sure that the black men were given equality and freedo…

Theological Use of Turn

There is the controversial "turn from sin" statement which can cause certain preachers to be mistaken to be teaching works salvation.  So here's a dictionary definition for "turn":
To cause to move around an axis or center; cause to rotate or revolve.
2. To cause to move around in order to achieve a result, such as opening, closing, tightening, or loosening: turn the key; turn a screw.
3. To alter or control the functioning of (a mechanical device, for example) by the use of a rotating or similar movement: turned the iron to a hotter setting.
4. To perform or accomplish by rotating or revolving: turn a somersault.
a. To change the position of so that the underside becomes the upper side: turn the steak; turn a page.
b. To spade or plow (soil) to bring the undersoil to the surface.
c. To reverse and resew the material of (a collar, for example).
6. To revolve in the mind; meditate on; ponder.
a. To give a rounded form to (wood, for example) by rotating against a cutt…

Some Myths About Homosexuality

There's always the myths concerning homosexuality that floats around either to bully a person or to justify the wrongness of the deed.  So this ministry would like to show how it's being justified and how the word "homosexual" can be used as heavy false accusation:
First, the myths that homosexuals use to defend themselves: They say they are born that way.  One of the greatest "justifications" for doing homosexuality is always the inborn issue or the hormonal issue. What is often ignored is that there are noisy lesbians and silent male homosexuals, there are muscular male homosexuals and there are less manly lesbians and the list can go on where a homosexual still sticks to the characteristics of his/her true gender but tries to pervert it.  As said, the issue is NEVER hormonal.  Rather, the issue is Romans 1:26-27 answers it better that it's a result of rejecting God for idols that causes homosexuality.Another is that it's safe.  Despite the alarmi…

A Call for Occult Media Burning This Halloween

Well here's one way for Christians to "celebrate" Halloween is by an annual massive burn a lot of occult media on Halloween as a means to fight witchcraft.  Acts 19:19 says, "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver." which was being done at Ephesus.  This was that the converts from paganism to Christianity burned down all their witchcraft materials as a result of salvation.  As said, the Devil distracts people in too many ways like presenting witchcraft as just a-okay to making them believe it's just make-believe like Bugs Bunny when it isn't.  Christian churches as much as possible should refrain from listening to the criticisms of the world because they're not of the world (John 15:18-19).  
However please do take note that this is NOT involved in witch hunting- Christians should love witches to tell them …

Annulment and Divorce: It's the SAME in God's Eyes!

Matthew 19:6 says, "Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."
The issue today is that many synonyms are treated like antonyms. Two words that get played as such also are divorce and annulment? Is there a difference? The legal constitution of man may redefine them but the effect is still the same. It's still divorce. It's still annulment. Mrs. Liberty Jesalva of Bible Baptist Church says, "Christian lawyers cannot defend a law that is a lie." when she was asked about Christian lawyers who handle the ANNULMENT cases in her article, "Saving the Christian Home " in Volume 3, Issue 8 of the Baptist Herald.
Now for the definition of annul and divorce: Annul-make (something, esp a law or marriage) void; cancel the validity of; abolish,To obliterate the effect or existence of:Divorce-To dissolve the marriage bond between,To end marriage with (one's spouse) by way of legal divorc…