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Alexander Hislop's "The Two Babylons" is Not Reliable

Before you accuse me of being a secret Jesuit, I would like to inform you that my quest to discredit "The Two Babylons" is because of its faulty writing and argumentation.  I personally have the book but the book itself is filled with logical errors, myths and fables.  I would like to point out reasons why the book "The Two Babylons" is not reliable.  
I. Reasons Why The Book is Not Reliable For Study
The book itself is full of guilt by association arguments instead of using the Bible as a parameter for rebuking Catholicism's unbiblical practices
More often than not, Hislop's arguments in the book are based on guilt by association.  For a Presbyterian pastor, he sure fails to use the Bible as the parameter for right and wrong.  It becomes really faulty when all you do is base on what pagans do.  For example, Taoists and Buddhists both involve in the idolatry of the worship of the Queen of Heaven while they are involved in charity work.  If we are to base eve…

My Reaction Man Dying During the Black Nazarene Procession

It's a sad fact that last January 9, 2015 somebody had died during the procession from a heart problem. He has later declared dead on arrival. All I can say is sad to say but the man is already burning in Hell right now. He didn't trust the real Lord Jesus Christ, he trusted a false Jesus who was nothing more than a graven image. It was a false god no different than the images you see in a Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu temple to name a few.
Why do people attend this procession? I remembered Pastor Ruben L. Lumagbas Jr. of Bible Baptist Church said in one of the services about its devotees expecting healing. They crowd before the Black Nazarene to get its so-called "miraculous power". Some wipe their handkerchiefs on it believing that it has acquired that miraculous power, never mind all the germs. People get injured or even die during this mayhem. One may try to use the "Ark of the Covenant' argument but remember, nobody worshiped the Ark. Nobody even touched …

Arminianism and Antinomianism are Enemies of Biblical Preaching

There are two major threats of the Gospel.  These are the doctrines of Arminiansm and Antinomianism.  So how are they threats the Gospel?  I will discuss both heresies to show how both DO NOT match up to the Word of God.  As a young Calvinist (I have not embraced Calvinism until 2011), I would discuss these two major heresies.
The very doctrine of Arminius teaches that the believer may lose salvation every time they sin or that the believer won't endure to the end without his/her own effort.  The heresy of Arminius teaches that if David died during the moment he committed sin with Bathsheba, he would have died eternally.  Now this is the reality... Christians can sin but not as greatly as the rest of the world.  There's no question Biblically that God's grace enables power against sin.  However Arminianism teaches a very different doctrine.
The Arminian actually teaches a "faith plus works" salvation.  That is initially you are saved then you must wor…

Atheists Should Also Reject The Scientific Method!

Francis Bacon is not an atheist but a Christian. If atheism (depending on who) considers that anybody who believes in God is a retard, they must reject the scientific method as well. If Francis Bacon believed in God then it means, he must be a retard, right? Remember the writings of Francis Bacon, a CHRISTIAN, led to the founding of the Royal Society of London.
"There are two books laid before us to study, to prevent our falling into error; first, the volume of the Scriptures, which reveal the will of God; then the volume of the Creatures, which express His power." was one quotation. He had established that the Bible reveals the will of God then any science book expresses His power.
For the atheist, such a statement would be a retardation so why should the atheist adhere to the scientific method? If they were to adhere to the scientific method, wouldn't they be adhering to a product of retardation? Then they might as well try to create their own methodology of science …

Is the Old Testament Irrelevant Today?

People tend to use the "That's just Old Testament only." argument when it comes to justifying sins like homosexuality and getting rid of the death penalty. Now one must remember what the Old Testament is about in whole. Sad to say some people just pick things out of context without realizing the divisions of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is divided with the MORAL LAW, CEREMONIAL LAW and CIVIL LAW.
I find it crazy some people think that the Old Testament is completely irrelevant. Now I understand why Christians worship on a Sunday or that animal sacrifices are no longer done because we have the New Covenant. But the New Covenant has not changed a bit when it comes to the moral law. While the New Covenant does not permit Christians to kill homosexuals, it still condemns homosexuality nonetheless. The moral law was already established ahead.
So let's think. If we are to totally get rid of the Old Testament then these sins should at least be permissible when in f…

Some Roman Catholic Theologians Were FOR DEATH PENALTY!

What is hypocritical is that the former pope Benedict XVI and the current Pope Francis have renounced death penalty as inhuman. So is this papal infallibility again refuted by their own actions? However let us take a look at some Roman Catholic theologians who were for death penalty. Please note the horrors of the Roman Catholic Inquisition which is now "just a myth" for some Catholic apologists.
Here's the list of Catholic theologians who were in favor of death penalty and I got them from a Catholic source namely Catholic Education: Thomas Aquinas (canonized as a saint)Don ScotusRobert Bellarmine, SJ (canonized as a saint)Alphonsus Ligouri (canonized as a saint)Cardinal Joseph Bernardin made it clear that death penalty did not mean murder.The late John Paul II who was canonized by Pope Francis said, "the direct and voluntary killing of an innocent human being is always gravely immoral."Pope Pius XII was also for death penalty.
So here's the reality. The Ro…

Responding to The Challenge of "It's Old Testament Only" Argument Frequently Done by Homosexuals

It's amazing to see how homosexuals will continue to justify their vile sin.  Let's get started with Leviticus which is the book that contains God's Law.  God's Law is divided into the ceremonial law, the civil law and the moral law.  One thing is certain, the moral law has remained as is. 
A homosexual once said, "Well you Christians try to monopolize the Law.  If you Christians oppose homosexuality because Leviticus 18:22 says so then doesn't Leviticus 11 forbid you from eating shrimp and bacon?  Well there's more for us and none for you.  You are suffering from a severe double standard when you condemn gays while you indulge in shrimp and bacon!"
Again homosexuals have no clear stand nor clear understanding of the Scripture and they simply refuse to.  They can easily shift from "Well didn't Jesus take it all away in the New Testament." or "The Bible is just a book of fables."  They have no clear stand and they refuse the Wo…

Answering Some Challenging (and Common) Questions From Homosexual Communities

One of the biggest challenges the LGBT Community or in short the Homosexual Community has their habit of throwing questions.  Rather than run away from the challenge, I would give short, simple answers for them.  This is an open letter to homosexuals who seek to justify your behavior as wholesome and non-sinful.  I would like to do some apologetics, R.C. Sproul Sr. from Ligonier Ministries style.
Why do Christians oppose homosexuality but eat bacon and shrimp?
My Answer: 
The whole practice of Leviticus forbidding bacon and shrimp was purely ceremonial law.  When Peter in Acts 10:13 saw the supposedly "unclean" animals, God had repealed the ceremonial law but NOT the moral law.  Homosexuality continues to be condemned even in the New Testament.  There is a difference between the ceremonial law and the moral law.
The ceremonial law was set because the Messiah, Jesus Christ had not yet come.  The moral law has not changed a bit.  Although the Bible in the New Testament does not…

It's Easy to Ignore the Fact that Satan Can Appear As an "Angel of Light"

2 Corinthians 11:14 warns that Satan can appear as an "angel of light".  When you think about it, the name Lucifer means "Light Bearer".  Although God had kicked Satan out of Heaven, he hasn't turned into a person with two horns and a long tail, holding a pitchfork.  The idea of Satan having the form of a monster is more of man's imagination.  Yet the Bible has a different viewpoint than the "Satan" we see in the caricatures.  Satan has many ways to deceive people and one of them is to appear good.  Satanism is nothing more than a smokescreen of the Devil, while he can appear "pure and holy" before the world.
Ezekie 28:14 calls Satan as that "anointed cherub".  The proverb was taken to the King of Tyre.  Isaiah 14:12-14 compares the King of Babylon to Lucifer.  Lucifer is called as the "son of the morning".  Why did Satan get kicked out anyway?  He wanted one thing only the Triune God had to... it was worship.  Satan…